Monday, January 11, 2016

Sew Simple Shapes - Patchwork Flower Garden Tutorial!

Because our 
starts one week from today...

I thought I better 
show you what I ended up 
making with some of the 
patchwork flowers and leaves 
that I have been making 
during my latest 
tutorials on my 

If you haven't seen them;
Just Click HERE HERE

I wanted to do this series of 
tutorials to show you 
just a few more things 
that you can do 
with these shapes 
aside from the 

My wish is that once you've
 learned how to use them...
 that you will have the 
freedom and knowledge 
to add some fun appliqué
 to some of your 
future projects!

if you don't have your set
 of Sew Simple Shapes yet:)

so last time I showed you
 how I made the stems 
for this project...
and it's time 
for the next step...
which is laying out 
the pieces and 
basting/pinning them to
 prepare for appliqué.

I cut a piece of 
background fabric 15" x 29".
I plan to make a sofa pillow
 using a 14" x 28" form 
that I purchased at JoAnns.

Then I started laying out
 the flowers and leaves to
 fit the background.

I used some bakers twine 
in place of the stems 
just for laying out because
 I didn't want to cut my stems
 from my prepared spools 
until I had the layout 
that I wanted and knew
 how long each stem 
needed to be cut.

After laying out...
I saw that I needed 
just a few more leaves.

So I made them using 
the A-14 and A-16 
Sew Simple Shapes:)

I also took a photo of my layout 
and saved it to use for
 reference when it came time
 to layout and baste.
I do this all the time...
my iPhone has become 
an essential tool 
in my studio:)

So let's get to it!

I don't think that
 you can see it here...
but I lined up my 
background fabric with the
 center of my cutting mat 
so that I could use 
the lines on the mat 
for even placement of 
the flowers leaves and stems.

The first thing that I do
 is to work from the center out.

I placed the first flower 
where I wanted it...
and made sure it was centered...
then grabbed a spool of
 prepared stem strip and 
cut the length needed.

In this photo you can see
 how I'm using the lines
 on my mat for accuracy.
I traced a straight line 
down the center below
 the flower using a ruler
 and a mechanical pencil.

These stems are long
 and I want them to be straight...
and I don't want to guess 
because that 
never works out well:)

I am going to machine appliqué
 so I decided to use 
appliqué glue to hold everything
 in place during that process.

There are a few appliqué glue's 
out there and this one
 happens to be by 
Busyfingers (Sue Daley)

I have used Roxannes a lot 
and I also use Elmers ...
but make sure it's
 the School Glue kind:)

I use the glue sparingly 
for flowers and leaves
 but on the stems 
I use several little dots 
to keep them in place.

I tuck the top edge
 of the stem underneath 
the flower and cut the
 bottom of the stem 
about 1/4" longer 
than the background.

I can trim off the excess
 on the bottom after 
appliqué is complete.

I continue by glue basting 
the flowers where I want...
using about 4 dots of
 glue for each flower.

Then I trace the lines 
for each stem when 
I'm sure where I want it.

Some of my flowers 
and leaves overlap the 
stems so I make sure 
to add them last:)

I changed my layout 
on the left side 
just a little 
from the original...
but all in all 
it's pretty close!

It's all basted and 
ready for appliqué.

You could use pins 
instead of glue 
if you want 
and I do a lot...
but because this project
 is so wide and I
 will need to roll it up
 on the sides while I am
 machine appliquéing...
I chose to use glue
 so that the pins wouldn't
 poke me or get in the way:) 

Here's a sideways close up
 view of my 
Patchwork Flower Garden...
I just love the cute flowers 
that have grown using just the 
and scraps of fabric
 from my stash.
Scrappiness is Happiness!

Right now it remains 
on the design wall
in my studio.

I have a few other 
designing and sewing 
deadlines to complete 
before I can get back to it...
but I promise to show you 
as soon as I do.

I have been seeing 
lots of Sew Simple Shapes
 patchwork flowers from my 
tutorials popping up on
and they are so cute!

Be sure to use the hashtag 
so that I can see them all!

Tune in here next Monday 
for the first day of the 

I really can't wait!!!


Little Quiltsong said...

This is beautiful and will make a special pillow to grace any room! Love it!

liniecat said...

A very long stemmed flower stitched onto a long narrow backing, with Velcro on n off leaves, would make a fun activity for kids and might even make a height chart too!

Funky Kim said...

So they are just basted with glue? And they stay on while you applique all of it? I'm so new to applique. It scares me a bit!

Natureluvr57 said...

The flower made of a tumbler and half circle reminds me of an ICE CREAM CONE! Yet another design

Tamara said...

That is adorable! I am doing the sew along and I have a question about it, is the applique durable enough to go through the wash fairly often? I'm considering putting it on a child's bed.

A Bear Mountain Pattern said...

Can't wait to get started.

jeannine said...

See cute! I love applique but am kind of new to it! These have been great tutorials and I can't wait to make a few flowers!

Janet said...

I've finished my Farm Girl Vintage quilt and I'm ready to start Bloom. Rather than buy more fabric, I'm going to try and use some of my wonderful stash. I do have the Bloom templates and am just wondering if they are heat resistant. I'm thinking probably not, but just wanted to verify. Thanks much!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Super cute! I'm looking forward to start making my own designs using the templates, but first to finish the Bloom quilt :-)

Naomi said...

I love your posts! They always make me smile! I can't wait until Monday!!! Although I am doing Quilty Fun and Farm Girl Vintage all at the same is so much fun and I am having a blast!! Thanks for everything you do!!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Oh dang! I thought it started today, lol! Just got the baby to sleep and ushered my other kids outside so I could do a little sewing. Something else then...

Linda said...

My package came today with quilt kit and templates, so excited. The fabric is so nice and is beautiful. Excited and ready for Monday. I have cleaned up sewing center and ready to sew The Bloom Quilt! Thanks!!

ohgee said...

I'm also going to do some twilling using your Bloom templates as the patterns...genius idea you had with those!!! Can't wait to get started...

Carla said...

That is sew cute. I like the glue idea best. The pins get in the way.

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