Monday, March 16, 2009

Vintage Monday- Grandpa's Clock

Today on Vintage Monday I decided to show you my clock that I just recently recieved. It was my Grandpas clock that used to hang in his office. He and my grandmother owned a coin operated laundry center when I was a girl.
They bought the laundry center after thier 4 children were married (my Dad is thier oldest). They sold thier farm and started a new chapter of thier lives which included many business ventures, geneology work, serving several church missions and ALOT of traveling the world.
My grandpa passed away a few years back and my grandma who is now in her 96th year (yes, I said 96) has been living on her own and doing well, but recently has moved in with her daughter who of course is my aunt.
The family has been going through things that are in storage at my grandparents house and last month my oldest son Ben was helping when they came across the clock. My aunt said "Hey- does your mom still collect Coca-cola stuff? She would really like this, why don't you take it to her?" and so because Ben is such a good son, he did!
I had forgotten all about it because I probably hadn't seen it since I was in 4th grade (thats when they sold the center) but as soon as Ben brought it to me, right away I remembered grandpas office and the clock hanging there. Of course it brought tears to my eyes.
The clock still works and I decided to hang it in my studio because that's my office and I of course want to be like my grandpa!
It's a plug in clock and lights up so Mr.Honey fixed it so that the clock would work all the time but I could use the switch to turn the light on and off. I love Mr. Honey and I love my new-old clock.
Here is a picture of me sitting on my grandpas lap--the best place to be back in the day!
My grandparents loved thier grandkids! They were always to EVERY holiday celebration or school event or performance of any kind (they really weren't gone ALL the time). They thought we along with our cousins were the most talented kids around and often told us so. I miss my grandpa:) I miss how he was always quick to hug me and how he always filled the room with laughter. He truly was a joy to be around.
My grandparents were quite the amazing couple- they were ALWAYS together. I truly don't remember ever seeing them apart until my grandpa passed away. They loved each other dearly and the last wish of grandpa was that my grandma would be taken care of.
They loved to dance (that's how they met) and here they are having a good time dancing in the streets of Mexico sometime in the 70's.

Now they are swimming together somewhere on a faraway romantic island. (I don't know where, the slide didn't say) but it could have been anywhere knowing them!

They loved to travel. They went all over the world and always brought back a treasure for each of us grandkids. We were forever waiting for them to return from somewhere or other it seemed.

Aren't they cute together wearing kimonos in Japan?
Here they are in Egypt riding a camel- or anyway Grandpa is!
I love this picture of my Grandma. This is so her- in her fancy jewelry in Paris.When I look at the picture I can almost feel what it might have been like to be there.
These are only a few photos from all 37 trays of vacation slides that I have recently gone through of my grandparents travels. WOW- they really did go to alot of places!
I hope you enjoyed vintage Monday and the trip down memory lane with me and my grandparents.
P.S. I finished counting the yo-yo's! Stay tuned for the results on Thursday:)

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dream quilt create said...

What a sweet love story about your grandparents. Between them, and between them and you too. Mr. Honey seems very romantic too.

Linda said...

You are a lucky girl! How wonderful to have all those sweet memories of your Grandma and Grandpa - and to still be making memories with your Grandma! I love the pics, I especially love the dancing one - oh, I and love the camel one too! Your Grandma looks especially tall standing next to that camel! :)

Nielson said...

I love love love those pictures! They are so sweet and fun!

Kim Walus said...

Hi Lori, What great memories and I loved the pictures too! I have the most memories of my grandparents on my father's side and didn't get to meet my mother's parents until I was 16 years old. My mom was from New Zealand. She moved to the states and married my dad. We were all born in the U.S.

Thanks for sharing!

Nedra said...

What a wonderful legacy they have left you. The pictures of them traveling all over the world are so endearing. So great to see a couple so in love.

Carrie P. said...

What sweet pictures and memories. I really enjoyed reading about your grandparents. Makes me miss mine who have been gone for a while now. I loved being with them.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely story to read, Lori. And the pictures make it complete. Isn't that funny, what a clock does to your good memories!

Unknown said...

What a treasure to have that clock and the special memories you have of your grandpa. It does bring you down memory lane and appreciating family and the special spirit loved ones bring to our lives. Thanks for sharing a little part of your life.

Nanette Merrill said...

Well blogger just ate my original comment. Anyway the clock is lovely. It will be a great reminder of the lovely life your grandparents lived. It looks like they took life and lifed it to the fullest. How great your grandmother's reunion will be someday. The pictures were fabulous.

Insightful Nana said...

Thanks for sharing your grandparents with me. I love to hear where people come from... and who their folks where. I think character is build from the ground up. I'm proud to have come from good stock. It's sometimes a challenge for me to keep their examples.

I love the clock... You wouldn't want to share that would you? lol

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of grandma & grandpa! The one of them in Mexico is my favorite. Grandma in her kimono looks JUST like Lisa! I miss grandpa.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the clock and the photos. There wonderful. Grandma's and grandpas are the best.

Unknown said...

The Paris photo reminded me of our visit to the most romantic city in the world. I often wonder what happened to our society when I see photos such as yours. The people dressed for the "occasion" and even though they didn't have the money we have today, the photos show a sense of style and occasion.
Lovely stories and am happy you have those photos too. Such memories.

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