Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BaKe SaLe Giveaway!...

If you have been wanting some of your own
 of my latest fabric collection...
BaKe SaLe 
to play with...
Read on.
You might be able to win one of my
Go visit Kimberly over at the 
and enter to win.

All you have to do is answer one little question:)

Was I the lead singer in a country band?

Did I learn to drive on a red Farmall tractor?

Am I too much of a scaredy cat to fly in a plane?

to enter and let's just find out
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The Quilty Barn Along...A New Barn Block Tutorial!!!...

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my Quilty Barn Along.

It has now been a few years and this pattern along with LOTS of others are in my book called

I left the photos here on this post as a visual for those who
are doing my new Sew Along called
Farm Girl Fridays.

Hope you join us!
for more info:)


Have a quilty barn and tractor ridin' kind of day...

Friday, May 24, 2013

New BaKe SaLe Patterns!!!!...

I have 3 of my 6 new 
Bake Sale patterns completed!
Pattern writing is such a long process...
thanks so much for being patient with me :)
I hope to get the remaining 3 
completed in a week or so.
Here are some photos in
 no particular order of my 3 new patterns....
I hope you like them:)

"Cherry Bake"
I couldn't resist making another cherry quilt.
A girl can never have too many
 if you are a cherry lover like I am:)

I made this quilt for my kitchen table...
it's the perfect size and is fun to 
piece using my Easy Corner Triangle method.
I also think it would be fun to make a 
larger quilt by simply making more blocks.
I made the Cherry Bake runner using the
 leftover 2 1/2" strips from piecing 
the alternate blocks in the quilt.
And of course...a cherry pillow!

"Tulip Pots"
You know how I love tulips too!
I put my Thimble Ruler to work and used the large one 
to make the pots for this quilt.
The leaves and tulips are also pieced
 using my Easy Corner Triangle method.
I wanted to show off the tulip pots
 so I designed a simple sashing of 3" squares.
My friend Sherri pieced this one for me.
I simply ran out of time and so I 
sent her a completed tulip pot block...
my Thimble Rulers...
all of my cut pieces and my drawing for the quilt.
She promptly pieced the rest and sent it back
 to me just in time to get it quilted and bound for market.
Thanks Sherri!!!

I also had to make some pillows!
(i heart pillows too)
3 Tulips in a row.
I used my small Thimble Ruler
 for the pots on the pillow:)

"Mixing it Up!"
With each collection I always like to 
design a quilt with 
a favorite vintagey item.
Of course with Bake Sale being
 the theme of my latest...
a vintage mixer quilt is 
a must for every 
vintage girl's kitchen:)

They are mixing up some yummy cakes and cookies...
and there are several 
cute spatula's to scrape the sides of the bowl.
I designed the "beater blocks" for the border to 
look like the beaters twirling
 into the batter.
We always fought over who got to
 lick the beater when I was a girl:)

The beater blocks are fun and addicting to make.
I have a quick and easy method for making them...
I want to make a whole quilt just with these blocks!
But for now...
I added a beater block table runner
 into the pattern
 as well as my Patchwork Cookie Jar Cozy.
After all...
you need a cute jar for your homemade cookies
 that you made with your vintage mixer ...right?
I bought the jar at Walmart.
It's a 1 gallon size.
 to get one for your cookies:)

All 3 of my new patterns are now listed in my etsy shop...

Thanks you so much for the overwhelming response to my new quilty barn block.
I'll have the tutorial up on Wednesday.
Have a great weekend and a quilty kind of day!

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