Monday, May 30, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week 20 - Block 20!!

Good morning cute people...
let's do this!!!

Can you believe that after today we will be finished with our BLOOM blocks?
But it's never too late to get started!
to download the free pattern 
for my BLOOM quilt:)

I've had a blast making 
cute appliqué blocks using my 

Today is of course...
block twenty:)

And here are my Calico Days 
fabric choices for this week.

We will be using 
A-7   A-13   A-20 
Sew Simple Shapes

From BOTH fabric and interfacing:
Cut 1 - 3" x 4" for the flower center
Cut 2 - 2" x 3" for the leaves
Cut 8 - 2" squares for the petals

Prepare stem piece about 5" long
Cut your background 9" square

1. Trace your shapes onto the interfacing.
2. Pair up with fabric...
stitch on traced line and trim a 1/4" seam allowance.
3. Cut an "X" in the interfacing for turning.
4. Turn and shape using the Clover turning tool.
Press on the fabric side:)

Press a crease in the center 
of your block like this.

Place your stem on the center of 
the line and even with the bottom edge.

Measure up 3 1/4" fem the bottom edge to place your first petal.

Measure 1 1/4" from the top edge to place the top petal.

Now place your oval in the center...

And add the two side petals.

Fill in the four remaining petals.

Pin or glue baste into place for appliqué.

When your appliqué is complete...
press from the back and trim your block down to 8 1/2" square.

Choose and cut your border fabrics and corner squares...

And sew together your super cute...very last...

Now you can sew the last row together and add the borders...


Next week I'll show you my 
BLOOM Quilt 
right after I get it back 
from the quilter and bound:)


Carolknits said...

Wow...hard to believe this is the last block. I can't wait to see how you quilted it. Did you quilt through the appliques, around them, or what? It will give all of us good ideas:)

Kim said...

We have 9 in our group...we have had sew much fun and enjoyed you!
We are looking forward to Cozy Christmas....

Ande said...

I love the little framed 'pads' of felt that you use to layout your fabric pieces and you have a tutorial for making those?...they sure look handy :)
and LOVE your traditional fabrics and well...just everything you do!
Its getting harder and harder to find feedsacks and vintage fabric pieces and seems that hardly anyone is making 'traditional' or vintagy quilting collections anymore. I hope that the fat qtr shop keeps having a great selection.

Jan N said...

Thanks so much Lori for sharing this fun cute quilt project, I've enjoyed looking forward to every block!

PotsandPins said...

Adorable!!! I want you to know I LIVE for your Instagram pics at night! I get on my iPad and scroll through to find your pics and then study them and more often than not I find myself falling asleep thinking about your quilts! So, once again, thanks! (I think!!) xoxo, Nan

Unknown said...

I am looking foward to see your project quilted. Is there any suggestion for the label? Thank you for the inspiration.

Bobbie said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful sew-a-long. I would stay up on Sunday night and wait until midnight to get the next blocks instructions. I don't know what is going to happen when next Sunday rolls around and I won't have a block to work on. Your fabric is the star of the quilt and I just can't wait to get it quilted and up for show on my quilt rack. Thanks again Lori, I am looking forward to your next sew-a-long.

Dee said...

I have enjoyed making this quilt (blocks) since I am currently without my sewing machine I am doing this completely by hand. It is my 1st real patterned quilt. I will be donating it to my son's school for their annual charity bazaar in January. It has helped me pass many hours and satisfied my need to create! Thanks, Lori, for such a beautiful and colorful quilt design!

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