Monday, October 16, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along - Week Eight!!

Hello again...
can you believe its week eight?

If you are just getting started...
remember that there is
 a link to each and every blog post 
of this sew along...
right here on my blog.

Simply look on the right side bar
 and scroll down to find the 
Bee Happy Sew Along...
 and  click on the post 
that you would like to read!

I'm starting off today with
 the Flower Box Block tutorial:)

Sew Simple Shapes:
D-1   D-5   D-20   D-23   D-26   D-29

Run the stem strips through the
 1/4" bias tape maker
Run the Denim Solid strip through the
3/4" bias tape maker

The flower is the only shape
 that needs clipping. 

I know I've showed you the flower before...
so I'm just going to show you 
the turning and shaping photos
 one more time to refresh your memory:)

All turned...shaped and pressed:)

Use these measurements for placement 
when pin basting your pieces.

I basted my top strip 
to hang over about 1/2".

This is how long that I cut each stem:)

All ready for appliqué...

but I did the embroidery first!

Your block should measure
 10 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
and is ready to sew into the quilt
 when it's time for row five:)

Let's move onto the Beehive Block!

Sew Simple Shapes:
D-1   D-5   D-22   D-26   D-27   D-32

I sewed all the way around the door piece...

But I DID NOT sew along the
 bottom of the beehive piece 
and backstitched on both sides 
to secure my stitches.

Simply trim the beehive
 like normal
 and turn from the bottom...
shape and press:)

Measure 2 1/2" up from your
on the bottom of the door piece...

and rotary cut like this.

Trim and turn right side out. and pin to 
the bottom center of the beehive.

Sew the remaining pieces 
and clip the heart cleavage.

Clip and turn both flowers:)

Everything is ready for preparing the block:)

I embroidered my flower centers first.

Pin the beehive in the center of the background and 
even with the bottom edges.

Place your flower 3/4" in
 from the top and sides.
repeat for the other side.

The stem is 1" in 
from the edge of the beehive.

I used glue for the stems.
Also pin on the heart:)

All ready for appliqué:)

Your block should measure 
8 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
and is ready to sew into the quilt.

And this block is perfect 
for an 8x10 frame as well!

You can sew these 4 blocks
 together now and next week 
I'll do the Coral Flowers block 
so that you can sew row four together.


I'm loving this so much 
and I hope you are too!


Kathy aka sewbee831 said...

Great job again Miss Bee! Beehive is one of my favorites! Thank you for all you do!! Kathy aka sewbee831

corners of my life said...

Your talents continue to amaze me.

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