Monday, October 29, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week Eleven - Crows and Vines Block!!

Welcome to week eleven...YaY!
We are ALMOST finished:)

If you are just wanting 
to join in now...
it's not too late!
for all of the info 
about this sew along.

Today we are going to 
make the very last block:)

Crows and Vines!

Of course we are still playing with
 Autumn Love...
and yes...
I'm still in love with it!

Autumn Love 
Sew Simple Shapes
 for this block:
3 - F2
42 - F5 (yes 42 lol)
4 - F6
2 - F10
2 - F20
1 - F22
3 -F24
1 - F27
2 - F29
2 - 1" x 4" yellow acorn fabric strips 
for the crows beaks:)
Cut your background fabric
 12" x 36" or 12" x WOF works too:)
After the applique is completed 
you will trim it up to
 10 1/2" x 34 1/2"

Use two of the 5/8" wide strips 
that you cut
 on the BIAS from the green text print
 for the vines.
Start with 18"-20" long strips:)

Cut your prepared 1/2" strip 
(for the top of the vase) 
8 1/2" long and press each end under.

Cut 4 - 1/4" wide yellow strips
 2" long for the crows legs:)

Don't forget that when you 
trace your crow shapes...
that one is in reverse:)

They are facing each other in the block:)

For the bottom of the flowers 
we are going to trace a new sewing line
 onto your traced F20 Shape.
Measure in 1 3/8" from the bottom
 of your traced line and draw a line.
Repeat on the other end...
and the other traced shape.

Sew them like this...

Trim the seam allowance...
and now you have four!

Turn and shape:)

For the vase you will need to 
draw a line right down the center 
of your traced F22 Shape.
Use the center lines on the
 F22 Sew Simple Shape 
to mark the center of the shape.

Sew like this and trim off the excess:)

Turn and shape:)

Here are all of the shapes 
for this block that have 
cleavage areas to clip before turning.
The crows also have inner curves to clip.

Sew and trim the remaining shapes...

Turn and press!!!

42 - green...teal and aqua leaves:)
That's quite an accomplishment!

As I ran my strips through 
the bias tape maker...
I pressed slight curves 
into them like this...
to make it easy peasy when glue basting!

Remember that I showed you how
 in the video during week one:)
to have a looky again.

My Easy Trace Light Box 
will really come in handy
 when laying out this block!
The block is so wide and has 
a ton of leaves...
and I thought that you 
may need a little 
extra help in placement. 
simply tape together pages
 21...22 and 23 of your guide
 and then tape it to the lightbox.
You can place your background fabric 
right over the top and sew 
exactly where every leaf needs to go!

I always use washi tape for this because
 it doesn't leave a residue on the lightbox or the pattern paper when removing:)

I started with these shapes first...
in the center and then worked outwards...
one side at a time.

The bottom of the crows feet 
and the ends of the flower stems 
tuck under the vine...
so do those first.

One half all glue basted...
now for the other half:)
*PS.You can tape the sew along guide
 pages right side down 
when doing the other half...
when you have the light on 
you can still see the lines great!

I saved the strip for the 
top of the vase and the 2 leaves 
that overlap it until the very end...

So that the vine ends 
would be tucked underneath it:)

Both sides are glue basted...
and ready for applique!
It certainly takes a while to prepare
 but I enjoyed every step!!

I used all 3 jars of my 
Cute Little Buttons 
and rounded up a variety 
of red buttons in sets of three
 to use for the berries:)

Crows and Vines Block
10 1/2" x 34 1/2" BEFORE
 you sew it into the quilt:) 

after applique...
press from the back 
before trimming it up.

Next week I will have a 
fun surprise tutorial for you! 

And I'll show you my
all quilted and bound.


busymartha said...

Love this line so much!!! I got my hands on a layer cake but now I wish I had more! It has the most beautiful colours ever!
I love your happy colours, they are mine too!
Wish it was more available in Canada though. It gets very costly buying material from the US.
Always excited to see what's new and what you are up to Lori. You are an inspiration for me. Thanks, Marilyn

GeneGribouille03 said...

C'est magnifique et tellement bien réalisé so lovely :) Lori

GeneGribouille03 said...

C'est magnifique like your work so lovely and perfect Geneviève

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