Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little More "Daisy Cottage"...

I have about 5 minutes to do a post before I start my
adventures in designing
for the day!...
Just enough time for a quick pic.
 Here are a few pieces from my new 
"Daisy Cottage"
fabric line 
surrounding a small vintage bowl:)
I think they go perfectly together...
don't you?
Sigh...I just love vintage!
(in case you didn't know...haha)
Lots more pictures to come as soon as
I get all my yardage!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My New Fabric Line...Daisy Cottage!

 Did you know that my next fabric line will be making it's debut next month?

It's called "Daisy Cottage"...and there is 25 bolts in this line.

While designing this line I wanted to accomplish a comfy...cozy...
vintagey cottage feel.

I wanted the large floral to look like it might be a piece of vintage wallpaper...

And the rest of the prints to look like
what I call "Shabby Vintage".

I drew lots of furniture and home items to go with the "cottage style" that I have decorated my own little cottage in for years.

I have a little yardage so far of each piece and I have been sewing like there's no tomorrow... designing lots of new patterns and trying to get them all complete and ready for fall market which is next month.

You can always tell when I am busy sewing things that I can't show you yet because my posts become few and far between!
I'm expecting my yardage this week and
when I get it...
I will show you a close up picture
of each one.
I'm so excited about this line and I have been having so much fun designing and
sewing with Daisy Cottage:)
I have so many sketches and ideas that my mind won't turn off and my sleep has been interrupted nightly with even
more ideas and sketches!
I keep thinking if only I had more time...
more hands...
and didn't have to eat...
or sleep...
 I could make them all!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tomato Pincushion and Tutorials...

 Yep...I made a new pincushion:)

A new twist on the
traditional tomato pincushion!

 I used the red gingham from Sew Cherry....

And I used Martha Stewarts tutorial ...
you can find it here.
I also found another great tutorial by Kaaren over here. I ask...
Why is it that we find tomatoes such great
things to stick our pins into?...
I don't know but whoever started this tradition was a genius:)

For sure this was a fast and
fun to make little project!...
so fun that I'm making several more and I'll show them all to you a little later.

I was inspired to make one  
to match my newest pattern...
"Sew she did"...
Does it match? you think they look like twins?...haha...I do.

If you like to stick pins into tomatoes too... you better make one.
(or 5...haha)

A few of my girlfriends and I are just getting ready to leave for beautiful Logan, Utah. 
 I will be teaching my workshop at
and then we will be sewing ...and shopping...and sewing some more...and eating...and sewing some more....and laughing...and sewing even's gonna be a great week!
How about you? have something fun planned this week?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apron in a Jar...

Good morning!
I'm back from playing house in my trailer in the beautiful mountains of Utah.
Both the company and the weather
were perfect and my
long weekend was nice and relaxing.

And now it's time to get back to
good bloggy stuff:)
Last fall when I taught a 2 day workshop in St. George, Utah...I stayed 4 days with my good friend Nedra along with another 
good friend Jodi.
I always like to take a gift or two and on this occasion I put together all of the ingredients to make an apron...
and I put them in a jar:)
Ever since I posted about it last year I have continued to have several emails asking
 if my "1 Yard Apron" pattern
will fit in a jar...
and I put the 
"apron in a jar"
I'm finally getting around to telling you!
Better late than never ...right?

This is my 1 yard apron pattern and yes...
the kit for the apron will fit in a
quart size canning jar:)
Each apron is made using 3 different fabrics that together total one yard of fabric.
All of the aprons are made with my
Sew Cherry fabric line and all of the trims are also from Riley Blake.
If you are interested...
you can find my pattern

These are just some of the aprons with different fabric combinations...
but there are 14 aprons total in the pattern...easy peasy to make and all 
have a  vintagey style.
My daughter Kassidy wore them for the photo shoot that took place in my backyard very early in the spring of this year.
Here are just a few of the pictures that
 Rae Ann took that day.

This is my favorite picture which is why I chose it for the center of the cover:)
In the background you can see signs of my garden just waking up from a long winter's sleep and now I can't believe it's almost time for it to go to sleep once again.

Basically what I did was lay out the fabric and trims for the apron...and folded them into a long rectangle the same height as the jar and rolled them up all snuggly and tight...
(just like rolling up a sleeping bag:)
and placed it in the jar.
I folded the pattern for the apron in half length wise and rolled it up like a scroll and placed it in the very center.
When the pattern doesn't fit in the jar...I place the pattern and the jar together in a cute little basket.

I made a tag using stamps and a little
bit of scrapbook paper.
The stamp that I used is from Crafty Secrets.
if you want one of your own:)
I wanted it to look like a recipe card
to go along with a canning theme.
I cut a circle out of paper to
fit the lid and then tied the tag
around the neck along with a tulle bow.
I have made several of these aprons in a jar in the past and they're a really fun and easy gift to put together for friends on a
special occasion...which to me...
is a quilting retreat!
How about you? you have a
fun retreat planned?
I hope sew:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 New FWQAL Blocks...

Hello cute people...and a Happy September!
I have 4 more Farmers Wife blocks on the design wall in my studio...these blocks are so much fun to make and are so simple when using the Easy Corner triangles method.
All four of the blocks use the same method that I have shown in my FWQAL if you have been following should have no problem at all drafting and sewing these blocks. 

#31 Evening Star
Fabrics used:
Blue = Sew Cherry
Red = Sew Cherry
White = Redwork Romance

#55 Linoleum
Fabrics used:
Center square = Simply Sweet 
Green Dot = Sew Cherry
Yellow Gingham = ?
White = Nantucket summer

#12 Broken Sugar Bowl
Fabrics used:
Dk. Pink = Aun Grace Authentic
Lt. Pink = ?
Brown Gingham = Sew Cherry
Brown Dot = Mama's Feedsacks
White = Nantucket Summer 

#33 Farmer's Puzzle
Fabrics used:
Dark Green = Nicey Jane
Light Green = ?
Blue = Timeless Treasures
Stripe = ?

When I drafted this last block...I took the liberty of changing the measurements just a smidge to make it easier for rotary cutting.
I wanted the very center to be a different fabric also(
it finishes at 1" x 1" and the light green rectangles finish at 1" wide also.
I cut the 4 blue daisy rectangles 1 3/4" x 3" and the stripe squares to make the easy corner triangles 1 3/4" x 1 3/4".
Hope this helps!
I'm still enjoying the book and the essays by the Farmer's wives...all are fun to read.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!...
as for me...It's a long holiday weekend and so
I am loading up the trailer for one last camping trip of the season...the mountains are once again calling my name:)

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