Saturday, April 5, 2014

A New Sew Along - YaY!!!...

I'm so excited to tell you 
about a new sew along!
I was going to post this 
on Monday but I just couldn't wait:)

We will be using my book
as the manual for this sew along ...
just like we did with the 
so if you want to play along
 you will need a copy of your own:)

The Great Granny Sew Along will begin on 
Monday April 21st and will go for 5 weeks:)
All of the details for the sew along will be posted 
Monday, April 14th on the
They will be hosting once again…
 because they are awesome like that:)
There will also be 12 amazing bloggers hosting as well…
it's going to be fun and full of fabulous giveaways as well!

The purpose of my post today is to
 show you the quilt that I designed for the sew along
and give you a heads up on yardage so that you will be 
all ready and set to sew!!!

The quilt celebrates the art of crochet
(after all…crochet was the inspiration for the great granny blocks)
It finishes at 40" x 52" and I named it
"Mama's Crochet"

It uses both of the label blocks in the book
 as well as the mama blocks:)

We will also be making a happy scrappy
 Great Granny Block
from the book to use as the label!

You could use one particular fabric collection for your quilt…
 or it's a perfect project to use up some of your scrappy stash.
I used mostly Denyse Schmidt fabrics 
from several different collections for mine.

We will be using 2 1/2" squares for the
 mama blocks and the great granny blocks
so working with leftover 2 1/2" strips or
 5" squares would be perfect.
There is really no yardage requirements for the blocks…
just use your scrappy stash.

When you are choosing for larger than 2 1/2" cuts 
like the basket and the balls of yarn...
 you can see what size all of the blocks are cut 
by using your manual.

As for the background, backing and borders though…
this is what you will need.

For the background you will need 1 3/4 yards.
I used Swiss Dots in aqua by Riley Blake Designs.
For the back of the quilt you will need
 a length of 44" wide x 56" fabric.
I used aqua words from my Polka Dot Stitches collection.

For the inner border you will need 1/4 yard.
I used orange DS Quilts fabric for mine.
And for the outer border you will need 3/4 yards.
I used aqua DS fabric for mine as well.

When it's time for binding you will need 1/2 yard.
I used apple green with aqua dots from
 my Bake Sale collection for my binding.

This quilt also looks very Easter -ish to me ...
 the basket of yarn could double for easter eggs!
What a cute spring pillow idea:)

This quilt was easy and super fast to put together.

I pulled fabrics from my stash 4 days ago ...
sewed it all together in one day and had it bound by this morning:)

I'm "sew" excited ...are you?

Tell me if you're ready to
 have some more 
scrappy happy stitching with me!


ptmemaw said...

So very excited to follow along with your Great Granny Quilt Along! Your work is amazing! Thanks so much!

laurareid said...

I haven't done a quilt a long before but I'm going to do this one. I got the book and have lots of scraps. I think I will enjoy it!

ferne said...

I love this! Now I just have to have the book. I have a wall that is framed perfectly with a doorway (if that makes sense) and I change the quilt hanging there kind of seasonally or when the mood hits me and this would be perfect for Easter...that was my first thought I guess because I don't knit. You are so generous to share your talent and make it all fun! Thanks!

Renee said...

How exciting...I just got my book from The Fat Quarter Shop today...get the sewing started!

Little Quiltsong said...

I am definitely excited!!

dream quilt create said...

I'm ready, I can hardly wait!!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us :)

Jeanne Gwin said...

I am excited. I had so much fun with the last one, I know this one will be great too.

my happy bluebird said...

YaY! I pre-ordered the book and it's been waiting...for a cute little quilt-along! I adore the basket. I think I might have some fabrics that are perfect for it :-) Thanks so much,Lori. Hope all is well. ~Linda

Unknown said...

Ordered the book and it arrived already, so I'm ready!

Rose said...

I have been so excited since I got your book! I have been going thru my stash preparing fabrics to do one of the projects! Your books have gotten me back in the mood to sew. The projects are so happy!

Ellen said...

I so so hope that your book is for sale soon in the Netherlands because I love to join this party !
You are so inspiring and your work is amazing !!

Tammy said...

Yay! Another super duper cute quilt along :) I have my book and scraps all ready and looking forward to following along:) Thanks Lori!

A Bear Mountain Pattern said...

I have never done a sew a long...but I have been eyeing your book for a while now. It reminds me of my mama. She loved to crochet.
Im thinking of doing it in all those 30s I have.
Thank you...cant wait.

Vail said...

It looks like great fun.

DaiseyB said...

I was very disappointed that I didn't do the last sew a long so I am planning to do this one. I will use the Denise Schmidt collection at Joanns. Is the big granny square on the block and used for the label? I am excited also, so count on me.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori, I have your book and looking forward to starting this project. Kind Regards Jenny C

Unknown said...

Lori, love the design! So much so that this will be my first quilt along. I already have both of your books (and several other patterns).

Jill said...

Hi Lori!

Which white fabric do you use for your great granny squares? I have some Kona Snow already, but I'm thinking Bright White might be better. Thanks!

Cecelia said...

Ok, I want to do this so I'm ordering the book tonight. can you tell me if I used a roll of strips would one roll be enough for the 2 1/2" squares? Or how many charm packs? I'm soooooo excited! I missed the last sew along. I don't have anyone to sew with so this is a real treat for me. Thank you very much for doing this!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I am going to try to follow you this time. I hope that I can keep up. It really looks fun, and I alreaddy have the book.

Carrie Burke said...

I've followed you forever, and I've never done a quilt along EVER! But I'm definitely doing this one in remembrance of my grandmother who was an avid crochet-er. Can't wait to get your book! Love all your work!

Penny in VA said...

Hi Lori! Love your choice in colors! Always so bright and cheery! This is my first sew along and I am so excited! Just ordered your book and some of your new material!

Gmama Jane said...

I love an excuse to buy more of your fabric lines. My favorite of all time was SewCherry. I cant find anymore of the white with little red cherried , my favorite in the line. Your color choices are perfect eveytime. Do you choose each one, draw them, etc?? Im curious about how you design your fabric. Have you shared a post about it in the past that I could refer to?

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Rosemary B here:
I just won your book from Pinkie Penguin - Ayumi flower of course.
I am waiting for the book to arrive. I hope it gets here soon.
I want to quilt along with your book
oh goodie.

I have your other book on my Amazon Wish list <3.
I am taking care of my 90 year old parents so my sewing time is well treasured too.

Johanna said...

Crochet and quilting, my two favorite crafty hobbies! I think this is something I just have to do!

Terri said...

I bought the book and would like to sew along.... Hopefully I can get it together enough to start along on Monday!! We just moved so still unpacking!!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Adorable Lori! LOVE the fabrics! xox

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