Saturday, October 7, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday!! - Letter "A"

Well hello there!
Welcome to the very first day of
 Spelling Bee School...
also known as 
Spelling Bee Saturday:)

Join me for school each Saturday!
We will be sewing projects from the book 
and even creating some new ones...
using some of the 100 blocks. 
Yes...I said 100! 

After just 44 weeks of sewing together ...
you will officially be a graduate of the Spelling Bee School:)

I'm super excited to be doing
 a sew along for my latest book...
Spelling Bee
So let's start by talking about
 what we will be doing "in class" 
and what "school supplies" 
you will need:) 

First of all...
 you will of course need
 a copy of 
Miss Bee's instruction book.
if you need one:)

Second of all you will need your 
sewing supplies and lots of 
fun happy fabrics to sew along with us:)

You will need to pack your own lunch...
and you can sit by whomever 
you would like to during class!

Our schedule is an easy one ...
because you get to choose 
what you would like to
 study and learn!

Each Saturday we will be 
focusing on a few blocks.
You can decide what you 
want to do with those blocks...
using the book and other 
participants for inspiration:)

Also...Miss Bee just may 
have a few tutorials planned
 for you as well!

You may choose to make the 
Spelling Bee Sampler 
that's on the cover of the book...
(above photo is from back when 
I was sewing my sampler for the book)

Or you may choose any of the 
other quilts in the book....
it's up to you!

You can also choose to 
make some of the mini quilts...

Or just a few of the letters
 to focus on a favorite subject...

Or several to make a favorite saying!

I made soooo many of my 
Spelling Bee "Flash Cards" ...

And this stack is just a few!!
That means that I can spell out 
whatever I want...
whenever I want:)

There are so many projects 
in the book to choose from...
and what's fun about that is you get to choose to make just one...
or ALL of them.
Best of all...
that also means that YOU 
are in charge of your own 

I am super happy that
 we will be having 
"special guests" 
traveling to our classroom 
 who will be participating
 every Saturday...
as well as 
from Fat Quarter Shop...
who are my amazing publishers!

Week One focus is letter "A" 
and just look at this adorable one made by
Melanie from A Bit of Scrap Stuff

And this super cute one made by 
Amanda from Jedi Craft Girl

A big thank you to 
Kimberly and the Girls 
who compiled the list below 
and invited all of the 
"special guests"

Thank you so much!

This is going to be sew fun!!

 Each guest will be visiting us
 during their week of Show and Tell...
so be sure not to miss the bus!

   I really can't wait 
to see everyones projects
 during this semester of 
Spelling Bee School:)
We are going to have 
so much fun learning together!

When you have your own 
"show and tell"
 on social media...
make sure to tag me 
so that I can see
and please use the hashtags
so that we can ALL 
 see your blocks...
and cheer you on!!

Okay class...
it's time to do your homework 
and then we will 
break for recess
 until next week!
Miss Bee


Little Quiltsong said...

Have so been looking forward to this - and super love your blog post starting us off on our way for our first schoolroom session. Thank you for being our teacher, and for all the fun and excitement ahead. This homework will be immensely enjoyed :)!

lovetostitch said...

Ahhhh!! Back to school, and you're the favorite teacher! We can all be "teacher's pet". I love this book, and love to personalize things - I won't be starting straight away, but will catch up. Fun stuff!

Dorothy said...

So, are you sewing on "my" Emdeko machine ??? I heard through the grapevine that you had one. I love mine !!! It is a real workhorse, right along with my OLD 830 Bernina.

A Bear Mountain Pattern said...


Lisa said...

Yes it is and I am excited to be participating

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