Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lined Travel Bag Tutorial...

Today I thought I would share a
 fun and easy tutorial for  
"Lined Travel Bags"
 I designed them to go with my new
 Millie's Closet fabric line.

I don't know about you...
but when I travel,
 I like to keep my things separated
 inside my suitcase to protect them.

Things like sweaters or delicate clothing
 items are good to keep separated so 
that they aren't roughed up during travel...
and I also like to keep my shoes 
in separate bags too.
This bag finishes at about 10" x 16"
 perfect for a pair of shoes or
 for whatever else you may need it:) 

For each bag you will need...
2 Fat quarters.
One for the outside of the bag...
 and one for the lining.
Cut EACH fat quarter to measure 17" x 21".
For the tie you will need one
 2 1/2" x 44" strip of fabric.

Fold the lining in half with 
right sides together so that it
 measures 10 1/2" x 17".
On the side that isn't folded,
 measure 7" down from the top and
 5" up from the bottom...
placing a mark on the seam allowance
 so that you know where to 
stop and start stitching....
this is your opening for turning
 right side out later.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance,
 sew along the bottom edge and the side, leaving the top open... 
and make sure to leave the opening
 that you have marked unstitched.
 Don't forget to backstitch each time
 that you stop and start again.

Fold the bag front in half with right sides together so that it measures 10 1/2" x 17".
You will need to leave an opening for
 the tie on this piece.
Measure 2" down from the top and mark...
then measure another 1 1/4" down 
from that line and mark again.
 You should have 2 marks 1 1/4"apart.

Stitch along the bottom and the side...leaving the area between your markings unstitched. Backstitch to secure stitches each time
 you stop and start again.

You will need to finger press the seams open on the bag front and stitch around the casing opening so that the seam allowance won't come out when you tie and untie your bag.
By the way...I used matching thread on my other bags but I used contrasting thread for this one so that you could see my stitches:)

For this next step,
 turn the bag front right side out but
 keep the lining turned wrong side out.

Place the bag front inside of the lining and line up the top edges and the
 side seam allowance.
Pin into place and stitch all the way 
around the top edges.

Like this.

Remember the opening in the lining?...
it's time to pull the 
front of the bag through it...

Like this.

Now both front and lining are sewn together 
at the top and both are turned 
right side out like this.
Now top stitch the opening in 
the lining closed...

Like this.

As I said before, your front and lining are sewn together at the top...
now push the lining inside of the
 bag front until they both lay 
as flat as possible and 
give your bag a nice press. 

To form your casing for the tie...
sew a line 1 1/2" down from the top...
and then another line 2 3/4" from the top.

You will have a casing that 
measures 1 1/4" wide..
and a finished opening in the 
 bag front for the tie!

Fold your 2 1/2" x 44" strip of fabric
 with right sides together and 
stitch down the side with 
a 1/4" seam allowance.

Use your favorite turning method and
 turn it right side out...
for this one I used the
 tried and true 
safety pin method 
that my mom taught me:)

After turning...
give it a nice press and 
tuck the seam allowance inside on
 each end and topstitch closed.

 I used the safety pin again 
to thread 
my tie thru the casing.

Lay your bag out flat until the end
 of the ties are even...

And stitch a small zigzag back and forth
 a few times over the center of 
the tie inside the casing 
so that it won't come out!

The tie is long enough to tie a cute bow:)

Your bag is ready for travel...
or gift giving:)
I think I'll make a few of these 
 my mom for Mother's Day 
and fill 
them with something fun!

I wanted to show you one of the bags
 that I made using my fabric that 
looks like it's already been pieced...
but it wasn' just comes off the bolt 
that way!...that's how I designed it:)

I have made several of these bags already and I have even more cut out and ready to go.
I hope you all enjoyed my latest tutorial...
and until next time...
have a quilty kind of day!!!


dream quilt create said...

I love your tutorial Lori!! I really really want to make some of these bags. When I was scrolling down the blogs that I follow, I saw the bag made from Millie's Closet. I thought to myself, "Heh, who got a hold of Lori's fabric!" Then I looked at the title of the blog and it was yours!!! lol

Nedra said...

You always do such a nice job on your tutorials. The bags are especially darling in your fabrics!

trish said...

What a fabulous tutorial Lori. The stitch on the outer part of the bag to secure the tie will make *all* the difference for me. :0) Thank you for showing us how. :0) Your fabric is just as pretty as ever!

My Vintage Mending said...

Super excited! I just ordered my Millie's Closet fabric last night...This is cute for tap shoes or ballet slippers too. Oh the possibilities. Thank you Lori for sharing the inspiration...smiles...Renee

Lisa Lisa said...

I love this! Thanks so much for the great tutorial!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Cute bags! Thanks for doing a tutorial.

elizabeth said...

Great tutorial! Beautiful fabric : )

PamKittyMorning said...

Those are all sew-cute! Love your darling prints! xo

Ana Márquez said...

Thanks for this wonderful tutorial!! I've just discovered your blog, it's fantastic!

Big hugs from
Vintage Collages

Maxine said...

Another great tutorial...I will be making a bunch of these cute bags...Again hats off to you Lori..When does you new line of fabric come out? Just love this line...Thanks again

Material Mary said...

Great idea and fun tutorial. Love love love this new fabric are the greatest...

Linda said...

A fantastic it! I love the bag. Thank you so much for sharing, Lori.

Cindy~ said...

I love your tutorials! They are so clear and usually something a beginner like me can handle. These bags are so cute! I think I will make some for my (grown) daughters for Easter. Thank you for the tip of stitching in the middle of the casing so it won't slip out. Ahh, it's the simple things that can make it or break it. Thanks for caring and sharing.

Arish said...

Son unas bolsas preciosas y muy bien explicadas; yo también soy aficcionada a hacer bolsas para guardar todo tipo de cosas.
Me gusta mucho tu blog, te invito a visitar los míos.

Carrie P. said...

I saw your video on Riley Blake about this project. Great job! and it looks like a great project and I think I will make some for Christmas gifts.

Libby said...

I too saw your video on Riley Blake ~ (and I think your darling grandaugher favors you so much). Just love this tutorial and the others you have done. Just love your fabric lines (Please don't ask me which one I like best) Thanks for all the tutorials.

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Me too, saw you on Riley Blake, and love these bags....great tutorial, can't wait to start creating some. TFS

L'Atelier à Malices said...

WOW, this is a great tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Unknown said...

Printed Bags

Thanks for this amazing tutorial!! I've just found your site, it's fantastic!

Anna said...

Some fabrics and some very nice bags. Thank you very much for your tutorial.
A hug.

Lazare62 said...

thank you for the tutorial. I also enjoyed your video tutorial for the same bag on the RileyBlakeDesigns channel on Youtube.

linynp said...

I truly enjoy all your tutorials! Wish you had a PDF down load for them!

katie jean said...

Lori, my daughter is going to a birthday party sleepover this weekend! Thanks for a great handmade gift idea :)

Unknown said...

Have made one bag and have at least 10 more in progress (wonderful gifts), and I just wanted to add a little tip I just discovered. After turning the ties, when it comes to ironing them flat, I was having difficulty getting them to come out flat and burning my fingers trying to make the seam behave so that I could iron. While looking around my sewing room to find something to help, I discovered that a 1/2 inch dowel rod placed inside the tie would assist in ironing the seam to one side, and after removing the dowel rod, ironing the tie nice and flat is a breeze. Thanks for a great tutorial and much success with your designs!!

Betty said...

Just finished making 2 of these bags. Good instructions. We were making different bags at retreat last week, and I use these for knitting projects also. Perfect for holding one or two skeins of yarn. Only thing I did different was folding the end of the ties in half and tieing a tight knot at the end. I'll be posting pictures later this evening.

Heleen Groot said...

I have just made four! That's right. FOUR. And I will only be bringing one pair of shoes with me on the trip. AND I will be wearing those shoes. The tutorial is very easy to follow. I just loved making these and kept making up reasons why I needed more.....But since I am leaving on Monday (Saturday today), I really should get packing. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! I used it to make reusable Christmas gift bags - I'm so impressed with how they turned out! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for such great, clear tutorial. I made one bag and it is great... thank you so much!!!

Natalia Hernandez
Mexico City, Mexico

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