Monday, January 29, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Two!!

Here we are again and it's week two:)

Let's Bake!!

Last week was all about 
baking pies and 
cross stitching flowers:)
This week is all about
 measuring and mixing!

Let's do the White Measuring Cup first.
You will need the 
E-23  E-24  and E-12

Grab your prepared baggie
White Measuring Cup 
and let's get started!

*FYI* - We use the E-23 for 
two blocks in the quilt.
One block is the Flour Sifter and
 we will be doing that during week 5.

I'm showing you both of those traced interfacing pieces today
so that you can take note that you will need to trace the one for the
 White Measuring Cup in reverse. 

When you are sewing the E-24 piece 
for the handle...
Sew it on the curved line only like this instead of on the straight line.
The raw edge will be tucked underneath 
the right side of the cup 
and you can use that opening for turning!

The E-23 and the E-12 are sewn...
turned and shaped just like usual:)

In prep for appliqué...
place your pieces 3/4" in from the sides 
and 3/4" in from the bottom as well. 

Tuck the handle and E-12 circle 
for the inside of handle underneath 
the right side of the cup like this. 

Trace your embroidery lines onto the measuring cup first. 
I like to embroider before appliqué...
using a backstitch and all 
6 strands of the red Aurifloss.


Now use the
 Cute Cuts 4 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 to trim your block down to 4 1/2" square
 so that it's ready to sew into your quilt.

Use the lines on the ruler to 
center your appliqué when trimming:)

Okay...let's measure with the 
red and pink next!
You will need to use the 
E-12 circle again for the
 red measuring spoon.

You will need the E-17  E-18 and E-19 
for the pink measuring cups.
Run all strips for the handles
 through the 1/4" bias tape maker.

Sew around all 3 ovals and 
the circle as usual.

Trim...turn...shape and press.

This is where I placed my pieces 
onto the background.
First I pressed under the top end 
of the handle about 1/4" 
and left the other end unturned...
tucking in the raw edge under the spoon.

The spoon is placed 3/4" from the
 right side edge of fabric.
Don't forget to trace the ring around
 the end of the handle for embroidery:)

I used a backstitch and all 
6 strands of my gray Aurifloss.

The red measuring spoon block should
 measure 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing it into the quilt.
That is the size that I had you cut it:)

For the pink strips I turned and 
pressed each end under about 1/4".
The top one is 3 1/4" long...
The center strip is 3 3/8" long 
and the bottom one is 3 1/2" long.

Take the large oval and measure in
 1" in from the end like this.

Trim it off and discard the piece
 that is under the ruler.
You will use the one on the right.

Measure in 3/4" in on the 
medium oval and trim.
you will be using the 
remaining piece on the right.

Measure in 1/2" on the 
smallest oval and trim it off.
You will use the 
remaining piece on the right.

Lay your pieces out onto your
 5" background square.
The angle of my photo 
makes it look rectangle...
but it's a square!

The raw edge of each cup
tuck under the handles:)

The bottom of the 
largest measuring cup is 3/4" up
 from the bottom edge of the fabric.

The handle is 3/4" from each side edge.
The smallest measuring cup handle 
also measures 3/4" down 
from the top edge and 
centered from side to side.
After you glue baste those two...
you can center the middle one!

Appliqué your pink measuring spoons.
We had pink plastic ones 
just like this when I was a girl:)

After applique...
Use the 4 1/2" Trim-It Ruler...
and it should measure 4 1/2" square 
before sewing it into your quilt:)

Okay let's do the Mixer Block!
You will need the 
E-5  E-6  E-7  E-22 and E-18

Run your 1" strips through the 
1/2" bias tape maker.
Cut them into these three lengths:
9" - 8" - 2"

You will sew the 2" x 3" red piece
 to the end of the stripe 
before sewing it together with the interfacing...
BUT WAIT!.. before you do that...

Glue baste the 8" long strip
 onto the center like this first.
Press the rectangle to get 
the exact center line.

Now sew it to the left side 
using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Press towards the red left piece.

Line up your traced interfacing 
like this and sew.

Trim...cut the "X" in the 
interfacing ONLY 
and then shape and press.

The other pieces are sewn in the usual way.

This is how I cut the 
handle interfacing for turning.

I shaped and turned the bottom end first...

And then finished with to rounded end.

I pressed it a section at a time after shaping.

Grab one of the ovals and 
we are going to make the plug end.

Measure in 1" from the left end 
and draw a line.
This is another sewing line.
Backstitch where you start and stop.

And trim off the excess.
Cut your "X" in the interfacing and turn.

These are all of the pieces 
that you should have completed.
Now it's time to baste onto the 
background for appliqué!

Press the 9" long bias strip ends
 under 1/4" so that it 
measures 8 1/2" long.
Do the same with the remaining strip
 so that it measures 1 1/2" long.

We will talk about the cord in a minute...
first let's get the pieces onto the background.

*FYI* - The 8 1/2" strip on the bottom 
will be glue basted on AFTER 
the cord is traced and embroidered.

The bottom of the stand and the bowl are tucked underneath the strip a little...
 but baste these two pieces first by placing them 1 1/4" up from 
the bottom edge of the background.

The top right corner of the 
bowl measures 3/4" in from the 
side edge of the background.

There is a 1/4" space between the 
left side of bowl and the stand.

The top of the 
mixer handle measures 
in 3/4" from the top edge 
of the background.

Now that you know 
all of these measurements...
the rest of the pieces will 
go into place easily:)

The oval tucks under like this for the bracket and the 1 1/2" strip where the beaters come out tucks under as well.

The button goes on last but 
I'm showing it to you now 
so I don't forget!

Trace the cord pattern 
onto your background...
along with the two plug ends 
and the top of the beater lines.

The plug will be basted after 
the cord is stitched down.

Begin by placing the end if the 
vintage trim like this so that 
the end will be tucked underneath
 the bottom strip after it's basted on.

Use all 6 strands of Aurifloss 
and stitch over the trim
 on the diagonal...
while stitching down the
 cord as you go.

I did not glue baste the trim...
just placed it onto my 
traced line as I went along.

Continue stitching...

Until you reach the end and 
then you can clip the vintage trim.

Save the rest for the other blocks
 that it goes into.
 Now baste the plug.

Finish up preparing for the appliqué
 by glue basting the
 bottom strip into place.
It should measure 3/4" up 
from the bottom edge 
of the background fabric.

Time to appliqué and do 
the rest of the embroidery:)

I used a backstitch and all 
6 strands of the gray Aurifloss.
I used the red Aurifloss to
 sew the button on.
Your block should measure 
10 1/2" tall and 12 1/2" wide 
BEFORE it is sewn into the quilt...
which is the size I had you cut it.

That is it for this weeks tutorials...
I'll see you here 
next Monday for week three!

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Happy Internet Marketer Mom said...

I’m just so addicted to all of your quilts, your fabric designs and color choices, the buttons and lace and EVERYTHING! I cannot get enough of it all. Right now, I am sitting here planning out several smaller quilts to be framed. The first one will use the gorgeous and very charming red mixer shown above.

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