Monday, September 26, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Seven - Block Seven!!

Good morning cute people! 
Today is week #7:)

We are half way through our 
Cozy Christmas blocks already!

If you are just joining us 
and need to download 
the free pattern:)

to get a set of 
Cozy Christmas 
Sew Simple Shapes

We are using the Cozy Christmas fabric collection!

Today we are making this cute little guy:)


One shape!
We are using NUTMEG Solid by Riley Blake 

 to download the cutting guide
and cut your interfacing and fabric.

You will need 
4 pieces of 2" long ric-rac 
for his frosting:)

I'm going to show you my 
easy peasy method of 
sewing the ric-rac on all in one step!

I traced my shape... and then drew a line
 3/4" up from the bottom of each leg...
and 1/2" in from each arm.

This is where I will place my ric-rac when sewing.

I sewed on my marked line just like normal...
and placed a piece directly under the line on the first arm and held it into place.
No need to pin...its better if you don't so it will lie flat.

As I got to that part...
I continued stitching on the line and across the trim at the same time.
I backstitched a few stitches over the trim just to secure it. 

I continued sewing...
inserting each piece of trim as I came to it like this....

Until I had completely stitched around 
the gingerbread man and all four pieces of trim:)

Easy Peasy!

I trimmed my 1/4" seam allowance...

And clipped all 5 "cleavage" areas.

I cut my interfacing for turning...

And turned each arm and leg one at a time...
carefully making sure that the trim flipped over to the front:)

This is how he looked after turning but before pressing.
I pressed each arm and leg and then the head separately before I pressed the whole shape at once.

I used my turning tool to get all of the edges as smooth as I could before pressing.

I traced my embroidery lines on before basting him to the background.
I placed hime 3/4" down from the top and 3/4" up from the bottom:)

I went through my jar and chose three

To go down the center.

Now he's all ready for appliqué...
embroidery and button sewing!

You can hand stitch the
 ric-rac down with white thread:)

I used 6 strands of my
for the embroidery and also
 to sew on each button:)

After trimming my block to 6 1/2" square...
I used the yellow and aqua
 little bells print for the inner border:)

And added my flying geese and
 half square triangles pieced border.

Take a photo of your cute little
 gingerbread man and post him on
so that we can all see him:)
Sew you next week!


Little Quiltsong said...

Thanks for your nifty tip on sewing the ricrac to the Gingerbreadman - it worked perfectly!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

this is really cute.
I like the block and this good idea. Thank you for sharing Lori♥️

MiMi's Room said...

Lori, Love your designs and your fabrics! Lori (Mimi)

Cindy said...

How clever is this? You are such a pillar of information...I just love it!! Thanks so much for sharing what you do. You've made such a difference in my sewing life!

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