Monday, August 20, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week One!!

Welcome to week one of the 

I'm super excited to make my 
Autumn Love Quilt with you...

and to play 
with my Autumn Love fabric!

Today's block tutorial is the
 Crow and Pumpkin Block

This print from the fabric kit 
is what we will be using 
for the background for this block
 (as well as all of 
the other applique blocks)

And here are all of the prints 
used for the shapes in this block.
Of course ALL of the cutting for
 each one is in the 
Sew Along Guide
if you have not downloaded it yet:)

As always...
I have done a video tutorial for you.
 But before you watch it...
I wanted to list here 
all of the cutting and 
Sew Simple Shapes 
used in this block 
so that you make sure 
that you have them all traced and cut.
1 - 1"x 4" yellow acorn print-crows beak

1 - F-1
2 - F-6
1 - F-7
1 - F-10
1 - F-18
3 - F-22
1 - F-23
1 - F-29
Cut your background square 12" x 12"

You will need to clip the cleavage areas
 on the leaves and the
 sunflower before turning.
There are also two cleavage
 in the crow shape
 as well as inner curves.
There are also inner curves 
on both sides of the stem.
The other shapes do not need 
to be clipped before turning:)

The stem is 
1/4" wide and 7" long
The crows legs are 
1/4" wide and 2 1/2" 
No need to press the ends under 
as top ends will be under 
the crow and sunflower a little and 
the bottom ends will be sewn into 
the seam allowance at the bottom 
when the block is sewn into the quilt. for the tutorial!

This is what my 
Crow and Pumpkin Block 
looks like right after applique...
but not trimmed up yet.

closer look:)

I also wanted to show you that 
you can trim a small strip off of 
one or both side sections 
of the pumpkin...
 to reduce bulk when 
laying out your block:) 

Close up of the embroidery:)

Here is a close up look of a 
corner of the block back 
so that you can see what the
 applique stitch from behind looks like:)

I hope these close ups 
during each step will help and 
that together with the 
instructions on the video...
you are good to go!

After all applique and 
embroidery is completed...
press from the back only and use your
 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler to
 trim it down to 10 1/2" square.

I can't wait to see all of your 
Crow and Pumpkin Blocks:)
Please post them on social media
 using the hashtag
because we All want to see them 
and it's a super fun thing
 to sew together!

I will meet you here next week
 for another block tutorial:)


Danice G said...

So cute. I wish I had joined this quilt along. I may still make this block anyway.

IleneWM said...

I'm just finding this sew along on YouTube. I've downloaded the guide and am ordering the applique templates to work on this in my free time. Thanks, Lori! I love all of your quilts!

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