Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along...Week 2...and a Farm Fresh Flower Tutorial!!!

Good morning!
Are you ready to build another barn?
It's already time for barn #2 of
The Quilty Barn Along

I decided to make a red gingham barn this time
because you all know about my on going love affair with gingham...
and if I had a real barn...
I'm seriously thinking
 that I would have to
 paint it red gingham:)

 I decided to use one of my previously designed blocks
 to go on the side of my gingham barn.
In the past I have called this block of mine several different names...
 but for this quilt...
lets just call it a farm fresh flower:)

This is an easy peasy block.
Easy to cut...easy to sew!!

Start by sewing an easy corner triangle on opposite sides of each leaf square.


and press towards triangles like this.

Now you can go ahead and add another one on the outside corners.

Trim and press towards the triangles again...

 and your leaves are done!

Sew the rectangles together and press towards the petals.

Now sew it into 3 rows just like you would a nine patch.

Press towards the leaves and the flower center so that
 your seams are opposite and will sandwich together nicely:)

Sew all of the rows together and press
 the final seams toward the flower center.


You made a cutie pie 
farm fresh flower.

I always sew my strips around my block before I begin to build my barn.
That way
I know if I like my 
fabric choices before 
the whole barn is built!

Lay your roofing and lumber supplies out on your

 and build your barn!

Barn #2

As I have said...
all of the barns will be the same...
 just different fabric and different 6" blocks..

Of course you can use different background fabric for each block if you want...
 but I am using the same which is my standard
After I made block #2...
 I went ahead and cut the background for the remaining 10 blocks
and put them in a labeled bag.

Blocks #1 and #2 together.
It looks like #1 has a new coat of paint and #2 has a vintagey weathered look...
sew cute together:)

Farm Fresh Flower
6" x 6" finished size
Bee in my Bonnet

I have already chosen my fabric for barn #3...
I just have to decide which block will go on the side!
I will post it two weeks from today:)

I have loved seeing all of your quilty barns so far!
Each one brings a smile to my face:)

Have a quilty barn kind of day my friends...


Missy Shay said...

I've been looking forward to this barn! I ironed the material on Sunday getting it ready for today!

Unknown said...

So excited! Yay! Hehe Off to buy fabric... uh when the store opens. Haha

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm so excited! Thank you for barn #2! Off to buy when the store opens. Haha

Jacqueline said...

Your tut's are fantastic. You hold our hand every step of the way... THANKS

sablazzer said...

Hello! So i have a crafty question for you about a post you wrote on January 22, 2012- the hand warmers one. I have a lot of quilting fabric and felt, but unfortunately no flannel. Would linning the fabric squares with felt serve the same purpose as linning it with flannel? Thanks! Your blog is very fun to read and do crafts from!!

Jean(ie) said...

Seriously <3 this block!!!!!

Cherilyn said...

Love your gingham and brown barn! Great tutorial! Thanks!

trish said...

I am absolutely smitten Lori!!
This is such a cute block and I am
aching to sew mine together. :0)
Your possible gingham barn in real life
made me smile!! I would so love that.
Great idea about cutting the white ahead
of time! I will do the same. I use Moda
Bella bleached white.
Thank you so much for sharing your
creativity with us! You make the world such
a cute place. :0) Trish

Sharon said...

Very very cute!!!! I need to get crackin and make one and two!!

Ann H. said...

So much fun to make! Thank you so much for this barn-a-long! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!

Lorna McMahon said...

Very cute! Love your style and, of course, your fabric choices! You rock, Lori!

Julie said...

Um..I don't know quite how to say this, but could you please send me your fabric stash? Like today? Your tutorials are great and I'm going to make a design board - as soon as you send me your stash.

Libby said...

I just love this ~ thanks again and again for this tutorial and all the others you have done. You are "totally awesome"

Anonymous said...

Every bit as cute as #1. Thank you so much!

Janet said...

Gosh, I can't keep up with you girl! I just bought your circle rulers and want to get going on Lots of Dots! Sew many projects; sew little time!

happy zombie said...

You need to have a defibrillator app on your site when I look at all your amazing and cute creations!!!

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