Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Monday - Bling!

Because I love all things vintage and because I'm a girl who likes sparkly shiny things... I happen to also love vintage bling.
I especially love pins because they remind me of my grandmas and their pins. Both of them wear pins but my Grandma Crane, has always worn them. For her, that is just part of getting ready to go out.
Because she has always worn them, she has quite a collection.

I keep my pins on two vintage "ladies shoe" pincushions. I have run into several of these throughout my treasure hunting. This pincushion pattern was very popular it seems. I have seen them in a wide variety of fabrics and trim. They hang on my bedroom wall next to my dressing table and I like the way my pins look on them.

I bought the two that I have because they seemed a little extra special and looked dressy enough to hold some vintage sparkles! They are both made of satin fabric and trimmed with lace and pearl buttons. I appreciate the care that went into the making of these pincushions.
I bought them in two different places so obviously they have different makers.
I have several pins but only a few that are vintage. Here are a few close up shots. I am not a serious vintage jewelry collector, (that is the BIG bucks) I have only picked these up at garage sales for very little money but only because I liked them. Believe me, there is alot of jewelry out there and I am not educated on what is good or bad, or worth more. It simply doesn't matter to me. I collect vintage things that speak to me in some way or another, not for resale value.

These earrings were my Mothers that she gave me to wear on the night of my wedding dinner. She thought they went well with the color of my dress which was lilac. I remember that I felt special when she got into her jewelry box and got them out - her jewelry box was always forbidden for us girls, if not- I'm sure she wouldn't have had any nice jewelry to wear as teenage girls tend to be a bit careless!

Look how cute these dragonfly clip earrings are! I'm not sure what kind of a stone the wings are, they have a slightly aqua tint to them.

This pin has two of the stones missing but I couldn't pass it up because of the swirly "H". I just think it is darling and I really need to take it in and get it fixed.
I wear my pins to church alot and occasionally other places...I think they're fun and to me that's what collecting vintage is all about!

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Stephanie said...

Love how you display your vintage jewelry. Such pretty pieces too.

Cynthia said...

The pins (I call them broaches) are beautiful. I have a couple of my grandmother's. I love the way you have them displayed so you can enjoy them everyday. I love sparkly things too.

Funoldhag said...

Guess I will have to get out my old jewelry box - those look like they came from my era! I did have an old candy tin that I filled with lots of old jewelry and that was one of the favorite things "toys" for my granddaughters. I have a darling picture someplace of Norah and her daddy all dressed up in necklaces and earrings. What a nice memory.

Nedra said...

When my mother passed away, she had a jewelry box full of pins like these. I saved a few for my kids dress up box, and gave away the others to a thrift shop. I think most was just costume jewelry, but now I'm wondering if I should have checked out the value!
Your post brought back many memories of my mother and grandmother.

Linda said...

Every girl needs a little bling! Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection... I want, I want!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Lori. I didn't really make it shop hopping but I did see from Kim's blog that my quilt was in the same room with yours at Pipers! I am honored. The pins are lovely. Oh I used to play with my mom's jewelery like this when I was little. I wish wish wish I still had it! Fun stuff.

See you tuesday!!! Let me know what I can do to help.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love your pin cushions with your pretty pins on them. What a neat way to display them and be able to find them easily (instead of digging through a box - especially in the dark getting ready for work with DH still in bed)! Hee Hee!!

Loralynn said...

Beautiful pins! I love the "shoes" you have to hang them on too! How cute!

Sherri said...

I love the vintage bling...and especially how you display it!

belinda said...

Oh how lovely all your pieces are. I used to sit at my 'Munners'
little dressing table she had in her bedroom and try on ALL of her sparkly pieces...looking this way...turning my head that way...I thought I was sooo 'purdy'
munner had some FAB pieces and when she died my Aunt demanded that SHE get all the jewelry....I was so sad....all I wanted was maybe one little pin......

Lori said...

I love your post on the water bottle aprons. I collect vintage aprons and love things in miniature. Would love to win the dish towel kit. I have a couple of the days of the week vintage dish towels but not all the days, so if I won I could make my own set.

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