Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bee in my Bonnet Hexie Half Ruler...and my Honeycomb quilt!!!

This is my "Honeycomb" quilt that I made last October for fall market.
You can tell that I took these pictures back then because...
you see my backyard had just been touched by an
 overnight deep frost...
 and Mr. Frost put all of my beautiful flowers to sleep for the winter:)

Now that it's February...
my backyard is piled high with about 50 feet of snow!
maybe not quite 50 but almost...hehe:)

I made the quilt using my new 
I waited to show you Honeycomb until the 
 rulers were available...
and now that they are finally here...
I can show you!

This is my 15 year old cutie pie Sterling....
son #2....the middle child.

And my 13 year old daughter Kassidy Grace...
the baby of the family and my stunt double as many of you know:)

I made them use up their busy after school time 
to hold up my quilt so I could show you....
I'm pretty sure bribery was involved...(smile)

I'm also pretty sure that this sounds 
familiar to all of you blogger and quilter moms out there...
our kids get to be props and
 quilt holders whether they want to be or not:)

This quilt is completely made using 10" and 5" squares and is
 easy peasy to make in three simple steps thanks to the rulers!!!

1. Rotary cut two large hexie halves from one 10" square for one block
 and sew them together in rows.

2. Then use the smaller size ruler to trace a full hexie shape onto a 5" square and sew it to pellon...right sides together.
 Make a slit in the pellon...turn right side out and press.
(just like I showed you with the circle rulers)

3. Machine applique the smaller hexagon shapes onto the center of each large hexagon.

And it's done!!!

My Honeycomb quilt pattern is also available as a free download to use with my Hexie Half Rulers...
to access it!

I did add 2 borders using my light gray solid...
I wanted to make it look like a big slab of honeycomb...
fresh from the beehive:) 
(As a girl, I used to love watching my dad extract the honey from the comb 
and my sisters and I would chew up the leftover bits like gum)

The borders can either be on the side or 
the top and bottom depending on 
how you display it.
I think this quilt will look awesome
 hanging on the large wall behind my sofa.

It was a windy October day for the pics:)

I took several and I thought I would show you just a few...

Because you can see their personalities and
 relationship of brother and sister...

And that's what mom's do...right?
Show gratuitous photos of their children:)

Two happy teenagers:)

Thanks to the wind...
you can see that I used my gray daisy print from
 Polka Dot Stitches 
on the back of the quilt.

On the front I used a variety of prints from 
Sew Cherry
Millies Closet
Polka Dot Stitches
and Riley Blake polka dots...chevrons and solids:)
A very colorful scrappy pre-cut happy honeycomb indeed!

I hope you are excited about the Hexie Half Rulers...
I know I am.
There are so many ways to use them 
and you can bet that
 I'll be showing them all to you:)

Tomorrow I'll post about the fun quilt 
that I made using my new 
Thimble Rulers.
Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Honeycomb is smashing Lori! Your children are amazing.

The Slow Quilter said...

Looks like a great Hexie Half Rulers, the quilt is great and so are the kids. Love the quilt.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very cute quilt. Your children are growing up way too fast! :-)

PamKittyMorning said...

Very cute! Kassidy is so grown up! Love the photos, congrats!

Anita said...

Love the quilt and the cutie pie teens :)

Darlene said...

Very sweet quilt, Lori. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Can't wait to get all your rulers.

I can get over how grown up your teenagers are. He's very handsome and she's very cute. :-)

dream quilt create said...

Oh, I loooove that Henie quilt! Sterling and Kassidy are really cute too! I'm so glad you included them in the photos, you did capture bits of their personalities :). Better get the shotgun out!

memmens said...

That is gorgeous - I love it, the colours, the pattern, all of it is wonderful - well done you clever lady!

Janice said...

I love the quilt and your new rulers look great. What wonderful pictures of your children also.

judi garber said...

I ordered your hexi ruler yesterday, so I'm so happy to see this quilt pattern today. I love it!

Fernanda said...

Beautiful quilt!!

Bev said...

Wow! Your children are beautiful! Love the quilt! We will have all your rulers in the shop! Love that the quilt patterns come with the rulers!

Cheery wave!


trish said...

Your honeycomb quilt is adorable! Kassidy and Sterling are too cute!
While blogging for my sponsors I included your circle rulers. :o)
Happy Valentine's Day! Trish

robin said...

As always, thank you for making the nearly impossible possible! Hexi's here I come!

karen said...

Charming! The quilt and the kids.

Fran said...

It's stunning. What lovely fabrics :-)

Libby said...

Love the quilt ~ can't wait to try this one two~

Your children are adorable ~

Nanette Merrill said...

Love it. Adorable kids. And we all know quilt holding is their fav thing. I love the gray, too. And it does remind me of honeycomb. we are getting new bees this spring. Our old bees died. Anyway, I love this. I can see it on a bed with gray shams. love the ruler! good for you

Mara said...

I love it and hexies!

Denise in PA said...

Just ordered my rulers - can't wait to make my own Honeycomb! Love the photos - the outtakes are great too!

•stephanie• said...

cute quilt.
cutER kids!

Anna said...

A fantastic work and beautiful pictures.
A hug.

Unknown said...

Very cute and once again, I love the colours you mixed.

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