Monday, October 2, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along - Week Six!!

Hello cute people...
it's week six in our sew along! 

If you are just getting started...
remember that there is
 a link to each and every blog post 
of this sew along...
right here on my blog.

Simply look on the right side bar
 and scroll down to find the 
Bee Happy Sew Along...
 and  click on the post 
that you would like to read:)

After today's tutorials you will be able to sew Row Three together.
We are making great progress and I just love to see your blocks on my

The Bee Happy Sew Along
 hashtag page is so inspiring!
Thanks so much for 
adding your photos there:)

First tutorial up...
I'll be showing you how to make 
both of the hen blocks 
at the same time.

We will use the D-20 and the D-19 

When tracing onto your interfacing...
You will need to trace two hens facing to
 the right and one facing to the left:)

After sewing the hens
you will need to clip 
the inner curves at the top...

and the neck:)

Trim all and cut the "X" for turning.

After turning...pressing and shaping...
pin to the backgrounds to 
prepare for appliqué.

Trace on your embroidery lines 
using the sew along guide.

I first did a backstitch on the beak...

and on the comb ...
and then did little fill in stitches...

like this....until all filled in.

I used all six strands of the Aurifloss.

I did a french knot for the eye.

I didn't fill in the legs because I didn't think it was needed:)

The single Hen Block will need to be 
trimmed down to 6 1/2" square
 just like the Hexie Flower Blocks.

Fun and done!
I want to make 9 of these blocks
 in different fabrics
 and and sew them into a
 3x3 setting 
for a pillow in my kitchen:)

You will not need to 
trim down the Two Hens Block.
It should measure 6" x 13 1/2" and 
is ready to sew into the quilt:)

Let's do the Bunting Block next!

You will need 
D-7 Sew Simple Shape:)

Instead of sewing all the way around
 for the banner shapes...
I left the top opened and 
backstitched to secure.
Now you don't need to cut an
 "X" in the back for turning...
simply turn from the opening at the top.

After trimming...
Clip the cleavage on the 
bottom center of each one.

Turn...shape and press!

I used one of the 5/8" bias strips
 for the bunting top.
Just run it through the 
1/4" bias tape maker.

Even though its cut on the bias...
it works perfectly well 
for a straight piece too!

Start in the center and 
pin your pieces about
 1/2" from the bottom.

Draw a line 3/4" from the top 
and that will help you
 to place your pieces.

Pin them about 1/2" apart.

All pinned!

Now time to glue baste the bias strip:)

I just trimmed the edges even with the 
background edges after glue basting:)

all ready for appliqué!
You can do your embroidery first:)

You will not need to 
trim your block down...
it should measure 
3" x 20 1/2" 
to sew into the quilt.


You can sew these three 
blocks together now:)

We have already finished the
 Churn Dash Bee and Pinwheels...

As well as the Peach...Pear and
 3 Flower Pot Blocks 
so that you can complete Row Three:)

Let's get a jump start on Row 4
 by doing the Pumpkins Block next:)

Use D-14  D-15   D-25   D-27
Sew Simple Shapes

Run the stem strips through the 
3/4" bias tape maker.
I cut them about 2 1/2" long.

After sewing you will need to 
clip the cleavage in the heart
 and on the star.

Turn...shape and press:)

Place the pumpkins about 
1 1/4" up from the bottom...

And about 1" from the sides.

Press under the stems at the top 
and pin them along with the leaves.
Trace the vines using the pattern
 on the sew along guide.

Your block should measure 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
to sew into the quilt...
and by the way is a perfect size 
for an 8 x 10 frame.
That would be so cute!

You can add the buttons that are by the stems and leaves either before or after quilting.
It really depends on how you will be quilting  and if your quilter wants them added afterwards. 

Add your Pumpkins block to your 
"Fun and Done" 
pile for when 
it's time to sew row four:)

More block tutorials 
coming up next week...
so stay tuned!


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Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I love this quilt, even though I haven't even started to make it yet! I will get going on it one day.

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