Friday, January 26, 2018

New Crochet Blanket with 100% Cotton Chunky Thread!!

Happy Friday everyone!
Today I'm showing you
 a new crochet blanket 
that I'm making.

I LOVE to crochet...
my Grandma Ewell taught me how
 when I was a little girl.

There's just something so comforting
 about the repetitive stitching.
It's like therapy!

I'm super excited that my 
Chunky Thread 
is here and this is my 
first BIG project using it.

It's 100% cotton which I love!

My friend Kimberly texted me 
and asked me if I had this book.

She told me there was a project
 in there that she wanted to make
 using my 
 and asked me if I 
wanted to make one too.

Of course I said yes!
to get the book if you 
want to crochet along!

It's a super easy and fun blanket...
and there are several additional 
cute projects in there as well!

This is Kimberly's blanket in progress.
Kimberly used the 
Cloud Chunky Thread 
for all of her "In-between rows"...

And I did my in-beween rows scrappy happy!

This is another photo of 
Kimberly's with the 
Cloud in-beween rows.
It's so beautiful!

to visit her blog and see 
more photos of her blanket.

This is the color order 
that we used for each round...
then started all over again
 and continued on in the same order.

Note that Kimberly just skipped over
 the Cloud color and went 
right to the Beehive color
because of her 
in-between rows change:)

When I did my in-between rows 
I used the same color order 
but started with the Green.

This is what I mean in the photo above. 
Here is what the start of my blanket 
looked like with all 8 rows 
and all 8 in-between rows.
It measures 10" square:)

If you didn't want to make a blanket...
 you could do 8 more of both rows 
and end up with an 
approximate 20" square 
(depending on how tight or loose you crochet) 
which would be perfect for a pillow!

I'm actually still adding a 
few rows and I'm almost finished!
I used a D crochet hook...
which worked fine but I kinda wished
 that I would have used an 
E which is just a little larger.

I am using 3 skeins of each 
of the 8 colors for my blanket.

I love how it fits right in 
with my style of 
 "vintagey comfy cozy happy" 

Since the release of my Chunky Thread...
I'm falling in love with crochet
 all over again!
It brings back so many memories of 
being a happy go lucky 70's girl!
How about you?...
do you love crochet like me?



Colleen said...

I love both the afghans :) A few years ago I was laid up from some surgery and needed something to do. I got out my crochet and make a continuous afghan like yours. It ended up fitting a queen size bed...haha. Love to crochet :)

Granny's Button Box said...

Gosh, there is no end to your talents! Beautiful, clever you. Sharon x

deebriese said...

Oh lori! I simpy afore this..uour color selection is right on point.. Cannot wait to get my hands on some

LovetoQuilt said...

I Love to crochet too! I just love your scrappy version of the afghan!

EYSchmitt said...

Oh those cute little rag dolls They are so plaintive and adorable. Where can they be found and is there a pattern for them?

RWTreasure said...

I’m so happy to find your Chunky Thread! I’ve been a tiny thread, itty bitty steel hooks crocheter for 4+ decades — until recent carpel tunnel and aging eyes have made it difficult.
‘Tried going back to crocheting with yarn, but it just doesn’t feel the same, at all.
Thank you!

Rosemary said...

The color theme is definitely you. I love the cheery brightness of your afghan. I, too, love to crochet. I also am a doll maker and love those 2 little raggedys. Are the patterns available for them .. somewhere? Thanks so much for sharing. Oh, btw, where is one able to purchase the yarn?

Debbie Kitsos said...

Lori, I absolutely love your blanket! I keep telling my husband I want to learn to crochet so I can do it while we watch tv at night. Your color theme is so happy and the blanket gives a feel-good just to look at it. Is there a pattern for this or did it come from your wonderful creative core? I have got to learn how to crochet!

Mrs. Sally said...

Love your blanket! I like to crochet and just picked up the hook this past fall after a loonng hiatus. The comfort and relaxation... Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

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