Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A New Project...

I have joined a new group that started in January of this year.
Our group gets together once a month to honor and to learn more about
"Women of the Old Testament".
It's headed up and taught by my dear friend Lucy who is a very talented quilter.

The class really is more of a bible study with a 6" quilt block to go with each woman that we learn about.
Lucy picks the block for us and gives us the pattern that goes along with the women that we have discussed that evening....
then we go home and make the blocks in our own fabric and color choice.

These are the blocks that we have done so far...the above block is for Eve, the mother of all women and is called of course..."Garden of Eden".

This block is for Mrs. don't know her name but we felt that she certainly deserves a block in her's appropriately called..."Ocean Waves".

This block is for Sarah...and is called "Sarah's Choice".

This block is for Keturah and is called "Arabic Lattice".

This block above is for Hagar and the name of the block is "Wanderer in the Wilderness".

This pink and brown block is for Lot's Wife and is named ...."Cross Roads".

This last block is for Rebekah and is called the "Right Hand of Friendship".

This fabric is from Riley Blake's very first line ....Just Dreamy and is no longer available but I have a little over 2 yards so I hope it will be enough to use in all of the blocks for the backgrounds. Because the blocks are only 6" x 6"....I think I will be safe to go ahead.
I have really enjoyed learning more about these wonderful women and the group will meet throughout the rest of this year studying and making year we might go on to Women of the New Testament....

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Two new patterns... you remember this?

My eat "CAKE" pattern is finally in print and ready for purchase....this is the project that I designed for Amy's American Quilting retreat.....
....and do you remember this quilt below? I have been posting about it as I have been in the process of designing it.

 Family Reunion quilt is also in pattern form and ready for purchase. I have been shipping and delivering to quilt shops over the week end...for those of you who would like to purchase may do so here.
It feels so good to have both of them complete...but I truly have enjoyed every process each step of the way.
Now onto the next project...

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Paper Mache Eggs Tutorial...

The other night Kassidy and I decided to play with Modge Podge. We bought some plastic eggs at the craft store....

...and gathered 3 vintage books that I had picked up while thrifting just for the purpose of using the pages for some paper crafting....and a pair of scissors.

We covered the eggs with the book pages.

We used a vintage hymnal for some of them because we thought it was only fitting....after all,
HE is the reason for Easter...and new beginnings.

I love the way that the words and the music look together...

We put them around the house to remind us of the promise of spring....which to me always means the promise of new beginnings.

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