Friday, June 26, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Nine!

Good morning cute people!

Welcome to week nine of 
Farm Girl Fridays:)

We have sewn 15
 Farm Girl blocks so far
and number 16 block is 

"Feed and Seed"

and turn to page 30
for the pattern and instructions for 
both the 6" and 12" Feed and Seed block. 

I made so many quilts for my book
 and I just had to include a scrappy quilt
 with red gingham sashing.
After all...that just says Farm Girl!

I knew that my 
Feed and Seed block would 
be the perfect choice
and look great against my
 favorite red solid for the background.

The red gingham sashing is from
 one of my older fabric collections
called Polka Dot Stitches:)

I used a good mix of 
scrappy happy prints and colors...

And made 9 blocks
 for this quilt!

If you are wondering which setting I used…
turn to the Table of Contents on page 3 in my book.
In the section titled
"Mix and Match Setting Quilts"…
you will see listed the different settings
 that you can use to make your own unique quilts
 by putting in whichever of my 
45 farm girl blocks your heart desires:)

"You are the BOSS 
of your own QUILT!"

I used the Square Dance Setting 
on page 118 for this one:)

This quilt looks great in my kitchen!
Very Farm Girl Vintage:)

Next up is my block called
"Fresh Pears"

I LOVE pears!
We have a pear tree in our cottage garden
and I always look forward to
the end of summer when they are in season.

Our tree gives us plenty of 
pears to eat fresh
 and to bottle as well:)

I made a big stack of 12" blocks
because I am making a few pear projects:)

I made 16 total because I need 12 to make the 
County Fair Quilt Setting on page 112...

And I'm using the remaining 4 to make
 a pillow for the bench in my kitchen:)

I haven't decided how I'm setting the
 blocks for the pillow yet
but I'm sure that when I finish it 
I will be posting lots of pics on my

Thank you so much for 
joining me for this weeks episode:)

I am once again away at one of my 
Farm Girl Vintage Workshop/Retreats
but I prepared my post early 
just for you today.

I hope you are visiting the
 guest bloggers that
are posting each weeks blocks…
they are all making
 super cute blocks and projects!

and go see the schedule to visit.

Have a super fun 
Farm Girl Vintage kind of day!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Eight!

Hello cute people!
Today is week eight of 
Farm Girl Friday's

If you are just joining us…
for my very first blog post about
our Sew Along:)

Every week we are sewing two blocks
from my latest book
Farm Girl Vintage

if you want to join us!!!

For this weeks blocks we are starting with
Farm Fresh Flower
Cutting and sewing instructions 
are on page 26.

This block is one of 
the easiest in the book to make.
Easy cutting…
Easy layout…
Easy construction:)

It would make a super cute 
super simple quilt.
Looky how fun it would be to add
borders around each block
and then just sew all
 of the blocks together!

I really like how a border 
 frames the flower.

Well I'll just go ahead and add that 
to my ever growing list 
of scrappy Farm Girl projects:)

So onto our next block…
on page 27 -29

Here are a few of the blocks on my design board 
back when I was making the quilt…

That turned into this one.
Farmhouse Lane
on page 128:)

This is during the inside photo shoot.
We just hung up the quilt and I was
deciding what I wanted with it for the photo.

I chose to put some of 
my green depression glass:)

I also like how cute and tiny the 
6" Farmhouse block is…

The perfect size for little mini quilts
or my Farm Kitchen Potholders
on page 120.

When sewing this weeks blocks
please use the hashtags

 to see the schedule of
 this weeks guest bloggers:)

Thank you so much for sewing along with me!
Right now I'm at my second week of 
Farm Girl Vintage Workshop/Retreat
but once again…
I pre-posted this for you 
just to keep us on schedule!

Until next Friday…
Have a Farm Girl kind of day!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week Seven!

It's Farm Girl Friday.
Today I am out of town
 on my Farm Girl Vintage
sewing all kinds of 
fun farm girl things 
but on Tuesday before I left…
I prepared this post  
just for you! 

Grab your book and turn to page 24…

Where you will find the instructions for my
 Egg Basket Block

I love basket blocks and I especially love
 the triangle trim on this one.

I have made so many of 
these baskets with different fabrics…
and I love them all!
I think just a whole quilt 
of these scrappy baskets 
would be so fun
to display in the spring:)

Here's a quilty idea
close up...
I love it!

I originally designed this basket way back
during my Quilty Barn Along

And it ended up in this gray gingham barn.
to view that tutorial
and see my step by step photos:)

The block ended up in my 
Silo Barn Quilt
on page 92 of my book.

Our next block for this week is 
Found on page 23
I love this block in different colors…

But when I designed it for the book
I also knew it would 
look great in scrappy greens...

And fit perfectly on the bottom of my
Sunny Sunflower 
Farm Girl Block
on page 66!!!

We won't be doing that block
 for a while
in our sew along but
 I just had to show you what I did!

I used all of these fabrics
 to make a new (and secret) project for 
my Farm Girl Vintage retreat that 
we are all working on today.
I will be sharing that 
project here with 
all of you next month…:) 

I just love how these 
two blocks go together…
An entire quilt of these would be super adorable too!
I have so many ideas and
 never enough time to sew them all:)

Don't forget to visit our 
awesome guest bloggers this week.
for the schedule.

I can't wait to see 
this weeks blocks up on my 
In order for me to see them
(and others)

Please use the hashtags;
and of course

Now go gather your eggs
 and plant your crops!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Introducing the 2016 Cozy Cottage Calendar - Quilt Patterns Included!

I've been working 
on a new project with
 It's Sew Emma
and I'm so excited about it:)

It's the very first 
Bee in my Bonnet calendar!

It's called Cozy Cottage
and features photos taken inside
my own vintagey style 
cozy little cottage:)

Here's a sneak peek of January:)

My cozy cottage is where
 my family lives
and also my studio 
 where I do all of my creating:)

I have included the pattern 
to my Cozy Cottage block
(in two sizes)
and also the pattern 
for this mini quilt...

And my Cozy Cottage pillows!

I have used my latest 
fabric collection called 
Modern Mini's …

To create the quilt and 
all of the pillows:)
Modern Mini's 
will be arriving at 
quilt shops this week!

My calendar is a 
limited edition publication 
and will be available
in August/September.
Wouldn't it be fun to 
get some early 
Christmas shopping in too!

It's available for 
pre-order now at 
Fat Quarter Shop.

to pre-order yours
and receive my new
Modern Mugs pattern for free
(it will be shipped with your calendar)

And for those of you
 who have been asking…
There will be a 
Cozy Cottage Sew Along
this fall:)


See you back here on Friday:)

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