Monday, June 25, 2018

Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week Three - Blocks Four, Five and Six Tutorials!!

Good Morning!!
Are  you ready for 3 more blocks in the
Sew Simple Shapes Series?

This week we are moving
 onto my second set of 
Sew Simple Shapes... 

Remember this cute quilt that 
we made with the shapes?
today we are doing 3 new blocks
 using this set that 
look anything like Christmas...
because I really want to 
show you just how truly 
versatile these shapes are. 

It was really fun to 
challenge myself to make 3 blocks
 from this set of 
mostly Christmas shapes.
I must say that I am 
super happy 
with how they all turned out!

First up is...
Made with the 
Cozy Christmas 
Sew Simple Shapes:)

The shapes from this set 
that you'll need to trace 
onto the Sew-In Interfacing:
1 - B20
5 - B6
8 - B10
4 - B11
4 - 3 1/2" long stems
4 - 2" long stems

Sew and prepare your shapes 
as per my tutorial in week one.
Also make your pinwheel background
 for the block:)
if you need to review
 or are just joining us...YaY!

On the B11 heart shape you will
 need to clip the cleavage.

The same goes for the cleavages 
on the B20 flower shape.

 Pin and glue baste your 
flower in the center.

I love this shape that was
 originally a Christmas wreath!

Pin and glue baste the B6 shapes
 3" in from the corner and the 
B10 leaves 2 1/4" 
from the background edge.

The hearts are 1 3/4" in from the edge.

This is what it will look like
 when its trimmed down to the
 final size for the quilt.
I always use this ruler 
to design and lay out my blocks:)

All pinned and glue basted!

so I really like this simple block
 with the big red flower in the center.

But one thing is missing...

The stems for the heart flowers!!

Fun and Done!!

let's play with 

You may think that there is 
only one shape
 in the set that can be
 used for leaves...
but think again!

I'll show you the easy way 
that I made a set of leaves
 out of the B8 large oval shape:)

Here are the 
Cozy Christmas Shapes 
that you will need to trace and sew:
9 - B5
4 - B7
4 - B8
4 - B9
4 - 4 1/2" long stems

Use the lines on the B8 to
 mark the center on both ends like this.

Now draw a line 1/4" on 
each side of the center like this.

I used a 1/2" wide ruler 
but if you don't have one...
 you can just draw 2 lines 
1/2" apart down the center:)

Now you have one set of leaf shapes drawn!

Sew around the traced lines...

and then cut apart and trim the seam allowance around your leaves as usual.
Repeat for the other three.

and shape all of your appliqu├ęs:)

As usual...
I used my 12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to lay out my blocks.
Here's how I did it...

The tip of the oval shape is 
3" in from the corner 
and the yellow circle
 is 2 1/2" in.
The tip of the leaves measure
 1 1/2" in from the edge.

The flat part of the yellow flower petals
 in the center measure
 5 1/4" from the edge.
The aqua and green circles measure 2" in.

After pinning and glue basting:)

This block reminds me of spring and I love the corals and yellow together:)

I also super love the shape
 that the set of leaves make...
it seems like the flower
 between them just bloomed!!

Fun and Done!!

Now it's time for 

Oh how I love this one!
I used the B7 small oval
 to make these leaves.
I just love those
 four little flower sweet!!

Sew your pinwheel background block.
For this block you will 
need to trace and sew the following:
8 - B5
1 - B6
4 - B11
4 - B15
4 - B9
8 - B7
4 - 1 1/2" long stems

Use the template to mark a 
center line on the B7 shapes.

Draw one center line and 
sew it and around one half of the oval.

Trim the seam allowance 
around the half oval.
For this block...
 you will get ONE leaf from each oval:)

Make the rest of your shapes.
See the small yellow gingham circles?

You can get all four of them out of just one of the squares from this print in my Bee Backgrounds collection....YaY!

Measure down 5 1/2" from 
the corner and place the red pots.

Measure 2 1/2" down from 
the corner for the yellow circles
 and 1 1/2" in for the 
tip of the leaves.

The bottom corner of the 
blue flower measures 3/4" from the red pot.

Measure 1/2" in from the 
center of the block 
and place the hearts.

Pin the large circle onto the center
 and place the small 
gingham circles 2" in from the edge.

Pin and glue baste all:)

Sew cute!!

I especially love this 
fabric color and print combo:)

The red penmanship Bee Background 
and the denim "texting" print
 from Modern Minis are
 some of my very favorites.

I have nine blocks so far for this quilt:)

There will be 20 total 
and as a reminder...
I'll do the 3 blocks from my
 Autumn Love Set at the end.

I am sooo addicted to making 
these blocks and next week 
I'll be making more with... guessed it...
my third set of Sew Simple Shapes...
Sweetie Pie!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sew Simple Shapes Series - Week Two - Block 2 and Block 3 Tutorial!!

Good morning cute people!
Today I'm going to show you how to make this block in the

This is one of the first blocks that I designed with the BLOOM set ...
and because it's also a 12" block I thought it would be fun to add to the quilt.

Grab you BLOOM set and let's get started! 
You will need:
1 - A23
9 - A1
1 - A2
8 - A10
4 - A18
And cut 4 - 
3" prepared stems from your spool

Choose your fabrics and sew your shapes...

And your block background.
If you are just joining us...
you will need to 
for week one tutorial 
where I detail all of these steps:)

On the A-23 shape you will need to 
make a clip in all 4 cleavage areas.
Clip right to your sewing line...
but not into it or past it.
This is so your shape will lie flat.

Prepare all of your applique shapes 
using the turning tool.
This step is important so 
don't underestimate how useful
 this tool is:)

I stitched my leaves just like
 I did in last weeks block.
Now we can lay them all out
 onto the background:)

Start with the center flower...

And add the two circles:)

Before adding your flowers...
glue baste the center circles...

Like this!!
Now it will be easier because 
they are each one piece.

I use my 12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 to see how far into the corner
 I can place the flower 
without sewing over it or
 cutting it off when trimming.

I ended up placing the bottom edge 
of the flower 2 3/4" from the edge
 of the yellow flower in the center.

And that ends up being 2 3/4" 
from the corner too:)

Glue baste your stem down like this...

And finish up the other 3.
Now for the measurements 
of the other pieces...

Coral circles are 3/4" from 
the center flower like this.

The leaf tips are 2 1/4" from
 the edge of the background.

And they are 1 1/4" from the center flower...

And there is 1/2" between
 the red flower and leaves.

Pin everything down into your 
design board and 
glue baste into place.
Let it dry for a few minutes:)

That 1/4" aqua strip around 
all 4 edges of the ruler 
is the seam allowance and everything inside is what your block will 
look like at its finished size...
easy peasy right?

I don't trim my blocks up until
 they're ready to go into the quilt.

Now it's time to applique this
 sweet and happy block:)

Fun and Done!!!

Now onto the next block 
made with the BLOOM set:)

Here are the shapes you will need:
1 - A1
1 - A2
4 - A9
8 - A10
8 - A11
Cut 4 - 
5" long prepared stems from your spool.

Choose your fabrics...

and sew!!

There are no cleavage areas
 or inner curves to clip.
Simply shape them and embroider
 your leaves if you want to:)

After placing your two center circles...
measure 4 1/2" from the edge 
and pin your top leaf.

That means they are about 2 1/2"
 from the outside corner edge
 of the background.

The largest leaves are 3/4"
 from the circle...

And  the medium leaves are 
1/2" away from the smallest leaf.

The sides of the large leaves are 
1/2" from the center seam lines.

Halfway there!

Remember to use your ruler 
when laying out your pieces...
it's super handy:)

My block after pinning and glue basting.

I love the cool blues and greens of the leaves...and just a pop of red!

And then there were three!
All three blocks were made 
with the BLOOM Sew Simple Shapes 
and I'll be using another set 
for next weeks blocks:)

Here's what we have 
for our quilt so far...




Remember that I told you last week 
that these other 3 blocks 
will be in our quilt...
 but they are made using my 
Sew Simple Shapes.
They will not be available until July
 and so I'll do those tutorials then:)

Happy sewing peeps!
I'd love to see your blocks 
so make sure to use the hashtags
and #SewSimpleShapesSeries
when you post on 

See you here next Monday 
for episode three!

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