Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wholesale Info

If you have a quilt shop and are interested in selling
 Bee In My Bonnet patterns,
 you can buy wholesale
 directly from me.  
Please contact me at: 
and I will be happy 
to open an account for you!

Aunt Hazel's Tablecloth

Aunt Isabelle's Pinwheel Squares

Aunt Edith's Tulips

Aunt Jessie's Forget Me Not

Cute Covers

Fashion Fun

Millie's Dresses

Sew Day

 Spoolin' Around

Cozy Cottage Lane

Crochet Edge Pillowcase

Daisy Patch


Home Sweet Home

Mr. and Mrs.

Pink Lemonade

Ring Around the Rosy

Shabby Shades

Cherry Blossom Table Runner

Sew Cherry Tabletopper

Cake Walk

Cherry Cheesecake

Fenced Flowers

One Yard Apron

Remember Grandma's Apron

Sew Hexie Cushion

Sew She Did

Vintage Dishes
How To Build A Snowman

Girl Talk

Apron Club

Paper Dolls

Quilter's World

How to Make a Valentine

Family Reunion

A Woman's Work is Never Done

Comforts of Home

Cottage Garden

How To Build A Scarecrow

Grandma's Kitchen

Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Bake a Gingerbread Man

Crazy Daisy

eat "Cake"
Count Your Blessings

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