Monday, May 12, 2014

The Great Granny Sew Along - Week 4 - Mama's Crochet Quilt Top!!! ...

Good morning!
It's week 4 and my stop of the 
and time to put the blocks together:)
to download the PDF for my finishing instructions.

But before you get sewing…
Let's chat a little:)
There are 2 ways 
that you can finish your quilt top.
You can make it wide…like mine.

Or tall like Kimberly's.
It just depends on…
 1. Your mood.
2. Your style.
3. Size of your wall where you will hang it!

The best part is ...

That's what I said.
I designed it that way!!! 
You have a choice:)

Go ahead and cut your sashings and borders.
Sew everything up until
 its time to add the Mama blocks…

Then lay it out and decide which version
 that you like best for YOUR quilt
and sew the top together accordingly:)

Choose your inner border and outer border
 start cutting, choosing and sewing!

When sewing your Mama blocks together
or onto the sashings or borders...
Put your mama block rows underneath
because they are cut on the bias
 after squaring them up ...
and tend to stretch a little.
If you put them on the bottom ...
the feed dogs will feed them through
 slightly faster than the top ...
which will help to stop them from stretching:)

Put your quilt top onto the 
to enter this weeks giveaway.

will be giving away
 the small set of 


Have fun deciding which version
 to sew up for your
"Mama's Crochet"
and remember…
"You are the boss of your own quilt!"

P.S. Next week we will be making the quilt label:)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cut. Press. Sew. Quilt. - A New Pattern and Announcing a New Sew Along!! ...

Good morning cute people!
I'm so excited to introduce you to the last of my 
Vintage Happy patterns that I have
 been preparing for Spring Quilt Market:)

My latest pattern is called

Four little quilts to hang in your sewing room…
 or to sew for all of your quilty friends:)

Another fun announcement is that 
I will be hosting a new Sew Along here 
for the summer starting in June!
We will be sewing the 
block in the photo above.
I designed this block for
  a quilt along 1 1/2 years ago 
and the even did a YouTube 
segment about it. 
I have been so busy with
 my other sew alongs since then
but now it's time because the
 GGSquared Sew Along 
is coming to a close soon.

 The block as well as the 
sew along is called 
“Scrappy Happy”

I decided that this would be
 the perfect pattern to include
 the block pattern in
 and we will be using it
 as a manual for the sew along.
I'm going to be making a quilt with
the Scrappy Happy block as well as
some other projects…
but with each project the 
block will be 
a different size and setting!

YaY again!

(Cutting instructions for the
 different sized Scrappy Happy blocks
 used in the sew along are included 
in the pattern)

We will be using all different sizes of scrappy squares and a few rectangles:)

If you want to play with
 my newest pattern
it's available for purchase

Have a quilty kind of day!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Great Granny Sew Along - Week 3 - "Mama Blocks"!!! ...

It's week number 3 of the 
This week we are sewing the Mama Blocks.

These blocks are sweet and simple…
giving you the chance to use up leftover squares
in your scrappy stash.
Save your Squares!
(every square is important)

I named these the "mama blocks" because as you know…
I assigned a name for each round of squares 
in the great granny block
The center square is the baby…
and the next round is the mama.
So technically this could be called the baby/mama block…hehe
but I thought it best to just keep it at mama:)

I've been seeing so many photos on
of squares cut and laid out next to  
it makes me smile every time I see one!
This week is hosted by my friends 

Click on their names to see
 their sew sweet Mama blocks
and to get this weeks pdf
 and giveaway info:)

And don't forget to visit the
to see Kimberly and Debbie's
 Mama Blocks as well!

The Mama blocks are the last blocks that we sew for the quilt top...

So next week…
I'll be telling you how to put the
 "Mama's Crochet" quilt top together…
and the last week will be the great granny block for the label:)
 to get all of the sew along info because it's not too late to join!

I love seeing everyones background choices for their blocks…
the background color always changes
 the look of the mama blocks dramatically…
making each one sew cute! 

In the book I used navy background 
for these blocks and I love the contrast.
On the other hand ...
I love the sunny warmth of a yellow background...

and the cool feel of the aqua as well.

I love to use different colors
 as well as white to change the 
look and feel of a block:)

So choose your background ...
and make your Mama blocks ...
 and post them onto the 
to enter this weeks giveaway.

If it's a nice spring day where you live…
 you can hang them up on the line
for the photo shoot!

Remember to leave no square behind…

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