Monday, June 1, 2009

Vintage Monday - Bloomer Apron

It's probably time that I start to show you some of my aprons that I have collected over the years. I'm going to start today with the most unusual in my collection and my most loved. I love it because
1. It's an apron!
2. It's red & white (my favorite kitchen colors)
3. It's polka dotted
4. It has ric-rac
5. It has embroidery on it
6. It's well made
7. It's quirky and kitchy
8. Linda gave it to me

My friend Linda no blog gave it to me for my birthday a long time ago. She knows what I like and we go treasure hunting alot together. She has a good eye and she saw this at a garage sale and bought it for me. Boy, was I happy when I opened it.

I just love it and I think it's so unusual. I have never seen another one like it. This apron inspired one of the blocks that I designed for my Apron Club quilt.

As you can see, if one side wasn't cute enough- it's reversible. How cute and creative is that!!!
I think the maker of this apron was very clever. Her use of the fabric on both sides is adorable.

The embroidery on it is equally charming. The patterns for the embroidery are vintage iron on patterns. A few years later I bought the patterns at an antique shop downtown.
I believe that there are seven in a set with cute sayings like these two on the apron;
"Quick as a Bunny" and "Happy as a Lark" I happen to have three vintage dishtowels with some of the patterns in this set embroidered on them.
I'll go through my vintage dishtowels and iron on patterns and hopefully show them to you next week....

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Cynthia said...

I recognized the apron from your apron quilt. How neat to hear the story behind the block. The embroidery is really vintage.

Dawn said...

The apron is darling! I love all things vintage!

Kim said...

Hi Lori, What a great apron and I loved hearing the story too! It is definitely extra special that it's reversible and the embroidery is sooo sweet tooo!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So so sweet. What a find and what a gift! It is darling. I did recognize that apron from your pattern too. Very sweet.

Carrie P. said...

That is such a cute apron.

Sherri said...

At first I thought I'd seen an apron like this before...but then I realized it was from your pattern! What a fun find...truly one of a kind!

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