Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Fall Flower Tutorial!!

I know it's Tuesday but 
today is the next episode in the
 Vintage Block Along:)
Guess what?
We have five blocks left to sew
(counting today's block)...

 So I'm going to be posting on Tuesday
 as well as my normal Thursday 
 for the next 5 blocks.

Because I am planning on 
posting the finished quilt on 
December 31st...
I want to make up for the few weeks 
that I could not post 
because I was sewing for market
 and then out of town:)

Because we started on January 1st...
that will be one full year 
of sewing vintage 
with me and Grandma!!

Today I'm sharing another
 vintage block with you 
from her pattern basket.

As always...
I'm using Farm Girl Vintage fabric 
and Bee Backgrounds for my quilt.

Just as a reminder...
as I posted at the beginning 
of the year way back when
 this sew along started...
 that there would not be any 
specific fabric requirements 
for the quilt because I have been
 choosing from Grandma's
 patterns each week...
re-drafting them and then 
sewing as we go along.

There was no plan for how many blocks
 would go into the quilt...
only that I wanted lots of different sizes and wanted it to go on my bed.

I just simply started 
sorting through her patterns ...
started creating
and started having a lot of fun!

 I decided to invite you to go along
 on this vintage journey with me.
I'm so you are:)

Todays block is a vintage block 
similar to the Front Yard Flower
 block that we did in the spring.

I wanted to add a flower block 
for the fall so after sorting 
through Grandma's patterns 
I found a star block that I thought
 would look like a sunflower 
if I did the center brown 
and the outside of the star yellow.

I added the green corners to 
represent leaves
and I love the way it turned out!

Grandma always had many sunflowers 
growing wild out in her pasture...
they came back every year 
but popped up in different places 
because you never knew where 
the wind would blow the seeds 
and they would sprout.

The giant sunflowers were next 
to her barn and it was always fun for me
 to keep watch until summers end
 to see how big and tall they grew.

 I have fond memories of playing
 in those fields with my 
brothers and sisters and cousins...
while the sunflowers nodded 
their heads at us.
The days were getting shorter
 by then and we wanted
 to stay out there and play 
as long as we could:)

Because of these memories...
I chose to make Fall Flower
 look like a sunflower 
but this block would look great
 in any autumn colors and would make
 a beautiful fall garden quilt!

Are you ready to make your own 
Fall Flower?

For this block you will need a background...
one or 2 yellows...
a brown for the center...
and green for the corners.

For some reason I forgot to 
cut my green squares 
for this picture whoops:)

From the background cut:
4 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"
12 - 1 /1/2" squares

For the center cut:
1 - 2 1/2" square

For the petals cut:
8 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"
and from the same print
 or a different yellow cut:
4 - 1 1/2" squares

From the green for the leaves 
in the corners cut:
4 - 2 1/2" squares

First step is to sew 
an easy corner triangle 
onto the top of each rectangle.

Mark a stitching line 
on the diagonal or use the 

Make sure that you sew them in 
opposite directions like this.

You should have four of each.

Then sew them together into pairs 
so that you have 4 
that measure 2 1/2" square.

Now grab these pieces...

And sew them together like this.

They should also measure 2 1/2" square.

Lay out all of your segments 
and sew them together 
just like you would sew a
 nine patch block together.

Save the corners until the end!

Now for the corners.

Remember to stick a pin onto
 the  green square...
right on the corner of the
 yellow square underneath
 so that you know exactly where
 to sew without sewing over the point:)

Fun and done!

Here's the back of my block:)

should measure 6 1/2" square 
before we sew it into our quilt.

Be sure to tune in this 
Thursday for the next 
vintage block from Grandma and me:)

If you are just joining us...
click on each block that we have
 done so far to go to the tutorial:

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Mimi F said...

Lori - I just love these blocks, and am anxious to make all of them, but haven't had time to start them. How long will they be available?

Debra Campbell said...

I love them all 😍.

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