Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, UTAH!!!

Last week was spring quilt market 
and because it was here in Salt Lake...
 I decided to do the very first Bee in my Bonnet booth:)

We loaded up some of the furniture from my cottage 
and headed to the Salt Palace to start setting up:)
Salt Lake is about 25 miles from where I live.

As I started to decorate the booth...
 I brought in more and even more things 
 from my cottage to give my booth the real 
Bee in my Bonnet treatment:)

I brought all of the quilts that are in all 3 of my books...

Kassidy and I made the bunting to hang across the top of the booth...
I think I reached my goal of 
covering every inch of the curtained walls with quilts:)

This was my home away from home for the week.
I had so much fun!
I had my quilty peeps Judy, Beth, Shanna and Rosanna to help me.
I signed books every day and 
I visited with so many wonderful quilt shop owners...
 and got to introduce a few new 
Bee in my Bonnet products!

One of which is my brand new line of 
"Cute Cuts"
rotary cutting mats!
I'm so excited:)

They come in my happy colors and 
are very nice quality...
 and are of course self healing.
They come in 3 sizes;
24" x 36"
18" x 24"
12" x 18"
They are double sided so there are 6 colors total.

Here is the other side:)
The mats will be ready to ship next month.

I also have a new line of magnets for fun quilty gifts!

And my "Cute Little Buttons"
 are just about ready to ship to quilt shops!

I'm also excited to announce that coming this December is 

My first fabric collection (Sew Cherry) is back by popular demand:)
I have added a few more prints as well as a fat quarter panel.
The gingham will come in all 6 color ways:)

Here is a sneak peek of the quilt we will be doing for the sew along...
it's called Sweetie Pie and yes...
there will be a new set of Sew Simple Shapes called Fruit Salad:)

I'm super excited about all of these!
Thank you so much to all of you who came
 to visit me in my little booth and
 also to those who came to my schoolhouse...
you were so sweet to me and it was so fun to meet all of you!!

to see the video of my schoolhouse:)


Cfrosty said...

Your colors always make me smile. The quilt on the yellow table is that a new pattern? Thank you!

Susie Hoover said...

What a beautifully fun booth!

Jan Wilkinson said...

Thank you for sharing your booth story. Was almost like being there...Love your style and designs and especially your colors!

sapphire said...

Your booth is so cute! Love the colors of the furniture. Looks like a lot of work and fun.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, your booth looked just so cozy and sweet! If I had been there I would have plopped myself down right there and stayed the entire week! I LOVE how you covered everything with quilts and your cute furniture, and I noticed that adorable bunting right away! Your new pattern looks so sweet!! I guess I'll be purchasing my THIRD set of templates when they come out!
Have a great week!

Carolknits said...

I wish I could be there, thanks for the photos. Of course, I want ALL your new sale items....great products!

Diana Pike said...

I love your cutting mats! Where can I order one online?

Altomare said...

Your booth is so cute. I love it and everything you put in there, especially the quilts.

Holly said...

I'd never have guessed that this was your first Market Booth, to look at the finished result. It was complete and total Eye-candy, and I imagine you were mobbed most of the time!

Thank you for sharing the pictures. And for the heads' up regarding your next Quilt-Along. I'll be clearing some of my schedule for that beauty!

SewCal Surf Gal said...

Lori Holt beside being the most awesome fabric and designer of cute quilty things, I'd love to have a book on interior decorating from you!

Nettie said...

And the "quilty fun" just keeps on getting better!
Love your new cutting mats and magnets.

Billy'sgirl said...

Your booth is gorgeous! Reminded me that I have several more quilts to make from your 3 books.
I NEED those magnets!

Sallie said...

I love your new cutting mats!! The colors are perfect for my sewing room. I can't wait to order them!

Marsha said...

Sew Cherry 2 is the best news ever! GINGHAM!!! I can't wait!! Thanks for bringing it back. That's one thing that bugs me about fabric lines. They produce only so much and then it's on to the next one. Some fabrics are "staples" that need to always be available.

Kathy said...

Your booth looks like your home away from home!

LauraDot said...

I want to live in your cottage!!! You are such an inspiration. I can't wait for Sew Cherry 2!! Loving your Cozy Christmas collection right now. I am trying to decide what I am going ot make with my fat quater bundle.

Little Quiltsong said...

This is all super exciting! I didn't 'find you' :) till some of your first fabric lines were gone - so this is especially exciting that I can 'go back in time' for some of this fabric. Also really looking forward to your new products of Cute Cuts - Magnets and Buttons and another Sew Along after your Christmas Fabric one. You are always full of fun and excitement. You didn't see my hand up when Kimberly asked if anyone has made your Row Along Quilt - but my hand was waving (at my computer)- that is what started me off on my quilting journey! I ended up making 7 for family members - lots of piecing and oh so much fun. I just finished the Great Granny Square Quilt (only one of that one)- :)! I really enjoyed your Quilt Market Video - so glad you could be there this year.

phototeach said...

I love your use of color and of course your sense of design but what I REALLY want is to come and live in your cottage with all that wonderful painted furniture. Oh, that yellow drop leaf table and chair!!!!!

Cynthia said...

Your booth was beautiful!! I was in South Jordan and wasn't even able to go to quilt market because I'm not a shop owner :( I love all your new things, especially the cutting mats, they are sensational!!! I also really love Sew Cherry 2 :} You are so talented and creative! See you in July :)

Lesley Gilbert said...

Your booth furniture was the perfect background to set off all your beautiful quilts and other items :)

pam said...

Beautiful! Such great colors/ I don't think I had heard of you when you came out with your first line. Now I have so I will be adding some fabric to my stash!! pam

Dondi Murdock said...

Yesterday while I was shopping to get more quilting needles I simply had to get two of your yummy Christmas/winter prints to go with your darling prints when I saw my husband looking around the shop. He came over and asked, "You're getting MORE fabric?"

"Yes. It's on sale!" I replied.

"I really like that quilt hanging right there," he said, pointing to your Bloom Along.

"Awesome, because I'm buying that fabric to go with the other fabric I have been stashing already," I happily replied.

Is there much better than choosing fabric your husband really likes? I have been busy making quilts to take to China with us in September for 3 weddings for our former students we taught 4 years ago when we were BYU China teachers. Now my husband really understands why fabric is so important. He really gets how long it takes to make a quilt as he sees me sewing, sewing, sewing. He sews the finished product that goes to our students and our grandchildren. Now he approves!

Thank you for your super adorable fabrics that my husband really likes! Next I will get your cute shape makers.

Susann Evans said...

Wow Lori, Your booth at quilt market was fantastic! You really know how to do the "WOW"! Everything was beautiful, so much color and it just yelled FUN,FUN,FUN.You are so talented and fun to be with. I just love seeing all you do. Now sleep for a week.

krankywitch said...

So much Eye Candy!!

I shared your pics of your cutting mats with my fabric buying group and they're all dying to get a full set

Hopefully Riley Blake won't delay too long in sending them downunder, and they better send lots.

Please keep releasing more 'girly' quilting tools - we like our work spaces to be pretty as well as practical


MeMaw & Pa said...

Hello from 2 more fans! My husband and I have both been doing The Farm Girl Vintage blocks and we each have the first 36 completed in the 12 inch size. We have 2 grandsons, ages 7 and 4, and the goal is for both boys to get a quilt. I am also doing 12 for a quilt that will be a wedding gift for a friend. My plan is to follow the layout on page 112. Here is a question for you: is the Twelve Farm Girl Blocks quilt on page 103 shown any where in full view?

Freda's Hive said...

Your booth is cute. Sad I didn't make it to market this year. Too much going on. Love the mat. I will be getting one for sure.

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