Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Super Penguin Quilt Along...

I joined my friend Ayumi's quilt along!
Ayumi is my friend from Japan 
that I've told you about before...
she is so super talented as well
 as an absolute sweetie pie.

I was so excited last week when
 she announced her quilt along...
I love everything that Ayumi does 
so of course I quickly 
jumped right on board!

Ayumi has teamed up with 
 and they are offering one
 block a month for a year...
designed by Ayumi and sold at 
Super Buzzy...hence the name...

All 12 blocks will go into a
 quilt when complete.
 With the hot month of July
 being the first month...
Ayumi designed these yummy 
popsicles to cool us off!

Today I'm showing you my versions
 of her lovely designs. 

Strawberry/Banana popsicle

Vanilla Bean/Marshmallow Fudge Bar

Blueberry/Lime Popsicle

Three popsicles together = the July Block

Ayumi is so generous...
she gave us 4 different 
popsicles in the pattern to choose from. 

I couldn't stop at just 3 so 
I made this one too.
I call it my
 Watermelon/Kiwi Popsicle:)

A tutti-frutti row of popsicles:) 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I'll be spending mine 
with friends and family...
and trying to soak up all of the
 yummy summer that I can!


verykerryberry said...

Delicious looking ices! I love the flavour names to go with the fabrics!

Elizabeth said...

They look so yummy. I could go for one right now!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

7:43 AM I am drinking cappuccino, and now for some reason I want a Popsicle!!!
Happy sewing, Patti

Unknown said...

These are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I love your color combinations, they are just YUMMY!!!

Kimberly said...

Just adorable. Nothin' else to say!

Deborah said...

So delightful! I bought the pattern when it first came out but I am too caught up with great granny squares to switch gears!

Nedra said...

I don't recall seeing you do much paper piecing before? The popsicles look so delish in your fabric! I love everything Ayumi makes, and if I had any extra time, I would join you :) At the moment, I'm having too much fun making Great Grannies.

beth said...

just wondering how difficult these are to make?

ayumills said...

Ohhh Lori, you definitely know how to make a girl's day!!! All your popsicles are soooo perfectly pieced and delicious looking!! Blueberry/Lime popsicle sounds so good to me now!!
Thank you for your sweetness to quilt along with me and to blog about your yummy popsicles~!!

Nanna said...

my goodness how many things can we get inot? lol! humm do I dare? lol!

Anna said...

A hug.

Micupoftea said...

How cute, Lori! Nice piecing~

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