Saturday, October 28, 2017

New School Bus Pattern -Spelling Bee Saturday - Apple and Bee!!

It's Spelling Bee Saturday!

We are on week four as we work through 
88 of the blocks in my new book

This week instead of letter blocks...
we are doing two of the 
picture blocks in the book.

The above is a photo from when
 I was in the process of making
 the Picture Day Quilt in the book:)

Today's first block is the Apple:)
I've designed many 
apple blocks...
and I wanted this one to be 
super simple and super cute!

I played around one day and made 3 apples...
Fuji...Granny Smith and Golden Delicious:)

I made them into a mini quilt 
to add to a few others from the book!

Next is the Bee Block...
of course I had to do another bee:)

Because of the title of my book ...haha:)

One of today's "Show and Tell" participants 
is @lilabellelane and she made this cute bright shiny red apple.
It super sweet!
Thanks so much Sharon!

Joanna from @cottonjo 
made this adorable Bee Block...
in both sizes!!
So fun Jo!
Thank you for bringing 
your "Show and Tell" today:)

I also have a fun announcement...
I have a new PDF pattern available for download on my publishers website.

I deigned this 
School Bus Block 
especially for my 
Spelling Bee retreat last month 
and had many requests
 for the pattern...
so now it's ready!

Thanks again for all of your kind words...
it means so much to me:)

The block comes in two sizes...
6" x 12" and 12" x 24"...
and then both have a border
 making them finishing larger
 in mini quilt form...
 but these are the sizes of the actual block.

to purchase the pattern

Thanks for tuning in for 
Spelling Bee Saturday!
I hope you are having fun sewing your way through the blocks:)


Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you so much for sharing your School bus block - already downloaded :)! Hoping you will also share your Canada Block - saw a sneak peek pic from your retreat. It was soooo cute! Thank you, for thinking of us Canadians too :)! Love your Spelling Bee sew along, and look forward to it all week! Thank you, Lori!

Rosa said...

So beautiful!!

corners of my life said...

The school bus is charming.

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