Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cutie Pie Pincushion Tutorial!!

Today is tutorial day...
do you want to make a pincushion?

I've been playing with my
 new Bake Sale 2 fabric collection...
and I have some tutorials planned for you using scrappy happy squares!

I made my Cutie Pie Pincushion 
with  the 3 1/2" squares...

And of course a pie pan:)
 I use cue little 5" tins 
to make my pie pincushions.
You can get them at Amazon:)

You could easily use a 
Bake Sale 2 - 5" Stacker 
to cut your 3 1/2" squares from...
you will need 8 squares total:)

Pair up two of them and
 sew a straight line from 
point to point.

Trim off leftover side...
leaving 1/4" seam allowance

Press your half square triangles open
 and place them on your 
design board like this.
Pay attention to how the seams 
go different directions 
to form pie slice angles!

Sew your block together 
and press the seams open.
Your block should measure
 6 1/2" square at this point.

Grab a piece of 
Nutmeg Confetti Cotton fabric 
and cut it 6 1/2" square 
for the bottom of the crust.
Grab my 6" round Circle Ruler as well...

And place it on the wrong side 
of your pie block.
Use the lines on the ruler
 to center it perfectly and
 trace around the circle.

Now add the Nutmeg circle to the
 bottom and pin the two together.

Sew all the way around the line...
backstitch where you 
start and stop to secure.

Trim an approximate
 1/4" seam allowance.

Pinch open your pie like this...

And cut a small slit 
in the back for turning.

Turn and press.
You can use the Clover Turner 
to help smooth the edges of your circle.

Now sew 1/2" in 
from the edges of the pie.
This will form your "fluted crust" edge after stuffing it with fiberfill.

Fill your cutie pie!

After filling...
stitch it closed with strong thread...
I used matching Aurifloss.

Top of Cutie Pie!

I also like to put a little bit
of weight in the pan before
 glueing my pie on top.

It makes it nicer to use 
the pincushion because it's
 easier if it doesn't slide everywhere
 while you're trying to
stick a pin in it!

You could use plastic pellets
 for stuffing dolls or 
silica sand like I do.

Mr. Honey uses it when sandblasting
 so I always have access 
to it and it works great!

I keep it inside a little baggie 
and glue the bag and all 
to the bottom of the pan.

If your pins go in it...
it sharpens them!
I actually used about half as much
 as you see in the photo:)

Now place your pie in the pan
 and keep your turning tool handy...

Use your glue gun and go around
 the inside edges of the pan...
 a little at a time...
using the tool to push down
 onto the 1/2" seam as you go...

to form a fluted pie crust!

So cute and easy as pie!!!

Load up your Cutie Pie with 
and keep it next to your machine:)
to get some of your own!

These are my new Pretty Pins...
I love them!

I designed this cute little 
plastic mason jar container 
and they fit perfectly inside:)

FYI -I'll be using these containers
 to hold other cute things in the future!

I hope you love my 
Cutie Pie Pincushion
 and decide to make one too!


Renée Welton said...

Absolutely adorable. You have wonderful tutorials. Did you know that yesterday was National Pie Day?🥧🥧🥧

Kim said...

This is too cute!
I will be making a few of things..
Thank You for sharing all your ideas!! Kim :)

NancyRose said...

Thanks a lot, I love it !

Miss Deb said...

Lori, your imagination knows no bounds. Loving it.

Miss Deb said...

Lori, your imagination knows no bounds. Loving it.

Nettie said...

This adorable pie pincushion is so sweet! Thanks again for your tutorial & creative ideas.....from an admirer in Spanish Fork, UT.

Unknown said...

Thank you, you break down the directions into little steps that makes it easy to follow along and we end up with a "finished" item and not a half done project that we got flustered trying to make

robinnan said...

Absolutely "Cutie Pie" adorable!! Not doing your sew along this time, but definitely will be making this pin cushion! Thank you Lori!💝

Kathleen said...


Little Quiltsong said...

Love your Cutie Pie Pincushion - and your mason jar containers!! You make the most basic items so cute - how fun and awesome!

Christine M said...

I love this pie! Thank you for sharing it with us, Lori. I'll definitely be making one (or more) of these.

Unknown said...

Thank you Lori! It is adorable and I can't wait to make some!

cocotte said...

I love thank you Lori

Unknown said...

Very cute! Your fabrics are so yummy!!!!

Edie said...

These are so cute! I can't wait to make one.

Thanks Lori for another great idea!

Unknown said...

I have been waiting forever for those pins to come out!! They are so cute and I LOVE the little mason jar they are in, so adorable!!

manos de chicureo said...

Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing.

Carla said...

All you needed was a cherry on top. LOL Too cute

Primitive Seasons said...

Darling idea. Now I have to find five inch pie plates!

Robert Smith said...

I will try this at home. It was so beautiful

Frannie said...

OMG this ism too cute!!! What an awesome project.

Rochelle Creations said...

Love, love, love the fabric and the idea for the pin cushion. Can't wait to try it myself. Thank you Lori..

Zoey Girl Quilts said...

You are so unbelievably talented!!!! ❤❤❤ Thanks for being such a blessing to us and sharing!

Ger said...

This is really cute. Love the Weighted bowl. One i have is very light and falls over. Cant wait to make one. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Lori thank you for sharing and posting such colorful pics and simple detailed instructions for your whimsy pie pin cushion, will be making sum hopefully for this Xmas.Happy Holidays to you.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could pin this

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