Monday, January 27, 2014

The Quilty Fun Sew Along - Week 11 - Honeycombs!!! ...

Good morning cute people!
It's time for another episode of the 

Today's feature is week 11…honeycombs.

This episode is brought to you by
 the awesomely talented 
Monica of Happy Zombie fame:)
You can click here to go visit her and 
to get all of this weeks giveaway details.

Monica just happens to be 
a good friend of mine
 and I'm sew happy that she is one
 of the participating bloggers 
in the Quilty Fun Sew Along!

Here are a few of my honeycomb blocks
 that I made for the sampler quilt.

In my book…(Quilty Fun)
I used this block in my "Calico Hive" quilt.

The honeycomb block is an
 easy peasy scrappy favorite of mine…
of course called a snowball traditionally.

I never get tired of making them…
they are a perfect way to 
use up some scrappy squares in your 

Have a quilty kind of day…
and sew it like you mean it!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Quilty fun Sew Along - Week 10 - 4 Patches!!! ...

I'm so sorry that I'm a day late in posting about the 

This week is already week 10…
and we are doing those fun little 
4 patch blocks that look hard
 but really they aren't!!!

Hosting this week are the lovely Jennie and Clara
from Clover and Violet fame:)
Just look at these adorable scrappy blocks!!

You know that my motto is… 
the scrappiest sewing is the happiest sewing:)

to go and visit them and get all of
 this weeks information and the companion pdf.

Make your blocks and load them up to the Flickr page
so that you have a chance to win this weeks giveaways…
and a box of my

Have a quilty kind of day!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Book Announcement - Great Granny Squared - and a Vintage Happy Giveaway!!! ...

I'm so excited to be able to announce the reason for my absence here!
I have been sew busy!!!
I have a new book I have been sewing for …
by Lori Holt
of Bee in my Bonnet
Available March 2014

If you did my Great Granny Along with me
you will recognize:)
A few years ago I did a tutorial on 
my easy method to make my
 "Great Granny Block"
(so named because of the 
additional row around the outside)

This really is a traditional block that 
my grandma used to call 
"Album Block"
But us modern quilters of today
 have nick named it 
"granny square"
inspired by the crochet square
 by the same name:)

My tutorial will now be in book form…
along with other projects
and published by 
It's Sew Emma
I love working with Kimberly and the girls!

All projects in the book ar
 centered around the
 great granny block and are 
simple and fun to make.

The book will have 4 projects...

along with 2 brand new blocks...

which I have designed for the labels:)

There will be 2 quilts in the book...

a tablerunner...

and a pillow.

This is not really what 
the front cover will look like…
it's just a mock up for the pre-order page,
but this quilt will be on the front cover.

I took several pictures to show you 
while I had it hanging in my front room:)

Next week Kimberly and the girls get here 
for a photo shoot
for the book:)

I will be able to show you every project in the book then!

I can't wait…we always have so much fun while they're here:)

My friend Helen Brutsch quilted this quilt for me…
I love how she did it:)
I wanted it to look very traditional ,
like my grandma and great aunts would have quilted it.

I think she did a wonderful job and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Of course I put my 
"Quilty Back Pockets"
 in the corners for hanging:)

Here is the label that I designed for this quilt.
Of course the pattern will be in the book:)

I love to embroider and so I added some
 onto the label for extra stitchy goodness!

I have also designed a new pattern called
"Stitchy Sampler"
The sampler uses my 6 favorite embroidery stitches that I always teach.

If you pre-order the book
you not only get 20% off the retail price of 13.95
but you get my Stitchy Sampler pattern for free!
if you would like to pre-order:)

I will be able to show it to you completed and framed in a few days:)

I'll be blogging more all next week and showing you lots of pics of what's happening during the photo shoot
I'll also be sharing things on
 Instagram as they happen.
to follow me there:)

I have used my newest fabric collection
(which will be released in March as well)
for all of the projects in 
Great Granny Squared

If you leave me a comment telling me 
that you have
 pre-ordered the book
followed me on Instagram
(or both)
and I will pick a winner
 on friday of next week and send them 
 a Fat Quarter bundle of Vintage Happy:)

 I can't wait to hear from you!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Quilty Fun Sew Along - Week 9 - Quarter Square Triangles!!!...

Hello cute people…yes I'm still here:)
I have had several emails asking  me
 why I haven't been posting at my normal rate…
well let's just say I have been very busy with a new project
that I will be able to announce soon…
let's just say it involves another photo shoot here at my cottage next week!

But more on that later…
for now let's have some
 Quilty Fun!!

Today is already sew along week 9!

Hosting this week is the lovely 
Kerri from
Lovely Little Handmades
What a sweetie she is and what a sweet blog she has!

Click here to go visit her and get all of this weeks details…
and of course to see more of her cute blocks!

The quarter square triangles go in 3 places
 on the sampler quilt that we are making…
under the chubby chevron X blocks and 
around the bumble bee block along with 
some baby geese and 4-patch blocks….

you can also see a row of them 
underneath the cute cups:)

I have had some questions about how wide the sashings are
from those who are tempted to jump ahead …
the answer is that there are different sizes throughout…
so it will be best to wait until we are at a point
 when one of the side sections
or the center section can all be put together.

I hope you are all having Quilty Fun with the sew along…
I love seeing your photos on the
and also on
Keep up the good work play!!!


Monday, January 6, 2014

The Quilty Fun Sew Along!!! - Week 8 - Trees!!!...

Good morning cute people!
Happy New Year:)
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday 
full of family and friends:)

So now that Christmas break is over…

It's time to get back to the 

Today is week 8…cute and simple trees:)

The tree blocks are hosted by the wonderful and adorable Messy Jesse.
to go visit her cute blog and 
see more of her cute trees and of course
 to get all of the giveaway details!

I do love me some tree blocks!
I designed these blocks to go in between the houses
of my Town Square quilt in the

They are fun to make and a great way to use
some of the fun greens that are in your scrappy stash:)

This side of the Quilty Fun Sampler is growing!!!...

It's fun to see everyones addition to the quilt weekly
here on the quilty fun flickr page:)

Here's the sampler quilt before I added the outside borders…
I thought you might like to see it so that you can be
 thinking about which color and print that you will use for yours:)

Seeing it without the borders gives a good visual in 
deciding which color you might want to bring out.
This is a scrappy quilt with many colors to choose from ...
I chose to use aqua in the end because I felt that I had a lot of warm colors
and so a cool tone like a green or a blue would balance it out nicely:)
Of course we will talk more about this when it comes time…
just giving you something to think about
while you are having a 
quilty kind of day:)

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