Monday, October 17, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Ten - Block Ten!!

Today is Monday so that means 
Cozy Christmas Sew Along Day!

to download my free pattern

to get my 
Cozy Christmas 
Sew Simple Shapes 

Vist your favorite quilt shop 
to get your
 Cozy Christmas fabric kit:)

I'm super excited that we have
 3 rows put together so far!

Today we start on the 
last row by sewing the


I chose the red and pink gingham 
and the candy cane stripe of course!

for the cutting guide...

And cut your 
and your fabric squares.

Make sure to trace one  
with the print side 
of the template down 
so that they will be reversed:)

Sew onto your traced lines and 
trim an approximate 1/4" seam allowance.

On the inside curve of the candy cane 
you will need to clip right to your stitched line.
Do not clip into it or past it...
but right up to it:)

Use small sharp embroidery scissors
for this step so that you can be 
in total control of your clipping!

Now don't be scared!

I promise to walk you 
through this one step at a time!
They really are easier 
 to turn than they look:)

Instead of cutting an X on the back...
just cut the interfacing like this...
leaving about an inch 
on the top and the bottom not cut.

Start by just turning and 
shaping the top part...

Then turn and shape the bottom part...

And the middle takes care of itself:)

After shaping with the turning tool...
 press just the bottom couple of inches.

And do the same for just the top.
Then shape and press each side separately
 just using the tip of the iron.
When its all shaped...
you can press the 
whole candy cane flat at one time:)

Repeat for the other candy cane.
YaY! did it!

Place the candy canes 1 1/4"
 up from the bottom and also the top...

And a little less than 
an inch in from the sides.

Pin into place and applique!

Trim up your block to 6 1/2" square 
after pressing from the back only.

Use the white sparkle print 
for the small inner border
 and piece your 
half square triangles 
and flying geese.

Sew it all together!

Take a photo of your cute

and post it on
for all of us to admire!

Because we are 
nearing the end of the quilt...
I thought it would be super fun 
to make a new project...
 because I'm not finished playing with my Cozy Christmas fabric!

I designed a block using the
 same size rectangles
 and also half square triangles 
as well as the same method
 that's in my Cozy Christmas pattern.

And now I have a fun new

To go with it...
I drew up a really fun project
 using my new 
Cozy Block 
with a cute sashing 
and cornerstones layout.

I love switching out seasonal runners
 for the farm table in my kitchen... 
So I'm going to be making a 
Cozy Table Runner for Christmas!
It will finish at 
30" x 58"
which is a perfect size 
for most tables:)


If you are...
here is the cutting 
sew that you can 
"Bee Prepared:)"

Sparkle Background - 1 1/2" yards:
(A) Cut 48 - 3" squares 
for making 96 HSTriangles
(B) Cut 76 - 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles
(C) Cut 64 - 2 1/2" squares

Red Recipe - 1/4 yard:
(D) Cut 16 - 3" squares 
for making 32 HSTriangles
(E) Cut 15 - 2 1/2" squares

From Assorted Cozy Christmas Prints:
(F) Cut 54 - 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles
(G) Cut 32 - 3" squares 
for making 64 HSTriangles

Binding - 1/2 yard

Backing - 2 yards


I'll finish up my 
Cozy Table Runner 
so that I can do the tutorial 
for you here next week!

1 comment:

Little Quiltsong said...

I'm in - I usually am with all your wonderful patterns :)! Love the candy cane block for this week and the new bonus block for this Table Runner. I'm pretty much ready to sew your Town Square Quilt together from this Cozy Christmas fabric - just need the star blocks - and was wondering how to use up the rest of this delicious Christmas fabric - thank you for your help :)!

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