Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tie an Apron on ...your Water Bottle!

Today was one of my favorite days that happens every month! "Clothesline Club" at Quilts Etc. in Sandy. This month was my turn along with my friends Lucy and Judy to bring the luncheon for everyone.

I brought drinks and dessert (chocolate lush) and Judy and Lucy brought Oriental Chicken Salad, fresh fruit and dip and delicious parmesian breadsticks.

I decided to bring water bottles for the drink and I thought it would be really cute to make an apron for each bottle. Then I decided to add a pocket for the straw.

I had so much fun choosing and stitching up these little aprons. I made 35 of them and they turned into a little apron army on my studio countertop as I added each one that I finished to the group.

Here are a few closer shots so that you can see thier little personalities. Each one has thier own, just like each member of our club.

I think this picture makes them look like a team of cleaning ladies with their vacuum attatchments all ready to go. Come to my house next girls!!!
I think it would be fun to do a tutorial on this quick little project if anyone is interested. Let me know.

Okay friends, here's another Clothesline Club show and tell coming your way. As usual, it will be more show than tell, but here's just a little bit of tell in the beginning.

The first apron that you see here is from the kit that we picked up last month. Sandra cuts us a kit every month and we pick up the pattern at the same time. The pattern is always by Darlene Zimmerman because that's who the club is by.

Every month is a different 1930's project. If we bring the finished project back the next month for show and tell, our names (written on a clothespin) go into the bucket for a drawing. The prize is a free yard of 1930's fabric.

I didn't get my apron done. I was a little busy having too much fun with the other aprons!

Those were some of the fabulous things we saw today. Everyone brings fun and interesting items.

Below are some of the quilts that I liked that were hanging on the classroom wall at Quilts.

These fabrics and the pattern are so sweet. Very romantic 4th of July looking.

My favorite. I've already made a version of this quilt.

I really like this block. Very scrappy which is what I love most.

This is a civil war reproduction quilt. Isn't it striking? I love the contrast between the colors and the background fabric.

Of course this one speaks to the farm girl in me.

Look at these darling skirts. I can think of two girls in my life who might need a few of these!

Well, here finally is Sandra and her sweet Mom. Thanks Sandra for another fun class!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

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