Monday, October 10, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Nine - Block Nine!!

It's week nine in our 
Cozy Christmas Sew Along.


If you're just joining us...
to download the free pattern:)

to get your 
Cozy Christmas 
Sew Simple Shapes

Visit your favorite quilt shop to
 get your Cozy Christmas fabric kit:)

Today is block nine!


These are the Cozy Christmas prints 
that I used to make my holly:)

Cut your interfacing and fabric.

Use the cutting guide 
that I have provided for you.
to download it and 
add it to your pattern.

Trace the shapes onto 
the interfacing and sew!

After you have trimmed 
the seam allowances...
be sure to clip the 
on the holly leaves.

Turn and shape using
 the Clover pressing tool.

Place your first berry
 3/4" down from the top edge.

Place your holly leaves 
1 1/4" up from the bottom edge and...

a little more than 1/2" from the sides.

Make sure to trace your
 embroidery lines on first!

Pin into place and appliqué:)

I used 6 strands of my 
and a backstitch 
for the embroidery.

Applique and embroidery completed!

I always lay all of my blocks that are finished
 out on my cutting/ironing table to choose the 
pieced border fabrics for the latest block.

And my borders are on!

I decided to sew the first three rows together now that block nine is completed.
I cut all of my sashing strips at the same time.

Just a note about my recipe print...
It's a real recipe!
It was my grandma's...
and I thought it would make a super cute print...
so feel free to make some gingerbread cookies 
after sewing your sashing!

When you're sewing your sashing onto your blocks...
keep the sashing underneath so that 
you can keep an eye on your piecing up top:)

Here are my 3 rows...
only one more to go!
I super love the way it's coming together 
 and I hope you do to!



Amandalee said...

Gorgeous!! This quilt has been so much fun! Thanks Lori!!:)

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh - so glad you mentioned that this is a real recipe. I will have to make these now. I have gingerbreadman and gingerbreadgirl cookie cutters. Fun!! This new block will be fun too - thanks :)!

Unknown said...

My Point 2 Point turner arrived this afternoon and it is wonderful for turning these pieces. I am really enjoying this so much that I started on Bloom too! Thanks for all your hard work giving us so much fun!

Ruby Piedrahita Marin said...

Gracias por compartir, muy hermoso.

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