Friday, May 1, 2015

YeeHaw!! - Farm Girl Friday is Here!!!

Today is our very first
 Farm Girl Friday:)
I'm so excited:)

out there cute people!
Are you ready 
to sew with this
 "vintage" farm girl?

Grab your book…

if you don't have one yet:)

Get out your 
 rotary cutter and rulers…

Your design boards…

Choose some farmin' fabric...

from your scrappy happy stash
and lets get started!


Turn to page 8
of Farm Girl Vintage
because we're starting 
with my
Farm Girl block:)

I designed this 
vintage looking block
to use up scrappy leftovers.
It looks complicated 
because of the angles…
but is super easy 
to put together using 
my method in the book.

It's a block that's
 easy to choose
the fabric and colors for
because somehow the 
look just makes it 
even more charming:) 

I made the large table runner 
in the book using the 12" blocks…
and I love it!

I want to make a large 
Apronstrings quilt as well:)

But for this week…
I settled for one
 6" Apronstrings 
and one
 12" Apronstrings.

I made a 6" block using my
newest upcoming fabric collection
for Riley Blake Designs…

 I'm going to make another
Farm Girl Sampler
just like the one on the cover
using 6" blocks of course…
and also my new fabric:)
I'll be showing my blocks 
every Friday.

Modern Mini's 
will be here in June.
(click here to be notified)

For my 12" block... 
I sewed it and 
quilted it like this...

Then I cut
 2 - 2 1/2" WOF strips
and sewed them together 
to prepare my binding.
If you'd like to
 see how I bind…
to go to my tutorial:)

It was an easy block to sew…
 then quilt and bind…
and now I have a cute
on my front room side table:)

I also used my 
Apronstrings block
and made a cute little 
Farm Girl Pincushion:)
for my step by step tutorial.

What You Need To Do -
I want to see your block!
As soon as you get yours sewn,
post it on your 
favorite social media

any of them 
all of them!
You will need to
 use the hashtag
and of course
so that we can all see
and join in on the
 farm girl happiness.

It makes me so giddy
 to know that we are
 all sewing the same block
together this week... 
and sewing it 
Farm Girl Vintage style:)

(I may or may not have just happy danced:) 
P.S. Yes…it was farm girl vintage style too!

Let's talk about 
how our sew along will work
from here on out.
Every week we will sew 
2 Farm Girl blocks.

We are going in order
 that they are in my book ...
which is alphabetical.

There are 45 Farm Girls blocks…
this is only a few.
You can choose to
 make whatever you want
from my blocks.

Just sew one ...
 or you can sew 
as many your heart desires:) 
The main thing is to
 *have fun
*learn something new
*meet new friends
*bee happy

(You may come down with 
a bad case of 
Farm Girl Fever ... 
 because the blocks are addicting)

I said it in my 
and I said it in 
 Farm Girl Vintage too:)

"You are the boss 
of your own quilt!"
it's my quilty quote motto 
and that's how 
this sew along will go.

However ...
I will be throwing in
 lots of suggestions ...
several tutorials...
 and different ways to use 
my farm girl blocks.

And of course
a few fun surprises 
along the way!

In addition…
we have 45 bloggers 
lined up that will be
"Sewing and Telling"
about one specific
 Farm Girl block 
that they chose to spotlight
during our sew along.
to see the schedule of blocks
and the list of our
 awesome guest bloggers!

Today's guest is 
Cindy Cloward…
who happens to be 
my friend as well
as the owner of 
Riley Blake Designs.
to see her Apronstrings!

And as always…
don't forget to tune into the 
to see Kimberly and the Girls.
They are sewing 
Farm Girl blocks as well!

Thanks so much for joining me
on the very first
Farm Girl Friday.

I hope you have fun today
 sewing up your very own 
Apronstrings blocks.

I can't wait to see them!

Tune in next Friday 
for week two:)

P.S. YeeHaw!!!


Dawn said...

So so so Farm Girl excited. ...thanks Lori

Nancy said...

Starting my first block this morning. So much fun.

SandraC said...

So excited to be starting this with you! Is there a "button" I can put on my blog so people can find you?

Melanie said...

I'm in love with this book and am excited to sew each and every block (I may have already sewn a bunch just for fun). I'm not on any social media, but I'll still be here every week in my farmhouse sewing along. Thanks for such a great sew-along. Have a gorgeous day!

Kristi said...

I cant wait to make my block this weekend! I so love all the blocks in the book. I plan to make a 6" and a 12" of each variety!

Connie said...

Your fabrics, your patterns and your book, Oh MY! This is so exciting . . . I love your quote, "You are the boss of your own quilt!"
Keep Smiling, Farm Girl,
and have a lovely week.
Connie :)

Unknown said...

Very excited and impatient for the work day to get done so I can get home and sew!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get mine done, hopefully tonight after work. I want to get the supplies to make some design boards. I have searched through lots of my fabrics, bought new fabrics, and hopefully will have what will make me happy :) May have to buy a bit more - LOL Thanks for doing this! Can't wait !!!!

Tammy said...

Yay! It's Farm Girl Friday!! I love your new book Lori and I am sewww excited about this sew-along!!!
This is what my granddaughter and I sing when we are cutting and organizing our quilty projects,"now I have my ABC's(alphabitties) won't you sew along with me"!
Have fun everyone : )
Tammy XO

Finding Adventure said...

Excited to do this. Although I still need the book. How many different fabrics would you suggest and how much of each to do the 12" blocks?

Julie said...

This is my very first sew along and I am super excited! "Farm Girl Vintage" is the most beautiful quilting book ever and I just love everything in it. Thank you Lori for sharing your tremendous talent with the quilting world.

Unknown said...

I am still waiting for my book! Can wait to get started. Have fun everyone!!!

LynnMarie said...

Sooo excited to be able to sew along. I am super busy this weekend and just got my book yesterday but I will get caught up as soon as next week starts! Yeehaw.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Your book is the "sweetest" quilt book I have ever seen, and so very usable with the spiral binding. I was pleasantly surprised at the binding when I opened the package from FQS as I wasn't expecting that extra touch. I'll be sewing along with y'all. I got posterboard and duct tape to make design boards today, something I've wanted to do for a long time and am now just doing it! Thanks for hosting!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Hi Lori.
You are sweet.
I hope to get this book for Mother's Day. These blocks are adorable.
You are very very inspiring.
I am taking care of my 92 year old parents and it is like having twin 5 year olds, except they are not naughty hahaha
So I can sew a little in the morning and evening. The blocks and projects you show here looks so carefree and fun, I am a lot like that too. (except now exhausted, maybe I need more cake) So these would be easy and fun. You are a very enthusiastic friend, thank you for that!

Katie said...

Thank you for doing this! I ordered my book and it arrived Thursday - I could hardly wait for Friday to start sewing and am so excited to sew along.

Anonymous said...

I like the new pattern line. I'm definitely getting some of those as a gift for a friend. Your six inch block is cute as anything!

Judy said...

I just ordered your Farm Girl Book. The yardage is gone at Fat Quarter shop. Is there any other "farm" type fabric line you might suggest? Should I just use whatever? I am looking forward to getting 'caught up'. Thanks

dawn said...

so much fun ahead.

terrieannie said...

Omigosh, this book is phenomenal!!! Just got mine yesterday and got so excited paging through all the blocks and then reading all about the projects and your other suggestions. I also love the samples that use other 'regular' prints. Bravo Lori!!

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