Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Valentine Treats from Candy Canes ...

Hello again bloggy friends!....I was just thinking...if you happen to have any leftover candy canes...you might want to check out these fun tutorials...
The cute valentine lollipops above were made by my friend Jodi over at Pleasant Home....if you want to make some...check out her tutorial here.
They are just so cute I love them!...Jodi really has a way of making everything adorable...well...you'll see what I mean when you get there.
And after that...take a looky at these awesome heart candys... made by Tiffany.... another great idea from Cute food for Kids....her easy tutorial is here.

After you have made your treats...you will need some sweet little treat bags to put them in....so go on over and visit Serena at one of my favorite places....The Farm Chicks.
She is offering them as a free printable. You can find the link by clicking here.
So I hope you havn't thrown out your cute little mini candy canes...if you still have them...recycle them into adorable valentine treats!
Have a Happy Tuesday...I hope you're up to something sweet:)


Jeni said...

I do still have some...thanks for the beautiful idea and for sharing about the farm chicks.

Anonymous said...

those are super cute! i still have a few candy canes, too :)

Bolo heads said...

I think I saw you at the Joann's yesterday. I said you look familiar to me and now I know it was you. I was afraid of lookig like a stalker. Of course now I am here telling you this whole story and there is still the possibility that is was not you. Incase it was it was lovely seeing you. If I do see you again I wll try to remain calm, and tell you what a big fan I am with out looking like a dork. But thena gain here I am telling you this whole pointless story so I am going to go now.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Such a cute idea. Sweet and pretty.

lissa said...

Those are adorable. I found some candy canes on the sale counter yesterday. I can't wait to make these. Thanks for sharing.


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