Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 New FWQAL Blocks...

Hello cute people...and a Happy September!
I have 4 more Farmers Wife blocks on the design wall in my studio...these blocks are so much fun to make and are so simple when using the Easy Corner triangles method.
All four of the blocks use the same method that I have shown in my FWQAL if you have been following should have no problem at all drafting and sewing these blocks. 

#31 Evening Star
Fabrics used:
Blue = Sew Cherry
Red = Sew Cherry
White = Redwork Romance

#55 Linoleum
Fabrics used:
Center square = Simply Sweet 
Green Dot = Sew Cherry
Yellow Gingham = ?
White = Nantucket summer

#12 Broken Sugar Bowl
Fabrics used:
Dk. Pink = Aun Grace Authentic
Lt. Pink = ?
Brown Gingham = Sew Cherry
Brown Dot = Mama's Feedsacks
White = Nantucket Summer 

#33 Farmer's Puzzle
Fabrics used:
Dark Green = Nicey Jane
Light Green = ?
Blue = Timeless Treasures
Stripe = ?

When I drafted this last block...I took the liberty of changing the measurements just a smidge to make it easier for rotary cutting.
I wanted the very center to be a different fabric also(
it finishes at 1" x 1" and the light green rectangles finish at 1" wide also.
I cut the 4 blue daisy rectangles 1 3/4" x 3" and the stripe squares to make the easy corner triangles 1 3/4" x 1 3/4".
Hope this helps!
I'm still enjoying the book and the essays by the Farmer's wives...all are fun to read.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!...
as for me...It's a long holiday weekend and so
I am loading up the trailer for one last camping trip of the season...the mountains are once again calling my name:)


Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Beautiful blocks Lori! I can't wait to put some of your techniques into practise, hopefully next week when my Little One is back at school.

S x

Jean(ie) said...

I have six blocks completed. I have four more cut out. I'm sewing mine by hand. The next block is one with 24 itty bitty triangles. That'll keep me busy for a while! LOL!

Carol said...

Love the way you did Farmer's Puzzle...thank you so much Lori! ENJOY your camping weekend!

Jocelyn said...

Enjoy your weekend Lori. Summer's last hoorah :-)

Nedra said...

I made Evening Star and Linoleum just yesterday!
Have a wonderful time camping in the trailer with your family.

Jane said...

Your fabric choices are making this my favorite FWQ!
I absolutely love it! My own doesn't even compare!
Thanks for the tutorials! They are extremely helpful!

Mary said...

I love tlhese blocks. They all look so cheerful and fun. Love, love, them. My Farmer's wife is done. Maybe I should start another one!

Maxine said...

What can one say..Thanks again for the tuts. and I need to start this Farmer's Wife...Enjoy the weekend...nothing like the mountains....

Anonymous said...

Lori, every time I pop over here, you amaze me! These blocks are so beautiful; I can't wait to buy a stack of fabric and try all of these myself. :)

Pat said...

I love all the blocks and I love all the tuts too!!! I never seemed to like the old patterns for quilts but with your choice of fabrics I love them. Thanks!!!!

Memaw and Papa said...

I just love your fabric choices. I am gathering Sew Cherry very fast. It goes so well with the Daisy's and Dots that I started making my FW Blocks. Your's are genius. Wishing you are fun and relaxing holiday.
Thanks again
Cindy in Utah

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great blocks and love your fabrics!

Jeannette said...

Your blocks are my favorites! I truly adore your fabric choices.

Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex said...

Hi, This is so funny I got this book about a week ago from my local library and was planing to make a sampler crib quilt for my brother first child. How fantastic is that I found your blog with such great colour combos for the blocks. Also I have a question.The book comes with the cd with the templates do you cut out the templates and then trace it on the fabric? I only used measurements before with patterns so I am little confused. Hope you can shed some light on this for me. I am also in the process of making your mini design boards. They are such a great idea!!! Thanks

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