Monday, August 24, 2009

Vintage Monday - More Silver and a Shoe

I wanted to show you a few things that I have found a couple of weeks ago to add to my
never ending collections......I went to an antique shop in my area called
The Lavender House...everything there is 40% off right of course I had to check it out...(a couple of times!)
I found a pink sparkly isn't it just adorable....Do you remember the old crochet shoes? Did your Grandma crochet them? Mine did.

A little bit of a closer look.
I've collected shoes for a long time and most of them are in my bedroom but here are 3 that are in my livingroom which is where the pink shoe will go.

Now for the I told you before, we use vintage silver in our kitchen and I pick up a few pieces here and there at thrift stores as I find them.
I have never bought any at an antique shop before as it can be pricey.....
But I fell in love with these 2 tiny silver pickle forks mainly because they each have an "H" monogram....and with the 40% off, they were a bargain.

And two matching silver bud vases. I think it will be fun to cut flowers from the garden and place one on each side of the silver candlestick (with candles lit) from my last thrifting trip for the Sunday Dinner table....look how graceful they are.

I also found this very heavy & very wonderful vintage silver box...I love the shape of it and it will go next to another one that I already have in my livingroom.

Do any of you out there like silver like I do? There's just something about the patina of vintage silver that I can be plain or elaberate...I like the fact that it comes from the earth and we have been making it into beautiful and useful things for thats Vintage!

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Nedra said...

Never thought to collect shoes! I'll have to tell my friend Judi who has a real obsession going on with shoes.

Stephanie said...

Isn't it fantastic when we find something that speaks to us? Beautiful finds.

Sherri said...

What wonderful treasures! I've never seen the crocheted shoes before! And I love silver as well...don't love polishing it so much...but I love silver! We have some wonderful pieces that were my husband's grandmothers.

Loralynn said...

What lovely treasures you have! I especially like your elaborate silver box!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Lori!

Oh yes dear I collect silver and shoes to! I just picked up a pretty silver tray that holds a glass divider dish for yummies this Saturday! I saw it a few days eariler and went back to get it! Of course I got more stuff! They had to put it all in a box! Oh my! A few days before that I bought a big white baffet table I am putting in my craft room! I love all your silver and darling shoes! Love all the pictures you took from the fabric store to! I see why you go there several times a week! And the are in fabric heaven, there is one isn't there Lori?

Have a wonderful week quilting, teaching, designing and buying!

Hugs, Maryjane

Carin said...

You found some beautiful things, my grandma had a crocheted shoe in her living room.

Have you been to the antique stores on 25th street in Ogden? They have some pretty neat stuff.

Carrie P. said...

The blue shoe reminds me of one my grandma had a long time ago. I wish I had some of her stuff.
thanks for sharing your vintage goodies.

Karen said...

I don't remember crocheted shoes. I do like the shoe collection you have going there.

Jan said...

More beautiful finds Lori and that "pink shoe" is adorable :)

Kim said...

You have so many wonderful collections. I love them all! I'm a real sucker for anything silver. It's my favorite. I especially love the silver vases and know they will look wonderful with your flowers in them.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You always teach me something Lori. I've never heard of the Lavender House. The shoes are so sweet.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your silver pieces are so lovely. My daughter really likes silver. I am more into the glassware. But I love your china painted shoes. They are so beautiful.

belinda said...

Those shoes are just adorable!!.....I don't think I have ever paid any attention to little china shoes before....I guess because I usually just have my blinders on for teacups and saucers!!...but I do have a few silver pieces....I think....somewhere..???

Micki said...

Those are wonderful treaures you found!

cindy said...

Yum, love old silver. I have a real weakness for it! :D And you kidlet is a cutie!

yapping cat

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