Monday, August 5, 2013

Kassidy's Room...

Last week I posted pictures of my upcoming fabric line 
They were taken in Kassidy's room.
Since then I've had lots of emails asking me about her room.
So The other day I snapped a few pictures to show you...
(I might be exaggerating about the few...haha)

We re-did her room last winter.
The walls were a light vintage pink for quite a while 
and even though Kass loves pink...
 we decided it was time for a teenager room up-date!

Kassidy and I did all of the painting.
We painted the walls gray and all of the trim and closet doors white.
We also painted inside of both dormer window seats  white.
As for the end walls, we painted them with large gray and white stripes.
It was easy and if you are wondering how to do it, 
there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest.

We ripped out the carpet...
(I'm sooo over carpet)
And Mr. Honey laid the new flooring along with our 16 year old son, Sterling. 

I have to giggle a bit because when I
 started taking these photos of her room to show you...

She was so involved with her texting and music...
that I managed to get several shots
before she knew what I was doing!

Then she promptly moved over to the chairs:)
As you can see, her bed is just waiting to be filled 
with lots of quilts and pillows made from Gracie Girl.

Kassidy loves vintage style as much as I do...
(after all...that is what she's always been surrounded by)
And we had fun shopping the thrift stores together
 looking for things for her room.
I love finding an old piece of furniture and making it
 look new again with just a few coats of paint.
We found this little desk top letter writing set and knew
 it would be the perfect thing to go on her nightstand.

The side rack holds her remotes instead of mail...
 and the drawers hold her 
phone cases...earbuds...charging cords etc...
instead of envelopes and stamps.
A perfect little re-purposed project!

Kassidy is a dancer...
so her number one request was a ballet bar so that 
she could put on her point shoes and dance anytime she wanted.
Mr. Honey made it with a cut to measure piece of stair bannister and brackets.
Now all she has to do is push the two large chairs against the wall
 and there is plenty of room for her to twirl across the floor...
or play the wii:)

This is her desk and homework station.
She has had the desk for a few years but it used to be white.
We painted it a darker shade of gray than the walls.
We plan on making desk accessories with 

The chair is one we have had for a long time.
 It was Kassidy's great grandma's sewing chair and Mr. Honey spray painted it.
This is the only spray painted piece in the room...
the rest of the furniture was all lovingly brush painted by our hands:)

This girly girl sign on her desk describes her perfectly..

But even a girly girl keeps candy in her room for her friends...

And rides a long board...

and plays a cute pink guitar:)

Kassidy likes to sit on her bedroom floor
 in front of the mirror to do her nails, hair and make-up...
so we bought another aqua rolling cart from IKEA 
(just like the one that I keep in my studio)

It's a portable girly girl station and works perfectly:)

I managed to take a peek inside one of her closets before she made me close it:)

We thought it would be fun to paint the back of her door aqua...
I think it turned out so cute and it looks great against the gray walls.

It's tricky taking a picture of a mirror when you are 
wearing your pajama's and your hair is sticking up:)

We painted this thrifted frame the same pink as
 her nightstand topper, ballet bar and dresser.
Mr. Honey cut us a piece of wood to fit the frame 
and we painted it with dark gray chalkboard paint.
Kassidy and her friends have fun 
writing messages to each other and doodling on it:)

And speaking of her dresser...
(haha...caught her again:)
it came from the thrift shop too.
We looked for one like it for quite a while before we finally found it.
We wanted one that would work as an entertainment center too...
with large drawers and a middle cupboard to keep her wii and dvd player.
It's from the 1970's.
We hit the jackpot with this one!
We primed it with KILZ and then brushed on three good coats of paint.

Mr. Honey spray painted the handles a glossy white for an adorable finish!

It was missing the knob on the center door so we replaced it with a crystal one:)
The dresser is very heavy, built well and in wonderful shape.
We payed 75.00 for it at thrift shop.

I used my small thimble ruler to quickly piece her
 a runner for the top to protect it from the flatscreen...

And we bought two of these cute lamps from IKEA as well as two chandeliers.
(we are lucky enough to have an IKEA 5 minutes from our home)

The chairs came from the family room after I bought new furniture.
We bought slipcovers for them from Surefit so they would match her room.
They are really comfy and perfect for watching movies or playing video games.

This lava lamp quilt was made using my large Thimble Rulers and 10" squares.

Kassidy and I together made both of the quilts that are on the back of the chairs.
We used "Jade" from Riley Blake solids for the back.

We made both quilts in one day.
This Hexie quilt was made using my large Hexie Half Rulers...
and 10" squares.

We used "Raspberry" from Riley Blake solids for the back.
It just happens to be the exact same shade as her dresser...
I wonder how that happened?...(grin)

We found this cute favorite Audrey quotes subway art
 for 20.00 dollars at Home Goods.
Isn't it perfect!

Kassidy loves Audrey you can see.
Her photo was the first purchase that we made for her new room..
even before the paint.
She wanted it to hang exactly where it does!

The mirrors above and below the ballet bar came from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.

She has sheers hanging in the windows for the light ...
but there are blinds to pull down when needed for privacy.

She likes to sit in her window seats and watch the street below:)
You can bet that these window seats will be
 filled with pillows from Gracie Girl too!

These cute little stools are extra seating or end tables for the large comfy chairs.
They also came from IKEA and we plan to crochet covers for them:)

Her bookcase is one that we have had in our home since before she was born.
I bought it at an unfinished wood furniture store
 and added the gingerbread trim to the corners.
I bought it for this room...
it's always been the nursery and since Kassidy is the baby of the family
she inherited the nursery for her bedroom:)

I have always kept it stocked with books to read to my babies every night.
These favorite books are now kept in the baskets
 for reading to Sophie and Kassidy keeps her books on the shelves above.

We have been collecting these vintage glass jars from 
the thrift shop for her bracelets, sunglasses etc.
Can you see the salesman sample board for Gracie Girl behind them?
Here room re-do inspired the collection and we designed it together:)

This vintage powder jar is perfect for her rings...

and this black frame with padded inside holds her very favorite earrings.

We thrifted this vintage dresser mirror and 
spray painted silver over the gold for a cute perfume holder.

We made this necklace holder by drilling holes
 in a piece of wood for this cute knob assortment.
All came from Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Kassidy's room re-do.
I really should have posted it before now.
You'll be seeing a lot more of it now that we 
have our sample yardage of Gracie Girl...
we can start the decorating!!!

Have a redecorating kind of day...

P.S. For inquiring minds...
Paint is BEHR from Home Depot.
dresser, ballet bar, chalkboard and nightstand top are;
120B-4 Watermelon Pink
desk is 780F-5 Anonymous
door is 510D-4 Embellished Blue
gray walls are 790E -3 Porpoise
white is W-B-200 Popped Corn
desk chair is;
 Rust-oleum ultra cover 2x
in satin. Color is Green Apple


thriftwood said...


The only comment I need to make is what a lucky girl Kassidy is, I could quite happily live in that room forever, and never come out!

Only wish my teenage daughter's room was as tidy!

Love Claire xxx

tealeafquilts said...

Such a pretty room for a pretty girl! And so clean!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful room.

Merrilee said...

Fantastic! Love the mix of colors. And the window seat- I just got one, I've wanted one all my life-- can't wait to spend some time on it reading....quilt books of course!

Noela said...

Gorgeous room finish. Look forward to seeing all the things made from Gracie Girl to go in it. Hugs......

Billy'sgirl said...

What a wonderful mother and daughter project!. Love the results! I want that bureau! I'm on the yard sale/thrift shop hunt...

Melanie said...

Looks like every girls dream room!

smilingwoman said...

How inspiring! What a lovely room for a lovely young lady! Thanks for sharing with us...

Lynn said...

Oh such a beautiful room! What a lucky girl! Thanks for sharing, while I know it was a lot of work and love put into that room I lve seeing that it is doable to have a pb looking room in a reasonable budget!!! :0)

carolann said...

Just gorgeous! Wondering about the fabrics used in the large pillow in the window seat. Is it a mix from your stash or a particular line? Thanks!!

Pam in IL said...

How awesome! I wish I had her room! I'm sure it will be even more spectacular with the new fabrics. Love the quilts on the chairs too. Can't believe you made a quilt in a day.

Mara said...

WOW! Love it! So inspiring!

Jocelyn said...

Kassidy's room is so cute! I love all the colors. Great place for a girl the hang out :-)

Libby said...

You never cease to amaze me ~ just too cute ~ can't wait to see more of it as you go along ~ thanks for the inspiration ~ Have fun!

Nancy: said...

Wonderful room -- every girl's dream! Love your use of color and your use of old things.

Kris said...

What a fun and fabulous space! Perfect for a teenage girl!!!
xo Kris

Heather said...

Such a wonderful room, its a great mix of fun, funky, sophisticated pretty and funtional. I look forward to being able to create a space like this for my kids when they are older.

Kiera said...

What an amazing room! So girly and pretty! I'm jealous!!

jan said...

Kassidys' room looks like it suits her to a "T" Adorable. And I love that yall reused and repurposed so many items.
I can't wait to make something from my Gracie Girl!
xo jan

Jana Machado said...

It's amazing to see how your daughter already has her own style. I think all the choices she made with you for a new bedroom has a lot to say about her personality. Everything is just adorable! I felt like I was reading my favorite decor magazine with your tour! Can't wait to meet you both next month at the Riley Blake Fabric Fest. :-)

Marsha said...

So awesome. I want one just like it but without the ballet bar.

dianneo said...

WOW. Great tour. Beautiful, awesome, amazing room for a teen girl. Those window seats are great.

mrsmcbee said...

WOW!!! That is really cute, love everything!! The Audrey Hepburn describes my granddaughter to a T!!! Your daughter and my granddaughter would be BESTIES!!

trish said...

Kassidy is one lucky girl! :o)
Her room is fabulous!!

LisaB said...

I think we may be related. Your daughter has feet just like mine! Right down to the toes being shaped the same way. Not that there is anything wrong with them but it was just strange to see a picture of my feet (when they were much younger, of course). Ha!

Sandy said...

What a gorgeous room. Love the grays with all of the accent colors. The window seats are to die for....I love window seats. Can't wait to see all of the "additions" that will be sewn.

Laura K said...

What a great room! I think the Ikea in Draper is going to run out of those gorgeous rolling carts. I have bought two and took my MIL to get two for herself while she was here visiting since the closest Ikea to her is over an hour away! They are definitely popular. Thank you for sharing such a cute room with us!

Melinda said...

What a wonderful room for a wonderful girl. She will never want to leave home.

salamanda said...

Gorgeous stylish room

Kayleen said...

Lucky Girl!!! The room is as beautiful as she is.

Patty said...

What a cute room for a such a cute young lady! You must be very proud. would love to see some of your other decorating...

TerriSue said...

Just the cutest room I have ever seen for a young lady her age. I hope you will post more pictures when you finish all the sewing projects.

Unknown said...

Although the room and girl are darling what I am amazed about is how clean her room is. I could not for the life of me walk into my teenagers room and start snapping pictures and expect it to be clean. Even if I had given a weeks notice.

Nancy B said...

What a darling room. Lucky girl! I love that she has your creative gene and is learning to use it at an early age.

Happy Creating!

sandra said...

What a wonderful room for a young girl and so wonderfully neat. I love your new fabric it is fun.

Cori said...

Beautiful job. Love the room.

dream quilt create said...

What a beautiful room, Kassidy is one lucky girl :) every single detail is perfect! I will be anxious to see all the "Gracie Girl" embellishments!

dream quilt create said...

What a beautiful room, Kassidy is one lucky girl :) every single detail is perfect! I will be anxious to see all the "Gracie Girl" embellishments!

Millie said...

This is a beautiful bedroom. She is a lucky girl. Thank you so much for sharing, I got so many cute ideas for my daughter's bedroom. And the quilts are adorable, I love them.

•stephanie• said...

everything is darling.
you two make a great team!
{and i still love that dresser! watermelon pink rocks!}

Nedra said...

Kass is so lucky to have parents who can make her room so cute with repurposing and paint. (and I'm sure as a teenager she always keeps it that clean, haha) Although, if she is anything like you, it probably does stay that organized!

Kristy said...

Wow! That is some room! I love the wood floor and all the wonderful decorating you have already done! Can't wait to see what it looks like after you add some quilts and pillows. Also can't wait for that new book of yours! Congratulations! Keep up the great work. K-

Jeneta said...

Amazing!! You are a FANTASTIC mum!

Jenny said...

That is the cutest girl's room EVER! I kind of wish my whole house looked like that!

Denise in PA said...

I enjoyed this tour of Kassidy's room immensely! What a fabulous room - it is so neat and calming and I just love the colors. I am also loving Gracie Girl a LOT and can't wait to get my hands on some!!

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