Monday, March 31, 2014

The Quilty Fun Sew Along - Week 20 - The Big Finish!!! ...

Hello cute people!
Today the big finish of the
 is here at last.

A big thank you to all
 of you quilty fun-ers out there,

and to all of those who
 played a sew along hostess with the most-est! 

And of course Kimberly and the girls at 
 for being large and in charge 
and for 
sponsoring all of the giveaways!

I've had so much fun seeing everyone
 playing with all of the blocks in my book:)

It has given me such a thrill 
knowing that you all have been 
choosing your fabrics ...

cutting them all up into
 cute little pieces ...

and then sewing away 
to make cute little blocks
  each and every week.

Hasn't it been a blast 
having lots of 
 *quilty fun* together???

So now onto the last steps!

When all of your blocks and 
inner sashings are complete ...
It's time to make the borders!

Click here for download 20
the borders instruction PDF. 

Now let's talk a little about the binding!
I used my 2 1/2" scrappy stash basket 
to pull fabrics for my scrappy binding:)

I just love a scrappy binding don't you?

I didn't join these strips on the diagonal ...
but just straight seams:)

Remember to press the seams 
open after sewing for less bulk:)

If you need a refresher 
on how I do my binding ...

 for my binding tutorials:)

Once your scrappy binding is prepared ...
put it in a safe place until you are ready to sew it on.

So now lets talk about my scrappy backing!
Of course you don't need to make a scrappy backing 
you can just do one fabric and make the label just like the PDF instructions.
But if you want to make a 
scrappy back like me ...
here is how I did mine:)

I used 24 fat quarters of what I have always called
 "busy backgrounds" fabric.
this means fabric with an assortment of prints
 on a white or cream background.

I cut each fat quarter into 16 1/2" square ...
for a total of 24.
*(a 16 1/2" square ruler works perfectly for this)

Click here for download 21...
  the free label pattern that I designed especially for this quilt along!

(embroidery close-up)

After you have finished your 
"bee in my bonnet" label ...
it will measure 16 1/2" square.

Sew all of the busy background squares together 
with the label in the center.
Make sure that when you or your quilter is preparing to quilt ...
that the backing is on straight and centered with the quilt front.

After quilting ...
when you trim off the excess backing fabric it will look like this!

I love how the scrappy backing looks
 with the scrappy binding...

Congratulations!!! ...
 you are finished with your 
Quilty Fun Sampler:)

But wait!!! ...
 you are not finished 
sewing along with me ...

because one week from today 
I will be announcing the next 
Bee in my Bonnet Sew Along
and we will be using 
as our instruction manual:)


Until then…
have a quilty kind of day ...
and I hope that you had fun
 being the boss of your own quilt:)

P.S. Don't forget to upload your photos
to the Flickr group to enter onto this weeks giveaways which are ...

Two of the large size Aurifil

along with ... 

Two sets of Alphabitties:)

***Choose + cut + sew + upload = WIN


Vbryce said...

Such an adorable quilt...I can't wait to finish getting my scrappy stash built so I can start! I've been reading every week and printing, so I'm ready to go! You have the cutest should have a book of just labels!
Also excited to see the Great Granny quilt-along....already have the wonderful book!

Satu said...

I have been in this QAL from the very beginning till the end and I have enjoyed every second of it!!! It has been really QUILTY FUN!!! Thank you for these lovely moments!!... Now I had to hurry to sew my blocks together;o)

Unknown said...

OMG I just love the label you have such a talent can't wait to get this all into a top and make the label thank you so much for this awesome quilt I love it just as much as the 1st one

Unknown said...

I followed the Quilt along from the begining to end and I loved it. After finish my quilt I will be posting a photo of it. I will do the quilting myself, do you have any sugestion?
Can't wait to the next one. I already have the book.

Thanks Lori. I had such a great time with this quilt.

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh Lori!! You have made this gal very, very happy! This Quilt Along was the highlight of 'weeks beginning' and I was so sad to see it finished.(I just loved each and every block). Now I can happily finish this Quilt of the Quilty Fun Week(s) - knowing the next one is 'just around the corner'! Yay!!

Shauna said...

Started my quilt in January and got caught up so excited we are carrying on with you just got the book sent from the States to the Middle East and was contemplating which to start with. Any clues or sneaky peaks??

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

Thanks so much, Lori. This has been a lot of fun each week, both creating my own quilt and seeing what everybody else is working on. Can't wait to see what the next sew along is all about!

PamKittyMorning said...

Always adorable! I can't wait tosee the Great Granny Along!

Shanna said...

I am of course late to the party as always, however I did get to pick up this book last week for my birthday!!! I was a bit wishywashy to pick it up on the pre-order but I have to make that Apple quilt! It will be the perfect present for my friend who I can't find anything to give, so thank you so much for luring me in with part 2 of the Quilty fun along! :-D

Unknown said...

I'm going to do your next quilt along using your book Great Granny Squared! I dove right in with the Quilty Fun Book and found myself drowning in the Row Along. It's almost finished by the hair of my chinney-chin-chen! Not as nice as yours, but acceptable. Now, just a wall hanging to begin my next learning curve!! Thanks, Lori!!

Pots and Pins said...

The picture of the binding all rolled up nice and neatly in the little tea cup almost made me squeal with delight!!!

Peg said...

The quilt looks great, I love the border, it's not an idea I've ever thought of but I'm certainly going to do it on one of mine. I love the backing too, it's easy to do multiple squares backing but it sometimes 'jars'. This I think is so pretty.

Peg x

Carla said...

So adorable. Love the scrappy backing and binding!

Lis Green said...

Hi Lori, Well, because of you I started a beginner quilting class at Thimbles and Threads. I have always wanted to quilt "later in life" and now I have learned the basics. I have bought tons of fabrics, many of your designs (love them) and hope to start this Quilty Fun project soon. I have your next book and bought the last piggy quilt at the store and hope to do that one eventually. Thanks, you and your work make me happy and it just fun to look at the pretty projects. Soon I'll have my own to look at. Thank you so much, Lis

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