Monday, April 6, 2009

Vintage Monday - Laundry Bag

Hello Friends! It's vintage Monday again- WOW the week just goes so fast:) I snapped a photo of my favorite laundry pal Hazel. That's what I call her, don't ask me why- it just fits.

I bought her at an antique shop oh, about 10 years ago. Isn't she cute? When I saw her, I immediatly fell in love with her. She is very well made and just so cute, like a fun playmate for Monday washday (anyway that was the day in our house)

Her face is embroidered and I just love her satin-stitch pink lips. All of her hair is done in short loops with what looks to me like perle cotton. I really am partial to gingham and her dress and hat are sooooo darling.

Her dress of course opens in the front and also the 2 large pockets in front of her dress. She holds items for me that are waiting to be washed but that I don't want mixed in with the rest of the laundry.

Thanks Hazel:)

Speaking of washday, I wanted to show you a few pics of my laundry room that Mr. Honey made for me. He has been working on it now and again all winter and now it's complete! I love the backsplash that he installed for me. We found it at Home Depot.

The room is on the main floor of our house, right next to my studio. It's also a half bath with a large laundry sink that will be convenient when I need to test fabric for color fastness or to pre-wash.

The washer and dryer are hidden in a closet with folding doors. Mr. Honey built lots of shelves in the closet too, along with another closet next to that one where Hazel now hangs.

He put in as many cabinets that would fit in the small room so that we could use them for storage of all cleaning supplies and such.
He painted the doors, cabinets and all trim a soft white as per my request of course. First he painted the walls a tomato red which was no easy task, those of you who have used red paint, you know what I mean.

Well, I loved the color but decided that I couldn't live with it for very long, so as per my request again, Mr. Honey repainted the room in a color that looks like the sky and reminds me of clotheslines and a soothing clean feeling- much better now:)

Mr. Honey is a very patient man and is so good to me, he didn't even complain about the color change, he just shook his head and laughed a bit. He knows how particular I am about color and he has a perfectionist personality just like his wife.

Thanks Mr. Honey:)

I havn't had time to do much decorating yet except lay down a new rug, Hang some towels and of course a quilt, which just happens to be my " A Womans Work is Never Done " quilt. It's kind of a bad picture but how do you think it looks in my new Laundry Room?

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Jana said...

I hope you take everyone that comes to visit your home into your laundry room! They need to see your quilt! With all the detail work on it, I'm not sure I could hide it away in a room no one sees! :) I bought your pattern awhile ago.....I have got to get it made! Love all your patterns! I actually have several.

Susan said...

I think the quilt and the room are perfect together. Love that backsplash...I'll have to show Mr. Homespun what Mr. Honey did.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The laundry room is darling. And the quilt looks great in there. It makes a "work room" be more fun. Your quilts are so cute.

Linda said...

Lori, it looks great!!! Your room looks SO cute it almost inspires me to redo mine...almost. Love your quilt - love your paint color - love your backsplash, love your sink - love your cabinets...did I leave anything out?

Linda said...

oh, I love Hazel too! :)

Fiesta said...

Can I do laundry in your laundry room?
It looks fantastic with the quilt and the cabinet.

Carrie P. said...

Beautiful laundry room. The quilt hanging would look good in any room. It is so cute.

Kim said...

What a fun laundry room! Maybe I'd be more likely to do laundry if the room was as cute. My kids just drop all their coats, shoes, and backpacks all over the place. What a mess. I wish the room was square not long and rectangular. Everything is always in the way. Enough of that!

Lori, I especially love the color and the quilt is sooo perfect in there too!

Cynthia said...

The laundry room looks very inviting. It would be a joy to do laundry in there. Mr. Honey did a great job. It looks to me as though you designed the laundry room around the quilt. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure Hazel is happy in there also.

Nedra said...

That is a perfect quilt for a laundry room. Thanks for showing us your creative ideas. The back splash is wonderful too, and I agree, I think blue is better than I imagine the bright red would be for a small room.

Allie said...

Hazel is adorable, and the name fits her! Love your laundry room - so cheery and CLEAN looking! The quilt goes perfect there.

belinda said...

OOOuuu...Mr. Honey did good!!! I agree with the does make that lovely quilt look like it is outside hanging on the line!!

Beth said...

Hi Lori,
I love the blue in your laundry room. Very Cute and looks fun to be in. I hope you show us your studio sometime, I love to see all my friends sewing rooms. It's very inspiring to get other ideas. Can't wait for the "HOME" quilt It's already looking absolutely darling!

Sandy said...

Wow, that quilt is gorgeous and it looks great in your re-vamped laundry room!

Sherry said...

Oh what a wonderful laundry room! I love Hazel & your quilt is just too cute. Mr Honey did an awesome job. Love all the colors, everything goes together so well.

Becca said...

Your new laundry room looks great!! I really love the color.

P.S. I love the music you've selected for your blog too.

Anonymous said...



Sue said...

Your quilt is wonderful, and the laundry room is great too! My washer & dryer are in a closet, darn it, so no place to hang a quilt. *sigh*

sarahmurray said...

Oh my word... Hazel is hilarious!! I love her. And I also love your laundry room! It is gorgeous and cute and cozy. My laundry "room" is really a corner in our dirty over stuffed basement. Not quite as charming. Your laundry day quilt is so perfect on the wall! x

happy zombie said...

I'm simply swooning over your laundry room! And Hazel... I love her (and the TV Hazel too!).

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