Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day...

It's the first day of school for my
 Kassidy Grace

I can't believe the summer is
coming to an end....

It's not only the first day of school for Kass...but the first day of 7th grade too.
The 7th graders start a few days earlier so Sterling will start 9th grade on Monday.

Kassidy is now officially in Junior High...she just walked in the doors.

Wow!...I can't believe it. Kass is my more Elementary School Days.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Where has the time gone?

And where is my little girl?
I'm having a happy/sad morning:)
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Jean said...

Cute shoes/toes!

Hugs... she'll be home after school and will tell you all about her big day!

Sue said...

It's a big day for her. I wish I was in junior high again! LOL Good memories....even though they were many moons ago :/

I love her sandals and painted toe-nails.

Cynthia said...

Kassidy is beautiful!!! I love her appreciation of color, ie the toenail polish, so cute! Gorgeous sandals, she has a flair for the creativity which she came by honestly from you and generations past.
Boo hoo hoo is right!!! My baby just graduated high school and I really miss the elementary school days. The future will be an adventure though, the beginning of the teenage years...hold on!!! lol

Juliejaz said...

Those sandals are adorable!

It's okay to be sad. Reaching Junior High is a milestone for her and for you. As I look at my own kids I often find myself astounded at how quickly my babies have grow up.

PamKittyMorning said...

How cute is she! 7th grade, yikes!

Martha said...

Reminds me of this little poem:

The cleaning and scrubbing
will wait till tomorrow,
for Children grow up,
as I've learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs.
Dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep......

You have a beautiful daughter.

Kelli said...

Aww. She is a beautiful 7th grader. :)

Isabella Morais said...

She is so so pretty! Not little girl anymore :)

Sewn With Grace said...

My baby girl will start 11th grade next week. As I was walking down the hallway I saw the frame that holds a picture for each year of school. I caught my breath realizing that after this fall's picture, the next one be the senior picture filling the center marking me an official empty nester. I'm going to hold on to these next two years as tight as I can. Feeling your pain today, Lori!

Kim with a K said...

Your daughter is a cutie pie! Love the toenails...girls are such fun!
My Princess heads back to university -2nd year living away from home- in a week...feel your happy/sad moments already!
Very difficult but I'm so proud!
My son graduated 1 year ago!
It's amazing how fast they grow up and how we can measure time (and how fast time flies!) by what our children are doing!

Betweens said...

Lori she is the prettiest 7th grader!! she will have a great time with many friends and hopefully time will go a little slower for you..I need a pedicure will she do mine after she comes home from school her tootsies are cute I think I have to do 50 you can still have fun and feel young.
Hope she has a great day and you too

Kerry said...

My daughter will do the same in a week or so, year 7 and high school- it is all milestones at the moment. She looks ready for her next life adventure and she certainly has her style sorted!

Ange said...

I can totally sympathize with your happy/sad feelings. My baby is starting grade eight the day after labour day (elementary school goes to grade eight here, then on to highschool for grades 9-12) and two days after that my firstborn starts university.
You'll all do great.
...As long as you stop embarassing her on your blog! ;)

Stephanie said...

My baby girl is having a baby soon! Time flies and you can't get it back but you do have memories so enjoy every day with her! She is beautiful and I'm sure will be a very popular 7th grader!

My Vintage Mending said...

Weren't they just in diapers? It is such a hard thing to watch them grow. What a doll...My last one last entered the last year of elementary here in Kansas. It goes way to fast...smiles....Renee

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Lori, I so understand. MY baby is starting his second year of college. Where DOES the time go??

Nedra said...

Look how OLD she looks! I don't envy her going to middle school. She will do well I'm sure.
It feels even more strange not to send ANYOne off to school this year.

Funoldhag said...

Lori, what a lovely young daughter - just beautiful. Time goes by so quickly - all of a sudden our little kids grow up!! You have a lovely family!

Theophanie said...

Oh gosh, she reminds me of my Odelia. I know 7th grade will come to soon. :( Love her shoes, though!

Leanne said...

I know how you feel, I was like you at the start of the year when my middle son started high school,my boys are growing up way too fast. I hope her first day went well.

Pat said...

What a beautiful daughter you have. They grow up way too fast. And then they get married and have kids and where has all this time gone to? I love the way she polished her toes. I wish her luck in 7th grade. Watch out for those boys!!!

•stephanie• said...

she is a dream child. i can't believe the beautiful embroidery work she does. i'm sure you'll miss her company every day.

back to school always makes me think of that Staples commercial . . . "it's the most wonderful time of the year!"

back to school time also makes me feel old. my baby went to 7th grade 10 years ago. now he's married. boo hoo.

Susanne said...

Cute as a button from her head down to those toes. Your daughter is a peach. Hope her first day of school went well. My girls are now in their early 30's....where does the time go, I feel life is on speed dial.

Rae Ann said...

She is truely an "Angel"! So beautiful and so grown up! What happened to her this summer? Where did that little Kassidy go?!? I cannot even believe it and totally understand why you would have a hard time seeing her go off to school all grown up. We will have to head out for another day of antiquing to help get your mind off it. Unitl then... Hugs!

Shawnee H said...

Too cute! My youngest started 7th grade this week (in Oregon) and I can't believe how time flies by.

PS -- LOVE those sandals. Where can we get a pair?!?

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