Monday, November 9, 2015

3 New Farm Girl Vintage Blocks - YaY!

I'm so exited to let you know that 
3 new Farm Girl Companion blocks 
are now available for purchase!

If you don't know what I mean by
"companion block"
Let me explain.

Over the last 6 months 
I have been teaching several
Farm Girl Vintage
hosted by different quilt shops
here in Utah where I live.

Even though I already designed
 45 Farm Girl blocks for my book
For each retreat I thought it 
would be fun to design new blocks 
for my students to play with and 
to add to their
 Farm Girl Sampler quilts
 if they wanted.
I call them companion blocks
 because they aren't in the book
 but are perfect companions!

Long story short...
I got a lot of emails and
 Instagram comments
 from those of you who are not able
 to come to my retreats
wanting to purchase the new blocks.

So I asked my publishers if we could do that
and of course they said yes!

By request they have
 made them each available
 as a PDF download pattern.
Easy Peasy!
There have been several available
over the last months and now
there are 3 more!

In both 6" and 12" size

in both 6" and 12" size

In both 6" and 12" size

This week is my very last
 Farm Girl Vintage 
retreat for the year...
and I will be introducing
two new blocks!

I hope you are all 
having fun with them.
I love seeing them on my

I'll chat with you again
and show you the new blocks
on this weeks 
Farm Girl Friday!

P.S. For those of you asking how to find out about my retreats...
I always announce upcoming ones here on my blog and on my Instagram.


Linda Butler said...

Love the new blocks! How can we get a listing of your upcoming Farm Girl Vintage Retreats?

Sigi G said...

I LOVE the new blocks, and will download them shortly :)! I also received your 'Seams Sew Easy' and LOVE it!! Works great with my sewing machine and the cabinet it is in. It has just made sewing that much more fun. Thank You Lori! (Still looking forward to your large 'canning jar' block. Will that also be available some time?)

Amanda Fagan said...

All these new blocks are so much fun! I've been collecting them all, and it looks like my Farmgirl Vintage Sampler quilt is going to have at least one extra row or column, depending on how many more you come up with! They're so darned cute! Have a great retreat, as always! Wish I were there!

patio garden furniture said...

Lovely new blocks! They're fun! Thanks For sharing!

The Patchsmith said...

I am loving your companion blocks Lori. So much fun.

CaroleM said...

Just so you know my 6-year old daughter is enamoured with these blocks and I may now be on the hook to make this :)

정숙희 said...

i'm korean l am making blanket(farm girl vantage) i love all blocks^^
i wonder when i embroider blocks(cat,chick...)
after patch the block?
or after finish the blanket?
sorry i'm beginner. so simple question ㅠ.ㅠ

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