Friday, May 29, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Five - Churn Dash Love and I Heart Gingham!!!

It's time for 
Farm Girl Friday
and its week five already!

Sorry if you did not
 grow up in the 70's
and don't understand 
why I named
my block
Cool Threads …lol

This is when I was sewing my 
6" Cool Threads block
for my Quilty Barn Along...

And it eventually 
ended up in this quilt!

Pattern is on page 92

This is my 12" Cool Threads block 
on page 20…
I just had to play
 in my gingham stash
to make this one!

It's no secret that I love gingham.

It's been a classic for a long time…
 I even loved it as a little girl
and my gingham crush
 continues to this day!

That's why I needed/wanted to
play with it a little more 
when making my
 Churn Dash block for this week's
Farm girl Friday:)
More on that in just a minute…
first let's talk about the 
classic Churn Dash block.

Instructions for both the
 6" and 12"size blocks are on
 page 19 of Farm Girl vintage.

Churn Dash is a traditional block and 
another that I have always loved.
It's simple to construct 
and there are several ways.

You can vary the 
look of the block by
using the background fabric
 for the large center square...

Or by using something different
 in the corners
for this kind of look.

Using a different color 
for the center square
makes it scrappy happy as well!

I decided to create a new
 Farm Girl Block called 
Churn Dash Love
I mixed the 12" Churn Dash
with the 12" Heart from the 
Baby Chick Block
on page 10.

The heart fits perfectly in the center!
P.S. It also works when you
 use the 6" churn dash
and the 
6" baby chick heart as well.


One of my goals when writing
was to show you 
several different methods
 on constructing patchwork
segments like for example
 half square triangles.

I wanted you to 
try them all out
and then be able to 
choose your favorite
according to your project
and cutting choices.

Knowledge is Power!!!
(another throwback phrase from the 70"s…
thank you Schoolhouse Rock)

Because of the method I used 
for the Churn Dash block
in my book…
You will have enough leftover fabric 
if you are sewing the
 12" size to use.

I Love leftovers!
I use them for 
all of my 
scrappy happy blocks:)

When I have leftovers 
from sewing 
Easy Corner Triangles
I either;
 cut them into the 
largest size square
 that I can 
and add them to my scrappy stash.
I sew another seam 
 and end up with a smaller size
 half square triangle
for a leftovers project!

"Use it up - Wear it out 
Do Without!!"

I'll be using the 
Harvest Tablerunner setting
pattern on page 124
and making the large runner
with my Churn Dash Love blocks.

I have four made so far…
and YES!!!
I'm using some gingham for
 all of the hearts:) 

I'm making the large runner
because I already made a small 
Harvest Tablerunner 
using the Churn Dash:)

So grab your scrappy stash...
 make sure there is a few ginghams …
and make a 
 with me:)
Don't forget to use the 
for your Farm Girl Friday's 
sewing this week!

to check out the schedule
to visit this weeks guest bloggers!

Have a quilty farming
kind of day!
See you here next week:)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Farm Girl Friday's - Week Four!

Good Morning cute people!
I hope you're up with the chickens 
because it's week 4 of

Turn to page 17 in my book…
and lets get started!

First we will be making the 
Canning Season block.

I designed this block 2 years ago
for my Quilty Barn Along
here on my blog.
If you didn't already know…
that's where the basis of my 
Farm Girl Vintage began:)
I thought you might like to see the tutorial
that I originally did for this block.
to go back in time 2 years!

The next block up is my
Chicken Foot block.
I also designed this one two years ago
as part of my Quilty Barn Along

to go back again and see all of my
 tips and tricks in 
constructing this block too.
*Take note that 
I did not always press my seams
open in the tutorials back then…
but I strongly suggest that you do.

I think it's easier 
to line up the seams
and your blocks lie flatter.

These blocks ended up in my 
Silo Barn Quilt
Directions begin on page 92:)

If you tuned it last week 
you already
know that I made a
 Canning Season block...

and paired it up with
 last weeks
Baking Day block...

To make pockets for my 
Farm Girl Apron!

Apron pockets tutorial 
from last week is 

Here's my 6" Canning Season block
for my Modern Mini's
Farm Girl Sampler 
from the book...

And my 6" Chicken Foot block
from Modern Mini's as well:)

I also made another 12" block 
using Feed Company by Sweetwater.
I'll be adding it to my
 Square Dance quilt
on page 118.

Don't forget to visit our guest bloggers 
for this weeks Farm Girl blocks!

Click Here to see the schedule:)

I hope you are 
having fun sewing with me…
If you would like to 
sew with me in person
to find out how!

Tune in next week for more 
Farm Girl Vintage Fun!


Don't forget to 
use the hashtags
#Farm GirlVintage 

and for this weeks blocks;

P.S. Bok Bok!!!

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