Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Family Reunion...

...and we are almost finished!
One more month of blocks to go and then the borders.
This is one of the quilts from my applique clubs that I am currently teaching. I am teaching this one at Quilts Etc. in Sandy, Utah.
The other, is my Paper Doll quilt that I am teaching at Material Girls in South Jordan, Utah.
You can click on the buttons on the lower right by the same names to see all of the other blocks completed so far.

When our extended family gets together...we are quite a large group, which sometimes limits games that we can all play together....but not BINGO!
We always play and everyone who gets a bingo, gets to choose a small wrapped gift. The gifts are color coded with wrapping paper so that we know if it's an adult prize or a prize for a child. Gifts usually come from the dollar store...

We also throw horseshoes and have tournaments by drawing for partners and then going by double elimination rules....will you think I am strange if I tell you that I really like to throw horseshoes....some folks take it pretty seriously around here.
In the town where I live, every 4th of July is our "Town Days" celebration and they always have a big horseshoe throwing contest.....would I be bragging too much if I told you that I have won
3 first place trophy's and 2 second place trophy's in the womens division?

Of course, family ROOTS are important to could I do a quilt about families and not include this word?
I know I've told you before how much I love family history and I feel so lucky to have ALOT of historyies from my ancestors and also Mr. Honey's ancestors.
I feel such a connection to them as I learn about who I came from.
I feel a great sense of belonging...we also try to share that experience with our children....hopefully they will carry on this tradition of connecting with family members from the past.

I truly believe this and that's why it's stitched into my quilt...(thanks again're my favorite stunt double)....Mr. Honey and I both grew up in game playing families and again, that is something we still do with our kids often.
We have been playing alot of games together lately because we always get new ones under the Christmas Tree.
We have been playing a board game called "Ticket to Ride" and a card game called "BANG"...both are really fun!
Do you like to play games with your family? Do you have any favorites?

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Mary said...

This year we played Jenga, Rummicub and Scrabble as a family. Had to use the scrabble boards to fit 6 people to play the Rummicub. Guess I need to go thrifting and find an old Rummicub game to get more stands.

Stephanie said...

We're big time game players since my kids could understand candyland! We have cupboards of games and Santa always brings a new game at christmas. I have my original monopoly and yahtzee from childhood. New Year's Eve is always a big game night with funny memories of Taboo and Pictionary that we still giggle about.

Cynthia said...

Those blocks are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing how you create the border.
When I was at Lindsay and Jeremy's, we played Ticket to Ride almost every single night! We had a great time together. We also played "Carcapone" which I don't think I spelled right. It is about claiming farms and roads and cities and monasteries. Our family favorite is a card game called "Fill or Bust". I love reading about your traditions. I love family history too, but don't know many stories about ancestors. Looking forward to your next post!

Fiesta said...

Lori it is looking great!

Nedra said...

Oh Lori, now I understand why you are such a LUCKY person, you HORSESHOE WINNER! What a fun tidbit to learn about you.
We love to play board games as a family. Our latest favorites are Solitare Frenzy, Sequence, and Apples to Apples.

Jan said...

Beautiful block Lori and I love the fact that it speaks so much about your family and the things you love to do together! Oh and congratulations on those horseshoes!

The Nielson Family said...

I love that you win at horseshoes :) We play ticket to ride too--sooo fun! Would I be bragging if I told you I win most times??? :)

Rae Ann said...

It is always fun to read your post and find out all of the fun things about you. I love it that you are so good at horseshoes! That has always been a favorite of mine.
The blocks are so adorable. I can't wait to see the quilt all finished.

BBB said...

I also enjoy horseshoes though don't play often.

If you're feeling kind of crazy, Quelf is the most goofy game I've ever player.

My family also enjoys Ticket to Ride. And then there's Settlers of Catan which we all really like.

Busy As Can Be said...

I love the horse shoe block have to have that one!! My Kids and all their friends like to go to the park on weekends(in the summer)and play. So at the family reunion they were the best! We play Taboo..and laugh and laugh. So fun!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

We love family bingo too. This block is really sweet and will add so much to your quilt.

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