Monday, July 9, 2012

The Great Granny Along!!!...

Good morning cute people!
I'm sew excited to share my 
very first quilt along with you...
and of course...
you are ALL invited to
 join in with me:)
(Oh!...I "sew" hope you do!)

How do you play you ask?
Well, you simply make a block...
 or two...or nine...haha 
(however many you want)
Then join the flickr group and
 post your photos!
Click below to join the club!!! 
Let me and all of the other
 members be inspired by your 
fabric choices, blocks and  
finished quilts! 
 I will be posting more about the GGA every Tuesday for the rest of the summer:)

I also asked my good friend 
Jodi from Pleasant Home 
to partner up with me for the
"Great Granny Along" 

Just for me...she designed a 
Great Granny Along button... 
and set up the 
Great Granny Along flickr group...
 and she has posted 
a fantastic "how to join flickr" tutorial
 for those of you who have never
 used flickr before...
what a sweetie!
 to visit Jodi and her flickr tutorial.

please PIN above photo from original source...thanks:)

So about me and granny squares...
they were the very first thing
 that my Grandma Ewell taught me
 how to crochet when I was a girl.
 I made a ton of them using leftover
 bits of yarn that she gave me.
I fell in love with the scrappy look 
of granny squares even way back then!
I still love to crochet them...
but this time...
I'm making them with fabric
 instead of yarn:)

So here is the scoop on how 
my idea for the quilt along started.
Last year I saw in a few magazines
 some pieced granny blocks
 (inspired by crochet granny squares)
and then in a few months time 
I started to see some on several blogs
 and then I even pinned some on
I thought the blocks were sew cute and
 would really be
 a fun way to use up 
some of my leftover fabric!

I decided I wanted my blocks 
to be bigger...
 (to use up more scrap fabric)
So I added another round of squares
 on my block and the
 "Great Granny Block"
was born!!!

My block consists of a center square
 and 3 surrounding rows 
which I call a round
(a crochet term which the granny block stems from)

I named the center square (aqua) 
"The Baby"
The round of 4 squares surrounding 
the baby(green gingham)...
I appropriately named
"The Mama"
I then named the round with 8 squares 
surrounding the mama (red & white)
"The Granny"
And the final round surrounding 
the granny (gray) 
is of course...
"The Great Granny"

As I told you...
my reason for wanting to make a 
"great granny block"  
was to use up leftover fabrics. 
Most of my leftover fabric are precuts
 from my fabric lines 
that have been piling up
in my studio
 over the last year.
Do you have orphaned precuts too?

This block is perfect for precuts!!!
 Simply because you can 
cut squares from 
each precut size 
with absolutely no waste!
(mom & grandma will be so proud)

As you can see...
I always use a 
portable design board
 when I cut and sew blocks...
I really wouldn't
want to be without one!
If you haven't made one yet...
for my tutorial on how 
and why I make them.
The design board pictured 
measures 18" x 24"

Here is my quilt that I made
 using 9 blocks....very scrappy!
I just need to bind it and 
then I can hang it...
or use it as a
 table topper...
which is why I chose to
 make it square.

To help you get started in the
 Great Granny Along...
I am giving away a 
"granny roll"
of Millie's Closet.

Just leave me a comment letting me
 know that you are joining the
 "Great Granny Along" 
and that you have also joined 

I just can't wait 
to see your blocks:)
Have a quilty kind of day my friends!

EDITED January 16, 2014;
My new book called 
Great Granny Squared 
is now available for pre-order


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Needled Mom said...

This is such a great use of the precuts. I think I am also going to jump on the granny bandwagon this time. Thanks for hosting it.

quilary said...

OOh those blocks look so sweet - thanks for the detailed tutorial. I might have to find the time to join in on this!

Newbie Jen said...

I'm in! Just joined the Flickr group. Looking forward to everyone's creations!

Helen L said...

I've joined the flicker group and am hoping to have time to sew my first block tomorrow (still deciding what fabric I want to use in it!!) I was hoping to sew today, but since my sewing room is my dining room table and my SIL and niece were due for dinner, cleaning and meal prep came first! Love Millies closet: thanks for the chance to win some of that loveliness!! I just made a little girls dress out of the pinks in Daisy cottage and it is sooo cute, thanks to your fabric! I'm taking pictures of it soon (as soon as I get a little girl to model it), and will share the pic with you, if you don't mind. Have a great weekend!!

Kathy said...

I'm in, Lori. I also joined the Flickr group as (Shahann). Can't wait to see all the granny quilts. LOVE your tutorials!!!

Maxine said...

I want in on the fun too! Sign me up!

roccagal said...

I luv this!!!!

Jeanne in Ohio said...

I love this idea! I enjoy making scrap quilts, and what could be scrappier? Thanks for the giveaway. Now to try to grab thatg button . . .

NancyL said...

It's so fun to find this Great Granny Along! I also learned to crochet a granny square afghan with help from my Grandma, but mine was outlined with black yarn instead of white. LOVE the Great Granny quilt square! I'm going to join the quilt along and the Flickr group-both will be new to me! Thanks for the giveaway!

CousinFest '09 said...

I used to crochet the granny square, but sewing them is so much more fun....can't wait to get started...thanks for getting us organized.

Chris said...

Ok, I joined the flicker group and posted a picture of my block. I have been wanting to do some of these for several months, this gave me the push to DO IT! :) Thanks! I am looking forward to making more this weekend.

Lindsey said...

I'm in! I joined the flickr group, I'm ready to get some Christmas quilting out of the way, and I love making these granny squares so this is a great way to do it! I love the idea, thanks!

Mull3g said...

Just what I have been thinking about - granny squares using my scraps! Thanks for the great tut too - see you on flickr soon.

Stina Blomgren said...

Ahhh...I did it...I'm sooo a fool...;0)...but did it anyway...I joined the group on Flickr...and here I am joining in...and hoping to get rid of my sewing fobia... Haven't sewn for more than a year...and am really struggling to sit behind the machine a weak moment I thought..maybe this I can do...:0) since I always have wanted to make some Grannies ( ever since they first showed up on Jolenes blog) so please bare with me and thanks for all this.. To both of you...wish me luck...;0)))

New Salem Homestead said...

I am in! This is my first sew along ever! Now, I have to decide what fabric's to use. Oh, the choices.....

New Salem Homestead said...

I am in! This is my first quilt along ever! Now I just have to decide on the fabrics and get the a block made today!

Terry said...

I've joined the granny along and the flickr group and I've just posted my first block on my blog! Thanks for the encouragement I needed to finally get started on this! :0)

Karen ~ Briarside Lane said...

This is popping up on my favorite blogs... loving all the blocks. Soooooo, I'm in. Already joined the flickr group. Won't be able to start right away, though. Thanks!

Karen ~ Briarside Lane said...

Oh, and I grabbed the "Great Granny Along" button.

The Rx quilter said...

So much fun...I just made my first one today to go along with my granny squares! Lisa in Texas

sandra said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I can't resist... I'm in!

Karen said...

Count me in! I've joined the Flickr group and have ironed up some Aviary jelly roll strips. I love the size of this block, as I want to make a twin size for my 4 year old.

Cathy said...

I've joined the Great Granny along and also joined your Flickr group and just uploaded 6 photos. I also picked up button for my blog and blogged about it all.

I like Great Granny better than a lot of the Granny squares I've seen in blogland and made mine a little differently but used your tut basics. Thank you.

Granny Cathy L in IA

Sant Family said...

I love this! I am so in!

Nanna said...

well I've talked myself into doing this , whats' one more project on the list right? lol! I also want to make one of those design boards lol!

Wendi said...

I'm in! I missed the last time grannies went around, but I'm glad because I like the Great Grannies better. I've joined the flickr group and will be attacking my scrap bin. Thank you for the chance to win some of your lovely fabric. : )

Sandra said...

Count me in; I have loved these blocks since I first saw them. I have joined the flicker group also.


Amy said...

Okay, so I love Granny squares but haven't sewn one yet! I joined on Flickr and am going to try and tackle my second quilt. Love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

Robert and Cassie said...

Joined the great granny along, so excited to make some blocks this week to post :)

Angela said...

Oh how cute is that. I am in. Will start picking fabric tomorrow. Thanks for the chance to win.. I love granny squares, my granny taught me to crochet them.

Ruth Clapp said...

I made my first Great Granny Block today and look forward to many more. I haven't joined flickr yet but will get to that soon.

Ruth C

Kell said...

I'm in. I joined the Flickr group. I need to finish a couple of things before I start though. Thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie said...

I have been wanting to make this block. Thanks for the push to get started. Can't wait to see everyone's blocks on flickr.

Donna said...

Love the block and a grear use for scraps! Also just joined the Flickr group. Would love to win the jelly roll.

Maryjo said...

Today it the day...I am joining! Thank you for all that you your tutorials! I joined flicker off to sew!

Marla Nelson said...

A very pretty quilt. Love making quitls like this.

Bari Jo said...

I LOVE this! I have been wanting to do a granny square quilt! And I have been wanting it to be bigger!!! If you were here now I would give you a big hug and smooch on the cheek! THANK YOU for teaching me how to do this!!!! I cannot wait - I have some special scraps I have saved for something like this!!!! I am so excited! I love the extra round this has and the finished size and how perfect it comes out and that you can use the 12.5 inch ruler to square them up! Thank you for showing me how to use left over pre cuts with no waste - BIG HUG!!! I also love my boards I made from your tutorial. Now I need to make myself a large one like you have - mine are all the smaller version - but I use them all the time and just LOVE them - thank you for that tutorial also! You ROCK! :O)

Sherry said...

I love these blocks and will get my background fabric this week. I think this will be great fun. I will join the flickr group right now.

nanotchka said...

Looks like I got back into town just in time to join your quilt along! I can't wait to get started on my "great-granny" quilt! Thanks for the giveaway! I follow your blog and love it!

Patti Shanks said...

I tried to resist, but it was futile! I'm going to start cutting today!

Betty Lou said...

Posted my first four blocks today, what a fun block. Thanks for sharing. Betty Lou

Deb Peterson said...

I can't wait to get started on this. Just finished 2 quilt tops so have to start something new. Right?


Karen H said...

ok, I'm in! I got all my fabric cut today. I need a baby girl quilt and found my scraps of pink, green, brown and gray. We'll see how this goes! :)

Karen H said...

Ok, I'm in! I got my fabric cut today..... I'll be making 12 blocks for a baby girl quilt. Thanks! :)

Kim said...

I just found this! LOVE the great grannies!!! I joined the group--I can't wait to get started!!!

Kim Q said...

Nice giveaway! Now, to go dig in my stash...this block looks like so much fun.

Susan Fangman said...

I am so excited to make this quilt! Would love to win some of your fabric to make mine! I am signed up to be a part of the flikr group. Thanks for the opportunity!

Paula said...

I would love to join in. Everyone's blocks look great, & I will be posting my blocks to flicker shortly.

Ange said...

I have been having fun putting the blocks's so easy and fun!
Here's a little of what I have done so far

Thanks again for such a fun summer project!

Maurine Huffines said...

oh I so want to be entered in your giveaway so I have joined .
will be making my block soon..
I love this..
Maurine Huffines

Charlotte said...

I crochet and love the granny square. This is something I would love to try. New follower.

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I can't wait to make my block and join!
marilyn2222 @

katiedidit said...

I'm in. Love the scrappy look of your quilt. And thanks for the chance to win some great fabric!

becky said...

of course i have joined the qal who could resist i also joined the flicker group this will be the first flicker group i have joined nervous and excited to find out more about it.I really enjoy your blog and pleasant home.I really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into all your blogs. Thank-you Becky

4dreamsr said...

Yes I want to make Great Granny! Thanks for chance to win jelly roll.

Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

I love that newsprint fabric! What exactly is it?

Even though it's convenient to use jelly rolls to make these blocks, the blocks could be made even bigger if you start with bigger squares, like 3 1/2"! Just something I've been mulling over ... :)

Bev said...

I finally, after fighting it, have joined. I blogged about it today. Sigh...I'm weak...I say no new projects and I go. Well, finished the first block. It's fast and fun!

Thanks! and Cheery Wave! from Bev

m said...

Oh so nice! I've made lots of crochet granny blocks but never a patchwork one! Count me in, I'd love to join (also joined in the flickr group)... thanks!!

MandaBurms said...

Thank you for sharing - two more blocks to go and all the blocks are made for a quilt.
Love leanne Nz

Heather A said...

Just happened upon your blog while searching a for a granny tutorial.... I love love love this! Exactly the block I was looking to make my king size quilt. Thank you.

Lynn A said...

Love all of your books and quilts. So adorable, I'm joining the flinkr group and making my Great granny block. THANKYOU

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