Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kassidy's piano...

.... and her recital. Kassidy has been playing the piano since she was 5 so she is actually very good. I just love listening to her practice every day. I grew up in a house where someone was ALWAYS playing the piano....our parents required all of us kids to take 2 years and then continue on by our choice.
Two of my sisters, Debbie and Jennifer did continue on and both are excellent players. Debbie is my oldest sister and we spent many ours together at the piano. She would play and I would sing. Those were happy times for me and so I love that Kassidy enjoys playing and does it so well. Mr. Honey is a very talented musician and she inherited that from him.

Our home has been filled with the sound of her playing carols and it really brings the spirit of Christmas into my heart. My favorite that she plays is a gorgeous arrangment of Joy to the just takes my breath away. Such a beautiful song and a joyeous message to the world.

I taught a new block yesterday at Material Girls. It's the newest addition to my Paper Doll quilt....and it goes right along with this weeks Piano Recital/Hair Dryer theme.

I had of course already drawn the block and chosen the fabric before I found the Hair Dryer Bonnet at Aunt Elsie's last was so much fun to find it then...right when I was in the middle of appliqueing a hairdryer!

The one in my block is like my Grandma Cranes. Hers is teal and white and still works. She still uses it. She likes to have her hair rolled and combed out. My Grandma Crane is 93 and my Grandma Ewell is 96.....I know I'm really lucky to still have both of them.

I used the new scrumptious velvet ric-rac from Riley-Blake to trim the bottom of the robe. I love that ric-rac and it comes in lots of yummy colors...check it out here...

The real Kassidy paints her toenails once a week (but not under the dryer) .....she has used Grandma Cranes hair dryer while at our luncheons there and I know I took pictures...but I couldn't find them anywhere so I can't show you. You'll just have to imagine how cute she looked in BIG jumbo size pink rollers under the hair dryer. She has VERY curly hair, so she uses big rollers to relax the curl a bit....we all know that she obviously didn't get her curls from me, but also inhereted them from Mr. Honey.
I really had fun with this block...I hope you like it

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Jocelyn said...

You block looks so precious. Oh Lori, you are bringing back so many memories. We used to have music in our home ever since my children were little. They've all given it up now, which makes me VERY sad. I really miss the music. I hope that Kassidy does well for her recital.

Nedra said...

Most of my children took piano lessons and I remember going to all the recitals at Christmas time. Kass looks beautiful at the piano. Great block to remember happy times.

•stephanie• said...

you're so lucky that kassidy plays and loves it.
i think that's the key - loving it.
i tried with all my might to get my girls to play.
but they didn't love it.
the daughter of mine who showed the most interest, ironically, is the one who is profoundly hearing impaired.
unfortunately, i don't think that would have worked out very well.

the new quilt block is darling - as usual.
i especially love the pink plastic curler pins - totally remember them!
and the hair dryer cord = adorable.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very cute!! First Kassidy and then the block!!

Melinda said...

Good luck to Kassidy and the quilt
block is adorable!


Dawn said...

Good luck Kassidy! Lori, the block is brought back so many memories. I remember my mom curling her hair with those pink pins sticking out and sitting under the dryer. Her dryer was a portable one with a hose. Thanks for the smile.

mbroider said...

I love this block, and the Sophie ones too. These applique have style!!

How did you get that comb done??!!??

Joanna said...

Lori, that block is absolutely adorable, as is your daughter!! My 9 year old, Sofia, would die to have curls like your daughter's. Sofia's is dead straight and she dreams of curls!!

Sherry said...

Hi Lori. I love this post. What memories. My sister & I took piano lessons together. Love this block sooooo much. I remember those hair dryers. All the best to Kassidy at her recital, bet she'll be great!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Lori, your daughter is soooo pretty. I'd love to hear her play. I bet it sounds wonderful.
Merry Christmas.

Nanette Merrill said...

That Kassidy is something else. Think of what you are passing on to her children by giving her things from your childhood. So great. She's beautiful and talented. Would love to see those pics of her under the dryer! The new block is great.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Hello from Newfoundland, Canada!!!!

I am ABSOLUTELY in AWE over your creativity and work!!!!!!!!!! I am having a very hard time trying to decide what pattern of yours I want to order!!!!!

I am Awe struck!!!!!! You are one very talent woman and you have an amazing imagination when it comes to your applique! I love to applique but you have taken applique to a whole new level!

You have made me an instant follower of your blog and I intend to share your blog with those who read my blog if that is okay with you!!

Quiltingly Yours

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