Monday, January 4, 2016

Calico Days Fabric is Here and Getting Ready for the BLOOM Sew Along!!!

Hello cute people!
Let's talk about 
my new Sew Along...
You are all invited 
to join in on the fun:)

I've been waiting for
to get here so that 
we can get started:)

We will be starting
 in just 2 weeks from today...
 Monday, January 18th.

We will be using my 
Calico Days fabric 
that is just arriving 
in quilt shops now...

And my BLOOM set of
 Sew Simple Shapes.

And of course...
we will be making
 my BLOOM quilt!

You can download the 
free pattern by 
All fabric requirements 
for the quilt are 
included in the pattern.

Every Monday we will be
doing one block and then 
at the end we will 
do borders as well.

And of course I will have
 a few extra fun things
 along the way...
for those of you who
 have done my sew alongs
 in the past...
this won't surprise you!

Just in case you have not been reading my recent posts and tutorials on my Sew Simple Shapes...I thought it would be a good idea to remind you about everything you will need to prepare for the sew along.

You will need a set of my 

And SEW-IN interfacing.
You can get package by 
clicking HERE ...

you will need a 
1/4" bias tape maker 
for the stems on each block.

You will need a turning tool
 to help with the points 
and curves after turning.
I like this Clover one:)

You will need an 8 1/2" square ruler 
to square up your blocks after
 the appliqué is complete:)

Any brand will work...
as long as it's 8 1/2" square.

You will need 
matching thread 
for the appliqué.

If you are an 
Aurifil fan like I am...
you can use the 
Bee in my Bonnet Happy Colors
 because they of course 
match my fabric:)

This is the large set...

and this is the small.

And now for some 
gratuitous photos of
 Calico Days!
I seriously love sewing 
with this fabric line 
and I'm so happy with
 how it turned out.

I designed it to play well
 with my previous collections.
The bag is made with my 
Modern Minis fabric
 and the little needle book 
is made with Calico Days.

Baby chicks...


Tiny Daisy...

Large text...

Sweet florals...


Tiny flowers and strawberries:)

There are a lot of
 different color combinations
 is in this collection:)




These are just a few!

In this collection
 I added 3 different 
fat eighth panels.
We will be using these panels 
in the BLOOM quilt too!
That way we have lots of 
different prints to play with:)

This basically means 
that there are 8 different
 fat 8th's in 
one yard panel of fabric.

This is what it looks like
 before you cut it apart.
(Sorry for the wrinkles...
this is how my pre yardage came
and I didn't iron it yet)

A close up of the 8 prints
 in the aqua pink and red panel...

Mint, Yellow and Denim Blue panel...

apple greens and kraft paper brown!

I have a new solid out 
with this collection...
I named it Nutmeg:)
It's now one of the
 Riley Blake Solids Collection:)

I'm loving the browns
 in this collection.
It's my
 favorite shade of brown...
It really makes the 
other colors pop 
and adds a nice warmth 
to the collection.

Speaking of solids...
Kimberly and her
 amazing team over at
Fat Quarter Shop 
have compiled this awesome 
Calico Days Stash Pack
It has 6 fat quarter solids 
and 5 of my Aurifil colors 
that go with my 
Calico Days collection.
Super fun and convenient!!

I hope you are informed 
and ready for the
I can't wait to get started!


Leeanne said...

Love this! Love the fabrics. I am LOVING your's on my kitchen wall all the way down here in New Zealand!

Little Quiltsong said...

I am waiting (im)patiently for my Calico Day Fabrics to arrive :)! Now I especially can't wait after seeing the beautiful close-ups of them. Looking forward to the Sew Along :)!

Pjaabney said...

I Love this fabric line And I'm looking forward to a new sew a long. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the white with the blue bird tape you used in your binding book? I'd love to get some. Thank you, Paula

Carolknits said...

SOOOOOOOOO beautiful. I can't wait to start. My LQS doesn't have Calico Days, but I bought another pack of fat quarters. I think it's "Dreamy 2" and I'm happy that you said the colors will blend. I will probably buy the Calico Days online.
Thanks so much.

Dawn said...

So excited! Love this fabric and quilt!!!

Dawn said...

So excited for this! I love the fabric and the quilt!

judybob3 said...

Love this! I need to make it! Is there anywhere you know of that sells all the fabrics as a kit? Thanks!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

As you maybe know, I started ahead (sorry...), but will follow your sew along anyway. I guess I was too tempted by the gorgeous fabrics and the quilt... I'm thrilled I have been able to look up some of your earlier lines at Etsy too, so I am waiting for some nice stuff coming in the mail soon... Guess it's no secret I have a crush on your fabrics and patterns, and it makes me so happy to work with these gorgeous colors! Thanks for the inspiration :o)
Hugs from Norway

WhoMom said...

Wow! Love the fabrics and the quilt. I plan to sew along, trying to get back into sewing after cancer treatment and this looks like a great way to jump in! Hoping I can keep up. Your prints are adorable and love the nutmeg color with the other colors. Thank you for sharing!

mamageese said...

This is adorable!! Can't wait to get my hands on some! Like Anne of Green Gables said " I can't wait to drink in the colors!"

laobeau said...

Love the color in this line,

Anonymous said...

Thanks fr the sew along. Looking forward to the fun and making the project. Love the fabric designs and colors.

Dawn said...

The Fat Quarter Shop has the Bloom quilt kit:)

Denise said...

Love the colors! Would love to win this pack of fat quarters!

Tracy Rushton said...

Just got all my fabric and my bloom shapes. I Can't wait to get started!

ewa fors said...

I think I must try this, even if I am quite new at it, and will for sure not find this beautiful fabrics or the templates here in Sweden:) Anyway, I will follow your work, look and learn, I think it is a lovely pattern!
Best wishes

Donna Stepphens said...

I'm so looking forward to this sew a long. Have everything I need and have tried to open the pattern to download; however, I get an error message. It's probably me--any words of wisdom! Counting the days to this starts. Thank you Lori for everything I've learned from your sew a longs and patterns.

Unknown said...

I have been a faithful follower of your blog. This will be my first quilt a long. I have not had much time to sew but decided I am going to make time. I received your Farm Girl Vintage book for Christmas and am absolutely in love with the book. Making my first barn block today! So exited to Quilt-A-Long this time. :)

Sarah said...

I have just discovered this Sew Along - If I order all my supplies and fabric - I should have it all by the end of next week - is that going to be too late to begin the sew along ? Ive never done one before so Im not sure how it works. Will the instructions be up for more than a week , so if Im running behind I can still sew along with the guidance of your tutorials and videos?

Carla said...

Love love all the calicos! too too cute and sew many
I also like you pink french nail paint job. lol pretty

Unknown said...

Omg I am so obsessed with your products. I just love everything about the patterns, fabrics, everything. My husband is going to be mad when I start tearing out the sewing room and redoing it with the inspiration I got from looking at your cottage. I hope I don't become a stalker because you are truly awesome!!!

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