Monday, December 2, 2019

Granny Chic Fabric - Granny Boots Quilt Block Tutorial!

Hello there!
Today I'm so excited to 
show you what I'm making:)

Granny Boots!!!

So you knew this tutorial was coming
 because during the 
I told you that I was going to do 
something with the 
I-32 Sew Simple Shape 
that I included in the 

Well here it is!

I included a granny boot in the set
 because I just think it is a 
perfect shape for a few 
Granny Chic projects!

For this one I'm also using my

And my new 100% Cotton

I cut my interfacing 7" x 11" 
and traced the granny boots.
I'm using Natural Linen from Riley Blake 
for my Granny Boot appliqués backround.

I cut each background block 
8 1/2" x 12 1/2" 

I'm skipping ahead just to show you 
what the prepared fabric for one 
Granny Boot will look like right 
before sewing it into an appliqué.  

The bottom part of the boot 
is slanted across the top and so
 I'm going to show you how to do that!

Cut the top piece for the granny boot 
7" wide and 10" tall.
Lay your fabric down like this
 and put your ruler right on the corner 
at the top and at the 
bottom left corner of your fabric...
place the ruler on the 1 1/2" line.

Now trim!
Do this to each 7" x 10" fabric
 for the top of Granny Boots.

Now you can see the slant along the bottom.
Now measure in 2 1/2" from the
right side and draw a line.
This is the center line for your lace.

I used the widest lace
 on the card for this block....

I just lightly glued it down to
 keep it into place for top stitching.
The glue keeps it flatter than pins would.

The center of the lace goes 
right on top of the marked line.

Top stitch the lace down and 
then trim ends even at the bottom.
I actually cut this piece 
7" wide by 9" tall 
and it worked out fine but
 I thought it would be better to have 
a little bit more room in height so
 I added and inch when cutting 
for all of the rest of the blocks...
which is 7" x 10"

For each bottom piece you will 
need to cut 4" tall by 8" wide.
You need a little more room 
in width at the bottom for the toe.

I just sewed with a 1/4" 
seam allowance like this...

And pressed towards the Granny Boot Bottom.

Now we are back to the original step.
When pinning...
you just want to center the lace...
being able to see through 
the interfacing makes that easy peasy!

Now just sew like you normally sew
 any of my Sew Simple Shapes...
right on your traced line...
and oversewing by about an inch
 to secure the stitches.

All sewn and now time to trim...

And clip all inner curves 
and the cleavage area.

This is how I cut my interfacing to turn.

I used the Clover 
Point to Point Turner for shaping:)

Place glue on the back.... 

and glue the Granny Boot onto the background!

You can sew buttons on now
 or wait until after quilting.
I'm doing mine now and I just won't
 have my quilter quilt down the center.

I used my Granny Chic Aurifil and
 Nifty Needles to sew the buttons on.

I tied a bow for the top
 out of the medium width Bee Cute Lace...
I think it's sew cute there!
I actually just used a tiny safety pin
 and pinned it on there from the back 
so that it's easily removed 
until after quilting is finished...
or after the borders are sewn on...

Like this!!

I cut strips 2" wide scrappy 
Granny Chic strips and sewed them
around my block log cabin style.
I love this block and how it turned out!
Right now my Granny Boot Block
 measures 11 1/2" x 15 1/2"

I chose 3 more fabric combinations
 and and sewed 3 more Granny Boots 
using the wide lace.
I also decided it was easier to 
sew the buttons on BEFORE I 
applique the boot down to the background:)

Okay... so now I've made 4 boots 
with the wide lace down the center...
next I made 4 Granny Boots 
using the medium lace down the center...

And I put it on top of a bias strip
 of fabric like this!

So remember for the stems 
in our flowers in the 
Granny's Garden Quilt 
we used 1/4" bias tape maker?

Well for these 4 blocks I used the 
1" bias tape maker and 
cut my fabric strips 1 7/8".
I ran them through the maker 
in the exact same way that 
I showed you in week one video
if you need a reminder.

I lightly glued the medium lace down 
the center top of my bias strip.
Making these 4 is the exact same way
 as the first four...
all fabrics cut same sizes...
just different lace down the center.

I centered it on the line that I drew
 2 1/2" in from the right edge 
just like I did the first one...
I top stitched by machine 
first before sewing the 
bottom of the boot on.

Choosing buttons!!

Look how cute:)
These Granny Boots remind me of 
a TV show I used to love 
when I was a little girl called 
Petticoat Junction...
any of you remember that? I've used the 
wide and medium lace...
it's time to make 4 more Granny Boots
 using the narrow!

And this time I thought it would be 
fun to make them scrappy:) 

Again...all the fabric pieces are cut and sewn the same...
just different lace prep.
This time I used the 3/4" bias tape maker
 and I cut my fabric strips 
1 1/4" wide before running it through.

After lightly glueing down the 
bias strip down center of 
 my marked line like usual...
I top smithed the narrow lace 
 down one side first...

And then the other.
I over lapped onto the bias strip 
edge by about 1/8".
Then I just sewed the bottom 
of the boot...and sewed them
into 4 more Granny Boots!

Choosing buttons again! to get them all
 basted onto their backgrounds:) 

I'm making all 12 of my Granny Boots
 into quilt blocks
 but you can see what a 
cute garland they would make...
also they would make adorable pillows...
sew fun!!

All my blocks have borders now...
I put them on my design wall 
to see how they look together:)
I'm sure I'll do a little rearranging
 and then sew the blocks together.
 I'll add a scrappy border as well. 
This is going to be a
 really fun wall quilt!

I wanted to show you another thing 
that you can make with the template...
a Granny Boot Pin Cushion!
I made this one back when I was
 testing out my Granny's Garden Shapes
 and designing my Granny Chic fabric 
and my new lace too:)

I made it using a piece from my 
Calico Days Collection.
Both of my Grandma's had pincushions
 like these and that was my inspiration!

They put these plastic curtain rings 
on the back so they could 
hang on the wall and so that's
 what I did with mine too!

I added a ruffle to the top of mine
 just like they did too:)

I hope enjoyed today's tutorial 
and I hope you make some 
Granny Boots too!!


gibbygoo56 said...

SUPER CUTE! I LOVE IT! I want to make this.

Bonnie in AZ said...

Thank you for all the cute ideas !

Libby said...

This it just TOO CUTE..................

Tina said...

OH MY!!!! You are beyond talented!!!! All I can say is "WOW"! Your Granny Boot is gorgeous!!!!!

Sam I Am...... said...

You are so talented! I do remember Petticoat Junction too! I'm much older than you though. I have not made any of your quilts...yet. I am doing several of your cross stitch patterns...I'm making the Santa from your Vintage Christmas Ornaments for my Grands...I make them an ornament every year. That Santa is so darn cute and I'm going to finish them like you showed in your video...thank you!
I want to get your Granny Square quilt book for myself for Christmas. I try to get something for myself in each area of 'making' which can be a lot! LOL! So far I have a kit made up for a Christmas xs, and I usually cast on a pair of Christmas socks on Christmas Eve and I want to start your Granny Square quilt...I also crochet and do wool applique....I spend Christmas alone so after I take care of everyone else and make some great goodies....I craft from Christmas to New Years and then some as my birthday is January 4th! LOL! I love your blog posts and I'm trying to go back and read yours from the beginning too. Thank you so much for your great teaching and inspiration!

New Quilter said...

Thank you. This is great. I hope you are feeling well and enjoyed your Thansgiving. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.

Calamity said...

What a darling creation. So many possibilities. I love the boots!
Thank you for the great Post.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, this is too cute. I love them.

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