Monday, October 3, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Eight - Block Eight!!

Here we are... 
already into October 
and week eight!

Because this quilt only has 12 blocks
 it seems we are going super fast:)

for the free pattern 
to my Cozy Christmas quilt:)

to purchase the
Sew Simple Shapes

And go to your 
favorite quilt shop 
to purchase the 
Cozy Christmas Quilt Kit.

Today we get to make a 

These are the prints 
that I've chosen for
 this weeks block.

The marshmallow fabric 
is not pictured
but I used the same 
as I did for the snowman...
Snow Shades 
by Riley Blake Designs

to download the cutting guide

And cut all of your 
interfacing and fabric pieces.
You will need to cut a
 1" wide strip about 8" long 
to prepare a 5" long piece 
for the mug trim.
Use the 1/2" bias tape maker
 for the trim.

Preparing the 1/4" bias strip 
for the mug handle
 is a little different 
because it needs to be bendy!

That means you will need to
 cut the strip on the bias ...
otherwise it will NOT curve
 to form the handle.

Start by cutting a 
4" square of the fabric.

Cut it in half on the diagonal
 from corner to corner...
and then cut a strip
 5/8" wide like this.

Use the 1/4" size bias tape maker
 and prepare the strip just like 
I showed you in the video on week one.

I cut a 2" and a 1 1/2" square 
from the 
leftovers and added them 
to my 
scrappy stash for use
 at another time:)

Because I cut it on the bias...

It will easily form a
 curve that you can press!

Trace your mug and marshmallow
 shapes onto your interfacing.

Before you sew the interfacing 
onto the mug piece...
measure 1 1/4" down from the 
top edge and place your bias trim.

Machine or hand stitch 
into place using matching thread:)

Now sew your interfacing and fabric 
pieces together on your 
marked lines and trim.

Cut the interfacing for turning.

Use your Clover turning tool
 to get smooth edges after turning. 

Place your mug 
1" in from the left side...

And 3/4" up from the bottom.

Pin the mug into place and then
 tuck the edges of
the handle underneath...
3/4" from the edge.

Trace your embroidery pattern 
and pin your marshmallows.

I used 6 strands of my 
and a backstitch for the embroidery.

I trimmed my block to 6 1/2" square 
and added the inner border using 
the pink and mint little bells print.

And added my scrappy happy pieced border:)

Now I want some cocoa!

Don't forget to share your block on 

Next week we can finish row 3:)


Little Quiltsong said...

I have been sewing your different cup blocks over and over into little coasters, quilts and on your little zip pouches. I never tire of making these. This new applique block will be another favorite - love it!!

Amandalee said...

I just love the marshmallows!!😋 So cute and can't wait to get started! I may even have to sip on some hot cocoa for this one!

Unknown said...

This beginner thanks you for the easy to follow tutorials. This quilt is so cute and I am enjoying putting it together. I am learning so much.

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