Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along...Silo Barn 6 and the "Canning Season" block Tutorial!...

"Canning Season"
Because we are deep into September...
that means it's harvest time:)

Because I grew up on a farm,
we had plenty of room for growing.

 Every year we had several large gardens
 to take care of and when September rolled around,
 You could always find my mom,
along with my sisters and I in
 the kitchen with jars piled high!

It's my favorite time of the year...
So of course I had to design this cute little block of canning jars:)

(don't worry...canning is easy)

Sew a white strip to each side of
 the gray strip and press towards the gray...
 like this.

Now choose your fabrics for the jar sections.
Here I have chosen;
 orange for carrots or peaches
green for peas or sweet pickle relish
gold for pears or sweet corn
purple for beets or plums
aqua for an empty jar! (vintage of course)
red for cherries or tomatoes

Sew 4 easy corner triangles onto each jar.
The larger squares go on the top...
and the tiny squares go on the bottom.

Trim off the seam allowances...

and press towards the triangles.

Now sew a lid onto each jar.
Press seams open for less bulk.

Sew jars into 2 rows of 3 across.
Press seams open again:)

Sew the 2 rows together to form your
 Canning Season block!

Back of my Canning Season block.

Don't you just love how canning jars 
look lined along the shelves of your pantry?

Now build your cute 
barn with a silo
 around your Canning Season block!

All of the bounty from 
your garden is now put away 
so that you can have a taste of summer
during the long cold winter:)

4 of the barns on my design board.

Now get to sewing and 
have a barn buildin' kind of day!
(after you get all of your canning done... of course:)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Quilty Fun Release Date Announced and a Giveaway!!!...

Good Morning!!!
I just wanted to let you know that the final ship date for my new book...

Quilty Fun
Lessons in Scrappy Patchwork
by Lori Holt 
Bee in my Bonnet

(that's me!!!)

 October 15th!

It's just around the corner
 and I'm getting so anxious:)

As you know...
all photos for the book 
took place in my little cottage:)

Kimberly and the Girls from
 It's Sew Emma 
came and took ALOT of photos.

I'm NOT even kidding.

They were here for a week...

 It was so fun and it 
pretty much felt like
 the paparazzi was at
 my house 24/7!

Here are just a few more 
that I haven't shown you... 

Do you see what I mean?
Lots of pictures:)

And speaking of lots of pictures...
let's talk about the giveaway!
The giveaway is over at 
They want you to guess how many photos
 they took inside my little cottage.

Can you guess?

Have you seen their new
 Aurifil thread collection?

It's called 

A perfect assortment of colors especially chosen for your binding needs!

You can bet I have it in my little studio!

Leave me some bloggy love
and then
to enter your guess for the giveaway!

Have a quilty kind of day...

P.S. My very own Aurifil thread collection will be released in a few weeks!
It's called;
"Happy Colors"
 by Bee in my Bonnet

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